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As always, it is so blurry, but oh well! I gots another dream to lay on you guys, and it involves *insert title of this post here* ūüėÄ

First thing I remember is walking up a long, long staircase. I was either¬†traveling¬†or something, I¬†just¬†felt emotionally distant, combined with a… feeling of excitement. The staircase was LONG, and it led up to this BIG ole bridge that everyone seemed to use. (I bet that’s the only exercise they get ;D) But I think I remember someone yelling,, not only on the bridge , but the staircase too, just being a total witch to whoever she was talking to… whoa I just remembered something.. and it makes this dream REALLY stupid lol Anyways, so this lady had to be in her 50’s at least, a grandma age. And what do you know, she was here with her… maybe… 6, no younger. Let’s say she was 4, 4-year-old granddaughter, and yes, she was the one¬†being¬†verbally abused by her grandma.

I’m thinking in my head, take a chill pill granny lol But she kept going, it felt relentless, and I felt for the little girl, so I said something. I said “Hey, take it easy a little bit, huh?” You know, in a concerning way, but she basically shower-shanks me for my comment o.O lol But I’m not the only one who steps up. like, 3 seconds later, maybe… 13-year-old kid tries to enter the conversation. I said “tries” cause I didn’t want him getting involved, so I used my hand/arm to keep him at a distance, silently telling him “Thanks, but I got this.” And this lady’s crazy, I don’t know what she’s gonna do lol

BUT! While I don’t really… I think he kept pushing, but it was sudden when HE attacked ME o.O Now, I don’t remember if this was the first time around or the second (the dream repeated itself, for the most part), but he was all “I know karate” and I’m rolling my eyes, cause this ain’t much of a fight, but it is kind of fun ;p Though I–I’m not sure if I took it too far. You’ll think I did as soon as you hear I was beating on the kid when he was down. But honestly, I was making sure he’d STAY down, cause he was a freakin’…. One thing’s for sure, that kid shouldn’t grow up to be a coffee drinker, and he should lay off the dew, eh Eliza? xD (Mountain dew)

Anyhoozies, about what happened to the little girl and her psycho grandma, I don’t think… I don’t know. I remember something about… Full House lol the little girl was talking or mumbling SOMETHING about it, some sort of connection. I don’t know if this was a generic connection or what, but it was sufficient in my dream, and it was a situation that gave me an idea afterward. I don’t know how I… I’m pretty sure I’m in an office now, and I’m talking to somebody with a headset.. I think I might be a¬†big-shot¬†business tycoon lol In some form of management or a man of talent, I don’t know. But I think she was one of “my people,” ya’know, when self-absorbed actors say “I’ll have my people call your people.”

But that’s when it hit me *DRAMATIC MUSIC*

It felt like one of House’s epiphanies ūüėõ Cause I have no idea where this little girl is, but I’ma go out of my noodle-eatin’ way to find her. As I’m talking to… let’s call her my handler, which wouldn’t surprise me if she didn’t like that title lol I don’t know, it’s just a feeling xD Anyways, I remembered that the little girl said something about Full House, I can’t remember what she said now that I’m awake, but in the dream, it was very relevant. So, I tell my handler that she needs to get ABC on the phone, somebody who can get me the cast of Full House. In my head I’m thinking “If I can get them involved, make a public appeal, I might just be able to find this girl.” Of course, in hindsight, that sounds pretty stupid, but I never said it was an epiphany OUTSIDE of my dream xD


New dream, but this one is just a feeling, cause it didn’t last long. I remember feeling… like I came back from the dead, like¬†rejuvenated. I also felt like, I was on the run, like I was on tour in my band, ALL of it, individually though. To be honest, I have no idea what was gonna happen next, not with this many feelings going on in my head, anything could happen. Cause you know how you can sometimes predict what’ll happen based on instinct or whatever? But I had a unique sense of peace of mind that I felt in that moment, possibly because it was also like I was on vacation on an Asian Venice, cause that’s where I was, an Asian Venice… or Venice, with a hotel that had an Asian motif lol I just remember it being very bright and¬†orange, cause the sun was rising. There was those paper walls with little designs on them, a balcony, felt like we just got there, like this would be our home… for the¬†time¬†being x) Anyways, that’s what happened last night… YAAAY! XD Abusive grandmas and being on the run, WHOO-HOO! XP

byebye now ūüôā

p.s. Here’s an idea of what I saw:




