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Stuck on Stuck

I’ve been trying to write a post about SOMETHING, and I can’t even write about being stuck, hence the title. So, since I’m in a thunder-y mood, that means angrily energetic btw, I’m gonna write a story right here and now, just off the top of my head, you’re welcome:


This is a story of a… Well, a unique character, that holds a unique perspective. You may think this because of his profession, or rather his true calling, but it is far from it, believe you me. As sure as writing this story, this character is….. a wonder.


“You know, a lot of people have there own fun ideas to make the moon something it is not.” Said Sam. A woman looked over and said to him, “I beg your pardon?” “Oh, I was just thinking aloud. But some people think of the moon as cheese, some even a cookie. I might just be saying this because I’m a Jim Carey fan but, it’s always looked like a flashlight to me. A giant flashlight in the sky.” Sam said with a smile. The woman looked at the moon, and then back at him. “Yeah, I guess it kind of does, doesn’t it?” She replied. Sam nodded in agreement as he gazed at the moon. “Have a good night.” The woman said as she walked away. Sam looked back at her and called out to her. “Hey!” He said. She looked back and waited. “If I don’t see ya… ….. Good morning, good afternoon and good night!” He said. Then he gives the most cheesiest smile as he walks away oh so casually, and whistling at that. The woman was just confused, that’s the only way to put it.
Sam keeps walkin’ on down the street, but it starts to sprinkle a bit. He stops to look up at the sky with an annoyed look on his face, but continues to walk on. The rain only continues to worsen into a decent pour, but of course, he is without umbrella, but his house is only 10 minutes from where he was, in the great city of Pearbic (peer-bick). But in this downpour, some hooded figures see his nice watch, and his suit that’s being covered by a trench-coat. Mr. Sam Jefferies found 3 lowlifes on his 6 o’clock, and not too far behind. He didn’t notice at first, but Lowlife#1 called out to him, “Wait up!” he shouted. Sam turned around, but they were already on him. As soon as he turned, he got punched out by Lowlife#3, he didn’t go down though. “Ugh!… That hurt.” Sam said with a very pout-y expression. “Give us all you got and maybe I’ll let you walk.” Lowlife#1 said. “But if I did that, you would have all my stuff.” Sam replied. “That’s the idea, man.” Lowloife#2 said. “Well, if you’re gonna have an attitude, I don’t think you deserve to get at my stuffs, so move along, it’s a little wet out here, and I’d like to warm up.” Sam said as he began to leave. “Oh, no, no, no, my brother.” Lowlife#2 said as he pulled him back in. But Sam grabbed his fingers, bent them backwards, and kicked him back on his rear-end. Out of all the expressions, Sam was more surprised than anything. “I… I am SO sorry, it’s just that you grabbed me and…. I reacted!” He explained. “…. Get him!” Lowlife#1 said. #3  comes at him hard with a right punch, Sam blocks it and grabs his right arm and left shoulder, then  knees him in the stomach and throws him back. #2 was right on him and Sam straightaway punches him in the stomach, hard. But #1 comes at him and pushes him up against the building’s wall. Sam breaks free and belly bops him back. In the slight paralyzed state of being belly bopped, Sam punches him out. “Now, I’m gonna ask you guys this once… …. …. …. Do you feel lucky?” Sam grinned. As the remaining two came at him, Sam pulled out a knife last second and grabbed #1 and sliced right under his arm and down his back. #1 screams in pain, but Sam whips his foot and smacks right into #1’s knee, and then kicking him forward, face first into the blacktop. He gestures #2 to come at him, but he already got his hand possibly broken, so he ran away. Sam looked around as he saw two guys on the ground, in pain, and he just shook his head and kept walking.

