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Not sure what this post should be about. The evolution of gaming, the games I like, or a specific game, in which I’ll probably have to change the title from Random Gamer Babble, to whatever fits the name of the game lol For the record, if I do change the name, Random Gamer Babble WAS the previous title 😉

Okaaaaay, what gam–SPY-FICTION! Awesome game for PS2. It’s an espionage, gun/gadget-using, game of awesomeness XP It’s got great gameplay, and a pretty cool storyline. It’s about a dude named Billy Bishop and his partners, Sheila (I think), Nicholaus… Oh, I almost remembered lol Anyways, they’re trying to stop a toxin, probably something like Anthrax, from being made or getting out for irresponsible use. I think Scarface is the villain, but not Scarface from the movie lol He’s more like Ransik, from Power Rangers Time Force XP There is an alternate ending however, that is… quite big lol It’s quite the revelation xD But I’ll never spoil it >;D

Another good game is PHANTOM CRASH, which is a giant mech battle game. Great controls, interesting plots and sub-plots. You get to delve a little bit into each character that you come into contact with. That’s what I really like about video games, the characters and their stories, even more so than actual movies or tv shows lol I guess it’s cause games are interactive and knowing back stories makes it feel more real. Anyways, it’s basically a tournament game, beatings all the top rankers, D, C, B and A. Finally to the Area ranker (there are 3) and once you beat them, onto the First Ranker, which is the boss. 2 thumbs up 😀

Let’s see…. Well, I guess R.A.D. (ROBOT ALCHEMIC DRIVE) is pretty awesome. (Another giant robot game lol) I hesitate  only because of the voice actors… they suck lol I normally don’t care, but if you check out this game, I know a lot people will be bothered by it lol But the gameplay is amazing, and the character development is not bad. One thing about gaming is that it’s totally awes to find new ways to beat something, or someone. Like RAD for example, Gllang, the heavy-duty battle mech, if you crouch down, and then jump, it actually propels you forward, making it very easy to go WWE on that sucker! lol The Volgara, in other words. I could be explaining these games a LOT better, now that I’m on the third game, I realize that XP Well, you get a total of 3 mechs to battle with, but you only get one in the beginning (big surprise, right? xD)

Vavel (vuh-vell), who’s great at hand-to-hand combat, and has an awesome rocket punch. He can’t transform, like the other 2, but he does have a volcanic mode, that ups his fighting ability even higher. Then there’s Laguiole (Lie-Ol) He’s the tall, light-weight that transforms into a freakin’ jet! XP He’s my favorite. The benefit for his crouching ability is that you can jump completely over the volgara and take him out! XD But even then, you gotta be fast. And lastly, Gllang (rhymes with bang). Like I said, he’s the heavy-duty mech, and he transforms into a tank, which might I add, is faster than the jet, but the tank has to go through the buildings and all that, so I think it might be slower because of that.

Well, because this is random, I can stop whenever I want, which is now ;p Have fun doing what you do, you know? xD bye bye now 🙂


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Too serious of a blog? Not anymore… even though I’ve only done 2 posts so far lol Not including this one

First off, I wanna say that brands and fresh ingredients are key to ANYTHING you’re making. Of course, fresh ingredients are obvious, but picking the right brands, now that’s something to give a think-two. I’ve had ramen all my life, and I can’t tell you how many times we’ve changed brands, so you can’t tell me that brands don’t matter lol Even if you’re my mother, who DOES say that XD But it’s not true, it’s simple logic. If everything tasted the same… what would become of the culinary arts?


Just look at the ingredients, of what I like to put in, and have at it lol Just get some ideas of what to put in XD

Time for some cookin’ >:D

All cooking is just finding the right rhythm, and keeping time. So, you’ll probably wanna make it a few times, to find it. I know I have only a certain amount of before–It’s like complete a relay race with a set time for each relay lol And this will differ with your own stove.

What tools you’ll need:

ONE: pan just big enough to submerge your noodles. TWO: Measuring cup. THREE: 1 Fork & 1 Knife (I use a small knife) FOUR: Cutting board (I use a plate lol) FIVE: There is no 5 because making ramen should be quick and easy XD

What ingredients you’ll need:

ONE: (obviously) Your chosen ramen, which includes: Noodles, a seasoning packet, and an oil packet (Note: not all ramen has the oil packets) TWO: Green onions. THREE: Soy Sauce. FOUR: Sesame oil. FIVE: 1 Green jalapeno pepper (optional) SIX: Sesame seeds. SEVEN: Salt, black pepper and white pepper (obviously)