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Mixed feelings

My life’s going in so many directions and… I’m not Elastigirl…. I guess Mr. Fantastic would’ve been a better… lol xD But hey, The Incredibles are awesome. Anyways, I just kinda feel like it’s going a little fast, maybe not too fast, but noticeably fast here, very. And I don’t know, I kinda feel a little overwhelmed, not too much. Maybe “overwhelmed” isn’t the right word… more like… a combination of anxiety, adrenaline and curiosity. And you know, anxiety and curiosity are like, polar opposites. Add adrenaline and… lol That’s just a recipe for trouble XD

I guess a few things are bothering me. The internet being one of them, like being more connected to it is pretty big for me. I mean, having a Facebook, twitter, a blog, now I’m hitting up people for collaborations and all that. And then there’s making my own stuff, amv’s and whatnot, whatnot mostly being SCC stuff. Anything else is just new projects, new ideas. Having a Facebook and a Twitter ain’t that big of thing, so you must be like “… what a loser” lol And I agree… with the part that it’s not a big thing ;p I agree with myself xD But the missing puzzle piece here is that not only have I always been internet cautious, I also despise social networks lol I don’t just hate them I despi–just kidding. I enjoy social networking sites, I do not approve or like their existence, but they will never die, and they are pretty useful, coming from someone who uploads videos and all that. Maybe that’s just very new to me and I don’t really know how to react to it yet, but it’s without a doubt a rush, a conversationalist who isn’t used to really working with anyone who’s trying to get more well known on YouTube. And then there’s seeing so many people that inspire me–I mean, that person xP But it is pretty exciting too, ya’know, of course.

And uhh, then there’s… that thing I don’t wanna¬†talk¬†about lol One of the two things that could help each out? Yeah, THAT is¬†nerve-racking, intimidating and overall stressful… so evil >.< But it’s getting to the point where it’s bugging me at least every other day. If I could find some sort of discharge, I’d use it, but it seems like the more I do, the more I want to do it. It’s not even the distracting myself anymore, it’s that the confidence is building, so when I do other things that build my confidence… the more I’m prompting myself to do the thing I don’t want to do. But if I do nothing, all I’ll have to think about is that oh, so evil thing >.> It’s not evil though, it just gives a bad impression, there’s actually nothing wrong with it in reality. Now that I think about it, I have a history of thought-abuse of this kind, where I couldn’t get it out of my head… totally forgot about it until now, like now, this second. What did I do then?….. I DUNNO! lol But whatever it was, I need to figure it out and quick xD That’d be nice, cause logic is actually not helping me here… O r maybe I’m not giving it enough time to take effect… that might be it. This plague is only getting started, but I will not lose this battle, I shall be victorious.

But anyways, I just wanted to get that off my chest, maybe later I can actually do something it, eh? xD

byebye now

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…. No, timing isn’t the problem, it’s my gift for doing 180’s for EVERY aspect of my life. Hot and cold are two of my best friends, nothing’s ever warm, and when it is, it feels like bliss lol This time it’s time that’s hitting me with my hold and cold routine. Never really thought about it, but recently for the past 2 months (give or take), I’ve been noticing a lot of great moments where I came in at the nick of time, and times where I JUST missed them. However, most of them have been hot, good in other words.

But RECENTLY, recently, my timing has been just AWFUL rofl Ever have one of those days, or… periods rather, when it feels like you only mess up? That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m not talking about messing up, I’m talking about something like saying “Hey, I got things handled, you can go home,” and then something just extremely irritating happens after they leave? Well, maybe not EXTREMELY but lol THAT, only consistently. Like, it wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t feel so repetitive.