Once he finally got to his apartment, he took his coat and hung it up, then he headed for the couch. He flipped on the news and they started talking about a lot of fires going on. “Tch, idiot pyro maniacs, must be fun though.” He said to himself. He got bored, so he went to the kitchen to make himself a snack before going to bed. He got his sandwich and headed for the bedroom. He sat on his bed and took a bite out of his sandwich, but remembered that he forgot something. He set the plate holding his sandwich on the nightstand, takes one of the pillows off his bed and goes over to his closet. He takes the lock off of it and said “Good night, I thought you’d need this pillow too so, here.” Sam said as he tossed the pillow on a tied up college girl with duct tape over her mouth. She yells at him, both angrily and tear-eyed. “… Yeah, I don’t know what that means, but trust me, this could be going a lot worse for you, haha.” He chuckles. “Try to get some sleep, we got a full day tomorrow… well, mostly me, cause… you’re kinda tied up. But I got plans for you too, later in the day anyhow. Good night.” He said closing the door and locking it. He takes a big sigh and walks over to his bed again and turns out the light. “I know I kinda “abducted” her, but she could at least say thank you for the pillow… Oh, wait, she couldn’t…” Sam shrugged it off and went to bed.


There you have it, my first entry to “Thunder” (that’s the category I put stories under). I actually have another, don’t know if I posted it yet, but I’ll get on that one too… maybe xD It’s in draft form, and I already started on it, so we’ll see.

bye-bye  now.


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Yay! Double meaning ^_^

In today’s post, we’re gonna cover what makes a mix CD so awesome as a gift. SO! Hold onto your hats cause… well, if you do that, you either like the action of holding your hat, or you got problems, cause you aren’t on no rollercoaster, you’re reading a blog xD Now, what’s so great about a mix CD? Obviously it has all dem faves you have in the music industry all on one disc, sounds pretty durn good to me. But what makes it great? Good songs, and a wide or narrow set of genres that revolve around completely different messages for optimal choice, or one large message, but with their own spins and takes. I recently made 2 mix CD’s this month and I gave one of them to my sister, and going to give the other once I actually burn it. My sister said the last one I gave her was the best one she’s ever gotten from me… I have mixed feelings about that, but that’s really cool! xD

So, what made this one so…. interesting? Well, I think it was a mixture of songs that all revolved one similar message, which was to remember to smile. Whether it was telling you directly, or just a jaunty tune that put you in a good mood, I must agree, it was a pretty good selection of songs. Another factor was that she wasn’t familiar with quite a few of the songs I chose. I DID however get lucky by adding “Son of Man” by Phil Collins, cause she REALLY enjoyed finding that song on the disc lol But diversity within the CD was there. We had Danza Kuduro by Don Omar, Trouble by P!nk, You Always Make Me Smile by Kyle Andrews, I won’t say I’m in Love from the Hercules movie lol All these songs revolve around smiling. Celebration, mischievous, curiously engaging, utter madness lol Frustratingly inspiring if you want to include Son of Man. The nature of each baseline for each song lies a smile somewhere….. that last sentence actually sounded pretty good lol I like it! 😀

Anyways lol I honestly have been truly rambling for almost no reason at all. I was talking to my friend minutes before wanting to do this post, but now I don’t remember why, or I just feel the point of this post has lost its meaning. It sounds sad on the exterior, but it happens to me all the time xD At least I got that really cool line 😉 So, I guess there’s only one thing to do now…


The Outbreak Mix:
Smile – McFly (The song mascot for this mix :P)
The Cat Came Back – Wally Pleasant
Cartoon Heroes – Aqua
You Always Make Me Smile – Kyle Andrews
I’ll Make a Man Out of You – Donny Osmond
Son of Man – Phil Collins
White & Nerdy – Weird Al
Trouble Maker – Akon
This is Why I’m Hot – MIMS (I think)
Sexy and I know it – LMFAO
According To You – Orianthi
I Won’t Say I’m in Love – Susan Egan, Cheryl Freeman, LaChanze, Vaneese Thomas, Lillias White
You Make My Dreams Come True – Hall & Oates
Danza Kuduro – Don Omar (ft. Lucenzo)
Trouble – P!ink
You’re an Ocean – Fastball
Turn Up the Radio – Autograph
Get a Clue – Simon and Milo
I Like How it Feels – Enrique Iglesias (ft. Pitbull)
Since You’ve Been Gone – Rainbow
Chip Away The Stone – Shokker
Sharada – Skye Sweetnam
One Afternoon – Scott and Brendo
Lift Me Up – Backstreet Boys (Yeah, I went there xD)
Madness – Chester See
He’s Always Abe Froman To Me – Unknown, but you can find it on YouTube