Tip: If you have zee jalapeno’s in it, I hear milk is better to cool down your mouth, and eating bread as well. So, I think, because of that, if you have milk and bread on the side, it may make the ramen experience greater xD But I’m a noodle addict, so I don’t give a crap, so long as nothing gets between me and mah noodles, son! XP

Now, take your measuring cup, and fill it with water, preferably hot, to a little over 2 cups. Take that water and put it in your pan, placing it on the stove. Turn the stove up to high. Add a little salt, because soy sauce is like salt, and I like soy sauce more, so it gets majority. Then add pepper, a lotta pepper XD But not enough pepper is better than too much, cause you can’t take back the pepper you’ve already put in. Then the sesame seeds. Unless it’s a full-blown alien invasion, there’s never enough seeds in my ramen ;D Then you put the noodles in.

While that’s trying to heat up into a boil, that’s when you cut up your green onions. Make sure to wash them (duh) and then cut them up. Some long-ish, some really short. 50/50. Now for the valuable part, the white at the base. This is what will give the ramen full flavor. Dice them up real small-like. Once you’ve done that, add all your cut up onions. (Note: I don’t add the spiky-hair-like part of the onion, nor do I know if anyone does, but wanted to clarify that lol

At this time, your noodles should be breaking up, and that either means the water is boiling, or it’s about to, so put in your soy sauce, however much you want, you can always put in more later, so don’t get crazy lol Use those culinary instincts XD After the soy, put in a few drops of sesame oil, cause that’s all you need, just enough to say you put it in, cause that does wonders for the taste too.

Not too long after that, the noodles should be all broken up and beginning to soften. Expedite that process by stirring, but try not to turn it into mush lol I personally love soft noodles. I can connect with noodles al dente (firm to the tooth) but I prefer them soft and nice ^_^

I’m pretty sure the oil packet has sesame oil in it, so if that’s the case, you don’t need both, the packet and the bottle, so toss one of them *just realized that* lol Anyways, when it finally breaks up, cut up a couple of jalapeno peppers slices in there, if you like spicy, I recommend 3-5. And with that, you’re basically done, until you cook the noodles to your own perfection. After you poor it all in the bowl, add your seasoning packet, stir it up, and enjoy 😀

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An area I have little to no experience in, and yet, ironically, I think I have a pretty good perspective on the whole thing. But because of that, let’s just call this post all conjecture.

Being in a relationship is not an easy task, and it can suck pretty badly if you have no knowledge of the field. But I think being in a relationship means many different things nowadays. And while I believe there is room for improvising and definitely compromising, there’s only ONE very curvy road, that’s easy to get sidetracked off of. So, it’s a good thing that the object of your affection is safely in his/her own car at this time.

Don’t get me wrong, that very person can like… throw a rope and pull you back, and sometimes you gotta do it yourself, just depends on the situation I guess.

What is the perception nowadays? “Don’t think, just follow your heart.” That seems to be a big part of what the perception is, even in things I watched 10 years ago. Maybe 10, 25 years ago, people could have gotten away with it, but in today’s world? No, not really.

A human being with a heart, but no mind, is destined to swim and swim, never to find land, or even a ship to rest upon. Same goes go for the mind, with no heart. So, in essence, what I mean is: you need heart AND brains. If you don’t, then the person you make the object of that affection you’ve built up will have to carry you. Which is good and everything, important even that they can do that, but when it’s time that you have to carry them, and that time WILL come…. *nervous chuckle*

Men and women who don’t have a clue, or teenagers who haven’t learned the ropes yet…I quote Max from The Losers when I say “It’s like giving a handgun to a 6-year-old, Wade. You don’t know how it’s gonna end, but you’re pretty sure it’s gonna make the papers.” Or, in this case, it’ll make ya FEEL like it’s in the papers, or maybe it got around school, the neighborhood, the office, etc. etc.

I think there’s a big benefit in learning to control one’s feelings at a young pubescent age. I’m not saying you should become jaded on the subject, or even ignore any feelings you may have, I’m just saying, take a step back, remain calm. Because if it’s one thing I do know about this subject, it is the “crush” stage lol I certainly have had my fair share of those.

Another perception is the so-called illusion of age, that you don’t need to be a certain age to be IN love with someone. That might be true, but you do need to mature and be wise enough… to handle it. Well, believe it or not, age does come with intelligence; it’s one of the perks. But I guess that only applies to people who intend on acting their age, no offense there, but it’s kinda true.

Another common thing that I’ve noticed is that people seem to ask “why?” a lot. Why I like this person, why can’t I break it off, why is it that this person makes me feel both joy and pain? These are important questions that need answers, but they have no actual significance to what I’m getting at lol

People tend to ask questions, but because they’re distraught or not thinking clearly, especially in relationships, when being infatuated with someone, those questions never get answers, which can and probably will have a negative effect on the relationship. So, I stress to you, don’t go overboard, just make sure your facts are straight. And don’t assume too much, that’s a dangerous path to walk.