Maybe the person you talk to just went on vacation, maybe you got into a fight with that friend like I did not too long ago. When that argument happened, I was just working on a project that I was just PSYCHED for, still am, but could I talk to my go-t0 girl? No lol And no offense, but if you are reading this, and you probably are, you do have a tendency to catch me at bad times ;p Which is even stranger, seeing how I don’t really get bad times… weird xD I’m just a happy child ^_~

Obviously, I’m upset about something, which I wouldn’t have taken so long to talk about unless it’s something I don’t like to talk about… it’s something I don’t like to talk about ūüėČ Soooo, k bye!!!! ūüėÄ

But I will say this…. I have been living with two things in me, For a very. Very. Long. Time. Things that I never thought to even consider could help each other… probably because I buried them both so deep, and they both seemed so stupid… But in light of new ventures, and personal growth… I can now see these things working… And it is EXTREMELY and¬†RIDICULOUSLY irritating that they are the keys to each other >.<¬†After all this time! something as stupid as ¬†decaf coffee (go beardlovers) is going to solve the other, let’s call it the ending to Lost, ‘s problems, and vice versa? Really?! >.> Are you freakin’ serious!!!?! AFTER. ALL. THIS. TIME? LOL

Oy -_- I think the real reason I’m making a big deal out of this is cause I have every right to be lol But the reason I’m LETTING it blow out is cause I think it might actually work xD Stupid >.>


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All right, buddy! Got another dream to share with you guys, so let’s get to it:

Okay, I think the first thing ¬†I remember is being in my old house, and the thing about my old house is that there are 2 doors to my front door, probably for easy access for movers. I mean, we had a piano, two couches, and a whole bunch of stuff. But we had a small porch, very concealed, and there was also a path that was about 20 or so feet. But anyways I’m inside, ¬†sitting on the ground, like 5 feet from the door and 1 or both of the doors are open and I see a¬†little¬†antelope¬†that couldn’t be bigger than a Pikachu… No, Pikachu’s bigger, but the antlers makes him taller ;p But the first thing to hit me is “…. that’s some sort of mythological creature or something o.O” Now, wanting to befriend it was a goal, but my mom was there, and she didn’t find a¬†miniature¬†antelope at our doorstep weird at all, she was just saying things like “Ohhh, hi baby!” in a real cutesy voice lol That’s when my logic changed and started thinking this kind of thing was at least semi-normal. So, I’m looking at this thing and he’s like timid, and I’m worried that in my mom’s good intentions, she still might be scaring him and I don’t want him to run, so I whisper: Mom! come on, stop. She surprisingly didn’t give me a hard time about it and just kinda left. Let’s call this animal… Ricky. Ricky was still outside, but he was one step from entering the house, so I’m like Ash when he throws a pokeball and hopes he catches the pokemon lol

In the end though, he ran away, fled. But then I poked my head out the door while on all fours, and see a black and white cat, looks just like Killer, my cat, though he wasn’t, for sure. But due to the familiarity, I say “HI!” really happy-like. And again, didn’t find the next thing that happened out-of-the-ordinary at all lol So, just as I said hi, he replied with the same tone “Hi! :D” Not sarcastically though, genuine. He had a bit of a cartoony voice too, and I remember some more talking, not a lot, we had a very brief conversation… and then…. I can’t remember why he left, or who came next.

But! Guess a’ wat-ta? xD I went outside and Demi Lovato was in my driveway ūüėõ crazy, right?… No, that was no question, she was emotionally unstable in my dream… which would make this post kind of cruel to share to the world when I think about it, in light of her past… uhh. HOWEVER, the girl I met actually, was not Demi Lovato. Apparently, she was some girl off the internet who found me. Yay! A new movie dream.