You’re welcome 😉

But if that doesn’t satisfy you, here are the top 5 tracks from the new mix I’m gonna burn

Solidier mix:
If Everyone Cared – Nickelback
Weightless – Hopeful Collective (Impressively good)
Duet With Myself – Charlie McDonnel (Too true of a song)
Welcome – Phil Collins
Give a Little More Love – John Stamos
Cry With You – Hunter Hayes

And yes, that’s 6, but I had to throw in Hayes xD I really did though, “Cry With You?” Hoh, yeah! xP And because the If Everyone Cared video hit me a certain way, I must at least give you the opportunity to show you why. Here’s the video where I first heard this song:

go ahead, take a listen:


But to conclude this post, I would say the best kind of mix is one where you make one for someone else. I like listening to music is the dark, alone, with my eyes closed as much as the next guy… I really do lol But music is one of the few things in life that has a track record for bringing people together of this caliber. And with that being said, throw in the songs that you know they’ll enjoy, maybe some with a little meaning, and throw in a few new songs that is sure to bring out the appreciation xD

bye-bye now 🙂

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The Fire is so

Delightful this time of year, isn’t it?

Happy Holidays Everyone! 🙂

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How am I expected to keep my mind zipped when the passion is literally oozing out through my skull?

You: literally? o.o
Me:… not literally >_> That’s disgusting. Jeez, what the matter with you?

You know how people say, or at least in those tv sitcoms, that they can see the face of their true love everywhere, in anything, no matter how far off the subject may be, they can see them? I feel like I’m being haunted by my passion -_- And THAT’S a very true and literal statement, for sure. But it’s such a creative and good feeling I can’t make it stop. It’s like some sort of… sick virus that doesn’t care if it kills me, but it won’t kill me to prolong and maintain the level of pain it will consistently throw at me. In a lot of ways, I can’t make it stop no matter what I do, but I could try and make it a pleasant experience. I guess I’m overreacting… somewhat. Everything I’ve said in this post so far is true, but it’s just really frustrating to not be able to do anything about it, which is a lie in and of itself. Meaning, I CAN do something, it’s just… finding the way to do that lol

But on the note of “haunting,” it’s just….. eeeeeevvviiilllllllllll lol The thing about creativity, that it can find it’s way into anything, and if your passion is being creative in any way possible, mentally or physically, mostly mental in my case, it is just downright inescapable. Know why? Cause your mind goes there anyway; ideas, images, hypothesis, theory, and you can either find a way to cope (in a healthy way >_>), let it eat you alive, or make it reality. And if I didn’t have so much going on, making it into reality wouldn’t be a problem xD But I guess the thing that’s really making me frustrated is the images I get in my head when I look at something. But I have to stop those images from accessing my thinking process, so it doesn’t start forming any kind of hypothesis for me to theorize about and then just to find out I can’t make it into a reality. Another thing that really gets under my skin is that I CAN do this and can’t use it. It’s just incredibly frustrating for me to create in my head and not be able to take those ideas and put it somewhere, even if nobody can see it but me. Paper. pixels, paragraphs, pavement…… pasta… I ran out of P’s… but whoo! Pasta 😛

I guess I just wanted to make a frustrated rant, not a regular rant, but a frustrated rant… BIG difference. And to conclude this “frustrated” rant, I will say this, as God as my witness, 2013 WILL be my year!…. or 2014 xD If it makes its way all the way to 2015, I’m gonna scream lol I’m okay with 2014 though, I’ll brush it off, just not 2015, for the love of all  noodles, not 2015 XD So…. I’m giving myself 2 years, eh?  This is perfect timing too because  it’s just at the end of December, and in two years exactly,  it will almost be 2015, the evil year ;D I shall accept this challenge!!! And I know JUST where to start x)

*Challenge accepted*

bye-bye now 🙂

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To your surprise, this post has nothing to do with lilies lol Why name it that then? Well, BE PATIENT! I’ll get to it! Jeez ;p

It all started with a video in my subscriptions box. You see, I am subscribed to quite a lot of DC lovers on my BEPplusSCC channel (no, really? lol) and one of those subscriptions is… German I believe. Her username is LilyEdogawa, and you should totally check her out cause she’s a freakin’ beast at editing 😛 But she really is a lily, a very sweet person. I think her username comes from an OC (original character) she made, probably for a fan-fiction, but I don’t know for sure. Anyways, she saw a video, very confused by it, she felt to make a video herself.