But the one thing that all people seem to overlook is something that can be explained in one metaphor. “It takes 2 to tango.” That’s right; I think people get so wrapped up in the moment, that they forget that they might not be ready for a relationship, in teenagers especially. And that’s okay, you need to be right with yourself. Practice being the best person you can be. Because life partners should have the ability to keep the other honest, make sure their lover is walking a straight path.

Negative effect can be explained in many words, like immaturity, desperate, obsessed, anger. But where all this can be traced back to is how you see yourself. Do things that make you respect you. Take things that are in your life that are bad influences, kick them out, and replace them with good ones. That right there is a great start; let me tell you my friend.

Life partners are best friends who have each others backs, who want what’s best for the other, and will make sure the other achieves whatever it is that they want in the most satisfying way. Life partners, in essence, are built on trust, communication, respect, attraction, heart and mind. If you’re missing one, I kindly, but insist on redoing the math.

When I meet my better half, or rather, when you meet yours, I’d like to think that you’d make sure that person feels safe (yes, guys need to feel that too ;p), and that he or she knows that they are with someone that respects themselves.

There’s a lot more to this whole “relationships” thing, but I think I got the message I wanted said. But to those of you that have it in your heads that “relationships suck, and it’s just not worth it.” In a lot of ways, I agree with that lol But at the same time, maybe you need to take a look at how you’re approaching the situation, and what it is you’re really looking for. Because it’s a real struggle, being in a relationship, or keeping a weather eye on who you might be spending the rest of your life with. But it’s worth it if you can find something really special, and “sacred.” Hoh yeah, I used that word. xD

But do keep in mind, another thing the world likes to say is that people NEED to be with someone lol If you run into someone like that, it’s possible that they don’t quite understand the whole concept of love, but it doesn’t matter. Because all I wanted to say is that the reason you date, should be a pure one. That you enjoy this person’s company, and wish to explore a romantic field with them. I don’t see any other reason there would be, do you?

This blog is too serious now. I need to post something lighthearted now… OH! I know ^_^

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Hello, my–well, I’ll just go by Saru (Saw-roo) here, I’m internet cautious that way lol Besides, I like the alias anyhow ^_^

Never really done this “blogging” thing before, but my sister thought it’d be a good idea, so here I am lol I’ll be blogging about random things that’s been on my mind, or whatever it is I’d like to talk about, so I hope you find my blog enjoyable if you’re reading or following or whatever. This blog is for myself though, so bring it on haters XD

I think I’ll also see this blog as a database, so I can go back and read what I said from before, cause if you aren’t learning or at least using the past, what’re you doing? Looking forward? No. Because a little birdy once told me that sometimes shadows of the past can be felt by the present… Yes, that’s a quote from Avatar: Last Airbender lol Book 3 to be exact.

So, to recap; I’ll be blogging about whatever it is that’s on my mind, tv shows, YouTube,  video games even. Movies, music, popular topics (not so much lol), regular things that happen, anime,  books, what have you. Also, I’d like to blog about just topics that have people scratching their heads, teenagers mainly, cause I think I could give a nice perspective, hopefully lol

Weird, I am also starting a V-log over on a YouTube channel I got…. should I give a shameful plug-in to the campaign to which I will be vlogging for? Sure. Anyone interested in anime? Case Closed is a GREAT anime. Full of mystery, and a lot of basic genre’s can be found in it, at least the elements of it. I mean, action, comedy, the occasional romantic element, and who doesn’t like a little suspense in their lives? Life would be boring.

That’s actually why horror films are so successful. “They prey on our instinctual need to survive. In tribal days, a woman’s scream would signal danger, and the men would return from hunting to protect their pack. ~ Spencer Reid (i.e. Criminal Minds)

Anyhow, Case Closed aired on Adult Swim back in… 2004? I think. But was cancelled, “due to low ratings.” Now, I know this is just my opinion, but an impressive anime just went off just because they had seemingly low ratings? Do I believe it? Yes lol Of course I do, what is this, a government conspiracy? XP Go get the real story on the Save Case Closed website, right here on wordpress.


The details however, will be in the podcast, which will be to your right of the site. And I highly recommend getting involved, or at least follow it. The forums are actually pretty decent, and the fans of the sub can discuss their DC crud in peace, where us dubbers have our own forums. However, I do enjoy both the sub and dub lol very much xD

Anyways, that’s all I got for right now…… This should be fun XP

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