(Cinematic voice) “Halfway Insane!” starring Demi Lovato and Saru Bepstein, in this crazy¬†lovable¬†film, coming to a melon near you!

By the way, the Demi that was playing the girl, she looked more like 2009 Demi, only with black hair and big-ish black-framed glasses. But anyhoozies! Apparently, at first, I was someone possibly.. famous? I don’t know, I remember something about her loving me like a fan or whatever, or maybe a love song… ;p And I don’t remember what I said to her, but I remember talk about me, about the work I do (Like, talk to me about it, cause I want to know what I do too lol), about the internet. But this is when things got creepy. I can’t remember what she said, but I could like, SENSE that she was crazy, and then she started kinda acting a little more noticeably crazy, like erratic. Now I’m thinking maybe my life may be in danger, like in that one movie “Swim fan,” where there was that erotimaniac. But uhh, I didn’t wanna say anything to my mom cause for whatever reason, I didn’t wanna say anything cause I thought the SCC campaign was involved and she was gonna assume I got myself in trouble because of it.

Can’t remember what happened next, but while still kinda loopy, we left on a good note. She said it was great meeting me and maybe hang out later? I don’t know lol But by this time I didn’t feel threatened by her, so I was just as calm as her. Oh, dang it! I forgot one thing that happened next….. dang!!!! Man, I really wanna remember too >.< Okay, I can’t do it, but in the dream, there was a tree that kinda made an arch with the roof of my garage, but when I looked up, there were like, 4 signs saying something. THAT’S what I couldn’t remember. They either said something about me being awesome, how my work was awesome, or how I sucked lol I’m leaning towards the “suck” option, but I’m hoping I’m wrong XD but was totally insane was that I wanted a better view, so I turned around to walk about 10 or so feet to get a real view, but when I turned around….. “….whoa o.o”

Well, A: the house, let’s call it Dopey’s house, was not a house anymore. It was replaced by a friggin’ apartment, 4 or 5 levels high, but I didn’t care. Because along EVERY railing of everyone’s balcony was a sign, and each one covered their own balcony’s railing lol I was like “Wow!! Hahahaha.” I seriously enjoyed her work. some smaller signs were hanging on the ceiling, some were actually on the building. I remember thinking she must’ve knocked on people’s doors, somehow charmed her way in, and snuck her little signs in to hang on their balcony lol

There was also another dream that night, that went down in my apartment, Zhane’s room specifically, but I don’t remember much… except that Jackie Chan was the talk of our conversation… XD But I guess that’s it for story time, later, girl! 8D

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I had a wonderful Thanksgiving, or Gnivigsknaht, as I am calling it, because my thanksgiving was not only extended to the next day, TOday, well, we ate home-made pizza on the actual day (My first Thanksgiving without a turkey T_T Sobbing: waaah, why? I’m… I’m.. I’m not that–I’m not that sad about it Dx) lol In my defense though, I did have a turkey sandwich that day, so ;p (And Eliza, if you’re reading this, stop doing so cause I’ma tell you about it later and stuff, so stop it! xD But you can read after, cause this will be more detailed, obviously xP)

But the reason why the title of this post is backwards is cause of the fact that I don’t know what it’s called when Eve is on the other side of the holiday ūüėÄ And we had thanksgiving today and yesterday, I just got home in fact. And it was great, felt like Thanksgiving should feel… which is odd, seeing how yesterday was the ACTUAL day XP But when I first woke up this morning, it did NOT feel like a Thanksgiving kind of day. My mom was yelling at me, to get into bed because I stayed up the whole night before, straight into like… I don’t know, at least 7am-9am. So, she rudely woke me up, thinking I could magically close everything on my laptop and then turn it off in 3 seconds lol literally, I’m not joking xD And yes, I fell asleep in front my laptop. Don’t pretend you haven’t done that lol

But let’s see, my sister woke me up about an hour before we were gonna leave to go out to eat, and she made me some ice coffee with hazelnut sweetener…. I like hazelnut sweetener xD Haven’t had it in a quite a while, so it was a great change of pace. Plus, we had whip cream *¬†awesomeness.* Anyways, Rain (my sister’s alias, she gets one like everyone else, right Eliza? ;p) had some stories all around, and I had jokes for everything (cause you know I’m boss at whipping those jokes out ;D) I can’t remember too much before we left, but I was rushing cause everyone had already gone to the car, and I had to do a couple of quick things, like get my library books, and of course, lock the door on my way out, I had that job, usually do.