Is this video’s true nature racism, the one she saw before making a response video? Or is it about narcissism? I honestly have no idea, maybe a little of both, maybe it’s something else, but here’s the business:

The video was basically about how insulted Asians were by cosplayers who WEREN’T Asian. I think he or she used the term “Westerners” and this offends me because… –Honestly, I thought that if I ever came across racism, it would be because I look Mexican lol No offense or anything to Mexicans xD Sometimes I forget that even the world is one big spot for mankind, racism still exists. I guess what surprises me is that it’s not within the borders, but crossing oceans, from USA to Asia. I’m not calling this guy racist…. if anything, I’m just calling him an idiot with… little to no reasoning whatsoever. And I say “little” because I see his point, but overall, it’s dumb, illogical, and not worthy of mankind’s potential. But this guy was getting all worked up because when “Westerners” cosplay, they’re insulting the very characters they love because they don’t have the right bone structure, or the right look. Now, let’s avoid the fact that it’s completely stupid, let’s just try xD One of MY problems with this video is that he was being a big jerk about it, he refrained from swearing, which I think is a little impressive but xD still doesn’t fit the bill.

What brought on this post was that my sister sent me an e-mail saying there was some rumor she heard that Japan would be taking all THEIR shows back from us. We have so many people here in the US stealing not paying for stuff, etc. etc. And America and the Japanese don’t always get along. Some even say that they wouldn’t blame their country from taking back everything and not giving us anything. I don’t know how true any of this post is, it just really kinda got my hand scratchin’ my head, ya’know?

But then I think about the major difference in culture between the two. I mean, Asians are well known to us USA dwellers as.. how should I put this?….. with little to no tolerance for disrespect, and that’s something I can totally get on board with. And color me as someone who lacks in knowledge of other cultures, but sometimes it feels like Asians are being portrayed more harshly then they deserve, or is it moreover true… for the most part, or half part? We’re all different, a large portion of one culture could have this ideal and another portion of that same culture could have ANOTHER ideal, but they are rather similar, just significantly different. I’m not getting at anything by saying that, you can view through both perspectives, kinda different, but overall same pathology, or kinda different, but for sure different ideologies. I guess I’m just proving it’s free-for-all, that it’s anyone’s game, any path can be taken. So, basically, we’re back to square 1? Maybe not. I don’t know, trying to cure racism from the world seems impossibl–Oh, wait! Logically speaking, it is 😀 So, again, are we back to square 1? A lot of people will say things like, “Time is of the essence,” followed by something along the lines of “Why wait til tomorrow, and miss what you could accomplish today?” But is it really relevant? Time I mean. Or is it just a matter of taking the step to breath life into an idea? Overall, I think both countries’ pride, if either one of them has any, to shove it up… the moon and focus on the important matters. I don’t think they WILL, but I will continue to think of idea(s). Project For Awesome is proof of great ideas, and hope, so just.. I don’t know…

“Don’t worry! Be happy :)” – Michelle Tanner

bye-bye now.

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The Karate Kid

You know that feeling? When you’re a kid, especially if you’re a boy, you know this feeling very well. It’s the feeling you get after an epic battle between your favorite super heroes. It’s the feeling you get after you’ve come out of a movie and it revolved around getting stronger, like The Karate Kid. And I think a lot of us know how “Eye of the Tiger” made us feel xD It feels liberating, it feels inspirational, it feels shockingly good. So good that you either want to get into a fight, cause you’re in the delusion you suddenly know Kung Fu or something lol OR you want to tackle some things you might’ve been avoiding, or… ya’know? Well, that’s the feeling I got tonight.