So, we get to the library, I jump out and I’m being all secret agent. You know, the kinds that somehow get in and out without anyone thinking you’re suspicious, even though you’re¬†speed walking¬†lol I was in a good mood to be fair. I stopped to keep the door open when I came into the library, cause I saw someone coming. And I was kinda (I do this quite a lot) dancing? slightly grooving while walking, but nothing too noticeable. I check to see if I had anything, I didn’t, so I got out of there. I wanted the car door to just open to complete the spy atmosphere, but no -_- We did split pretty quickly though, that’s why I wanted the door to be opened, cause I know how my mom drives ;p

Anyhoo, we’re driving up to the restaurant, some Mexican place, don’t know the name or how to pronounce it xD, and it’s on the second floor of the building, so I’m like “Ooh, fancy xP” Keep in mind though, I don’t really get to go out very much… at all lol So, when we finally got there, I was ecstatic XD “Awesome, we never get to go out :P” (Platoon of Power Squadron quote) Latino music was playing, very jaunty, I was grooving in my seat once we were seated (… we were seated ;p) It wasn’t a fancy restaurant, but in my head, right before we talked to the lady in front, I imagined a very mellow, rich & fancy restaurant, the kind that plays violin music, and me and my family, I’d say “We’re the Saru party for 4 at 6” with a really stereotypical rich expression and accent XP

Our waiter was pretty cool, definitely has done this before. Knew how to sweet talk my mom, was very nice, sociable, polite, but with a¬†pizzazz. He asked us about our drinks, I got a strawberry lemonade, but my mom got a beer lol Which is odd, cause none of us drink. But at the same time, it was interesting, nice even. Had a sip of my first¬†Shirley¬†temple, it wasn’t too bad, I’d definitely drink it, but not my kind of drink.¬†My mom on the other hand, she told the waiter she hadn’t had a beer in over 20 years. I was like “…. that’s not true lol” She has a beer maybe.. I don’t know, once a year at most, at least a beer every other year, but me and Rain were smiling cause we knew that was lie.

Once we got at the menu, trying to decide what we wanted, I was lost. It was all in Spanish… no, it wasn’t xP But I WAS lost. I wanted something familiar, but being in a restaurant, just with everything, I wanted something I have never had before. But my sister said I should just steal something off of our plates, and you can get whatever you want lol So, I got 2 beef tacos, that came with brown rice and bean dip with melted cheese on it. (very good). Not a big fan of that kind of rice, but it was cooked very nicely and it didn’t taste too bad. Only thing I would comment on is how HOT the plates were o.o The heat’s like a frickin’ trap, touching it for just a microsecond and it’s like “YOWZA!” But he warned us.. probably, IN HIS MIND! DX Just kidding lol But he wasn’t, they were extremely hot.

But anyways, it was a night of fun, and I had a great time. A lot of good conversation, close family time, you can just feel that bond strengthening, ya’know? x) And Rain and I finally found a spicy food that got¬†Zhane’s mouth watering >: D (My brother’s alias¬†from now on x] ) But he enjoyed it a lot, so I was like “Nice!” ¬†That’s good. On the way home, Forget you, by Cee lo Green was playing, and that just kinda put the cap on for the night…But you know, it’s not even 8 o’clock, not even seven! Hmmmmmm >.> What to do, what to do? Maybe watch a good movie, I’m thinking Certain Prey. Mark Harmon and Lola Glaudini? Very good. And then there’s the other girl… very fit young lady xD Not gonna lie, she’s quite attractive, and definitely appealing to me lol But I don’t know, I feel like I’m gonna push my luck if I do that. Maybe just watch some music videos and AMV’s. Ooh! Maybe work on that mix CD I was gonna make, did I blog about that?…. Yeah, yeah I did. But I’m SO putting Forget you in the mix now XD

But to recap on aliases: Saru= Me | Rain= My sister | Zhane= My brother | Mom= My mom | Eliza & Janie= 2 of my close friends | And Killer…. my cat xP My dog’s name is… I don’t know actually lol It’s either Luke or Grizz, not sure which name is on his file, but I call him Luke. But his alias will be… Skyrunner…. see what I did there? xD I don’t think I could call that a Skyrim reference too though… Well, now I can lol Hope you guys had a well-deserved Thanksgiving. It’s suppose to be an awesome day, just so you know ūüôā

byebye now

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Wow, second offensive title in a row xD 3rd negative title in a row ;p But this time, I’m serious. I both hate, but love YouTube too though. Many reasons why I love it and hate it, but there’s one thing that have the best of both worlds in it, and that is YouTubers. More specifically, YouTubers that hope to get famous or just plain popular, whether it’s for the fame, the smiles, you’re popularity is somewhat important to you, even if it’s 1 out of 10 and the answer is 1 xD

However, what bugs me is that YouTube is just becoming someplace where… I don’t know. YouTube itself is contributing to the internet becoming another world, and it is. Sites like spreadshirt, itunes, youtube, etc., They are building their businesses in the new world, literally. The internet is the only world we’ve lived on, other than Earth, of course xD It’s only a matter of time until we get working virtual worlds like you see in video games or sci-fi films, which I’d be okay with if they had them now, instead of waiting until I’m 40-80 -_- ;p I’ll be honest, not too big a fan of the internet, and more specifically, social media sites, but.. I just kinda feel like it’s going too fast, like mankind ain’t ready for something like this yet, for real though. But I’ll keep a weather eye out, that’s always fun x)

On the¬†flip side, YouTube is an amazing place for young people to grow audiences, or simply share videos with each other. On the production side of things, people continue to impress, with their unique personalities, cinematography, locations, and the power of YouTuber ingenuity and endurance. And that’s just¬†inspirational to me, cause I’m big on¬†creativity¬†and all that, so when I see some of that passion, it makes me want to do whatever it is I’m doing that’s creative lol In this case, blogging, campaigning and AMV-making. And while I love the idea of going to school, going to college, and all dem other schools where you eventually end up in a carer, this is like.. revolutionary or whatever. Can’t help but feel something for all this.

I’m actually fixing to get popular myself, only because I think I have a good idea for a YouTube channel lol The idea is still VERY fresh in my head, I just had it, I’m actually kinda surprised I took to this idea so quickly. But I’ve been feeling extra productive as of late, or the last couple of months rather. This is gonna take some thinking about, organization,, hard work, cause it’s hard enough to manage just one account, but 4? Heh, just kidding…. No, I’m not >.> By my calculations… I got 3 accounts that are mine, mine, but 2 other accounts where I make content for and of others, so… lol I’m gonna bury myself, aren’t I? XD And that’s not even counting my back-up account… But uhh lol I think I’ll refrain from pulling that ace from my sleeve until I need it x\ Keep it concealed, as it were xP

But on that note, I think I’ll go work on those project. Because the sooner, ¬†I can launch it, or at least get a working model, the sooner I can say it here.

Bet you were thinking I was gonna comment on YouTube’s recent changes, and just how the site is being ran. Well, one thing can be said about them, they’re a tad indecisive lol Just pick a layout, a way of getting to wherever, and be done with it. I don’t care if it’s crappy, just make it¬†permanent lol

byebye now ūüôā

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I hate you…

Jaykay, el-oh-el XP (jk, lol) I don’t see a point in hate, or at least, hating people. When asked right off the street, people will tell you things like:

I don’t think hate should exist. It’s such a horrible thing. Why do people have to hate? If only. *Some sort of deep metaphor.* Miss America: I wish for world peace. Little girl: I don’t want people to be sad. I want some noodles. I guess love doesn’t conquer all? Me: If hate didn’t exist… so unimaginable.

But when come faced with the beast that is hate… It’s a little harder, just a little.. lol I just wish people wouldn’t take their lives for granted as much, or better yet, I wish people would want to strive to be better people, like in general or whatever. People let things go all the time, just because they want to fit in, for some they don’t wanna be an uncool parent. Some people are just completely blind lol The moral here is to rise above the idiocracy (No, that’s not a word) and to lead by example. I know that’s a lot of responsibility, even when you’re used to it, but you have the ability to do so, ¬†and you will screw up, and people may even go harder on you cause they ain’t used to you screwing up. Oh, little miss angel/boy wonder isn’t so perfect after all. That was them, what they’ll say, I was¬†mimicking¬†them xD But are you THAT willing to fit in? Might wanna have that checked out. Isn’t the “cool thing” to be different? Well, doing the “easy” thing is normal nowadays, so try the harder one… chicken ;p

I mean, I can hate the things people do, but still have pity for who they are. Hate is a waste of energy, spend your life in it and be doomed to a world where clouds never clear, heatwaves come out of nowhere, and rain… that just seems never-ending. That was a little dramatic lol But is a truth for a lot of people. To me, love is control, and hate, only natural, is weakness. Some learn to harness this power and become a freaking beast like Vegeta of DBZ lol Then again, that IS a cartoon. What I mean by that though is that it’s harder to accomplish that in real life, to find a balance in hate… not that you can…

I’ve often thought about heading towards the dark side (literally), but the blood of a warrior of light runs through my veins, so, can’t x) But I’ve theorized and created hypothetical situations to at least get an idea of what I’d do for whatever situation I’ve set up. On a plus side though, I think all that hate would actually prompt me to go to the gym rofl The only way to hate is to be fully committed, and I don’t think you CAN do that to be honest. Either you don’t measure up, meaning you really aren’t committed to it (you don’t have the chops to embrace evil >;P) or you get corrupted along the way–Okay, that sounded odd lol But I mean, you get cocky, get sloppy and boom! Bad things all around. But for real, Hate is just as much of an art as Love, and requires commitment, and strength…. duh!

The only thing I would actually give hate the credit to is giving lessons. Hate, sorrow, what’s wrong, all this bad stuff shows us what IS bad, and presumably your parents (they’re supposed to anyway xD). Humans learn through experience, and while some things are more dangerous to experience and should rather be well left alone, bad things do happen. And if you’re smart, you’ll try and learn from the mistake and do better the next time. Because if it’s anything I’ve learned from playing video games, is that I need die quite a few times before I get handle on it. AND unlike real life, you don’t always have another health kit. And this isn’t exactly the same thing, but I think it relates to what I’m talking about:

‚ÄúIn¬†life,¬†unlike chess, the¬†game continues¬†after checkmate.‚ÄĚ ‚Äē Isaac Asimov

And while Vegeta kicked butt, he IS a good guy, isn’t he? (I don’t watch DBZ lol) And I know not a lot of people ask this question specifically, just take it as it comes, but… What’re you gonna embrace? And can you stay off your high horse long enough to keep from falling off that narrow ledge you must walk to make sure you’re the good person I know you could be? And don’t go telling me you can’t. I don’t know if you’re too lazy, scared, stupid or what lol xD But just like the body, you train your mind to get it right, and you’ll get stronger…. duh ;p Maybe not common sense, but common logic? xD I was never good at math… I’m decent, but when it comes to this stuff? But this math ain’t that hard, just a matter of looking over ūüôā Okie dokie.

byebye now

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