It was quite a roller coaster, I didn’t know if we were gonna get into a fight, or what. It was THAT disorienting of a coaster lol I should probably back up a bit, eh? xD Basically…. a lot of it is a blur lol big surprise, right? XP However, my good friend, whom will remain nameless because I have respect for the discretion and confidentiality that goes on between people in any type of relationship… all that explaining wasn’t necessary, but I don’t give a flying hoo 😉 Anyways, the conversation we had was definitely…. a big one. Yeah, one of those “trust building” conversations that you don’t mean to become one, but it happens anyway ;P I talked about some things that were bothering me, before that we almost got into a fight… we kinda did, but it could’ve been a lot worse. She wouldn’t be able to handle much more of those, and honestly, I don’t think I would be able to either lol But like…. 2/3’s of the conversation was the liberating and inspiring part, the part I WANT to talk about is “after seeing the movie.” I wanna kick some butt ;p

If I haven’t told the blog this, I’ll just clarify. I have this way of thinking where I split my mind into two people, so I can debate with myself on how we can arrive to the best decision. Each side fights his hardest, and well…. You know how you can argue with yourself and just can’t find a reasonable solution? Well, I LITERALLY talk to myself, very fluently, as if I really was talking to someone else lol I don’t recommend it, cause it’s quite a strain, more than you can even imagine right now, but I’ve found a way to make it work so…PHEW!

Anyhoozies, I have a long-time demon that has been getting his way for a very lonnng time, and he’s been causing SO MUCH emotional distress, it’s ridiculous. When I talked about this demon to my friend, we called him Derek, so that’s what I’ll call him here. (disclaimer: this Derek is in no connection to the ACTUAL Derek I know ;p Real life Derek is way cooler, it was just the first name that popped in my head lol) But he did something completely…. off bar that even HE had trouble with it. In essence, I did something that was just… so…….. –for the first time, I feel this phrase actually has some bearing here: “It was f&%ked up,” basically. So much so that it translated into Derek’s share of my mind and I was able to reason with him on the fact that…. this is just not okay. Honestly, this should’ve happened a long time ago, when this happened the first time. I felt bad about it, but it didn’t affect me as much as it should, and I think on THAT note, I let something in that helped me realize that it wasn’t okay for that bad thing either. There are many swords in this dark art that I have let Derek explore (and in the process, let myself explore), and each sword has a type, but there is more than one sword for each type, and I think I picked up a sword that was a bit too sharp, and I realized this, but couldn’t help myself any more than I’ve been trying this time. That is, not until I crossed the line a few days ago. See, that sword I picked up… maybe, it was a couple of weeks when that happened. I stepped into that section of the armory long before that, but that sword…. it put me on edge. Despite going into that section, I had too much moral integrity to go into the section I had never even THOUGHT to go into… but I stumbled into, and it happened… shockingly fast… like, a friggin DBZ character, only in real life. That’s scary.

I have not stopped this practice of the dark art I have took up, but you better believe I’m going to take advantage of this new-found inspiration. As narcissistic as it feels to say lol I can feel myself maturing.. does that make sense? I feel like I’m learning, and growing as a person….. that’s kind of sad how people feels self-absorbed if they say they are learning and becoming better human beings, isn’t it?  Either way, if I had to guess what Derek’s agenda is, I would say he thinks we’ll have to create a temporary alliance to rid this practice from our system so he can go back to the way things were, to practice his dark art and watch me squirm as he does it. But I know the truth, there’s no going back. I changed things by crossing that line, forever. And yes, I quoted The Joker from “The Dark Knight” a bit there xD I really, really….. REALLY hate that I had to cross that line, just so I can stay off of it. Like, shouldn’t the first blow been enough I mean lol xD Really?! Is this for real?! ;P But looking at the past is just so you don’t make the same mistakes. We must take the present and repent for our past sins, and look towards the future as a bright light, and not something grim and cold…. even though the world seems grim…. and cold. And then there’s Spiral: The Bonds of Reasoning. The one thing you can learn from this depressing, illogical, somewhat idiotic anime is that fate can be changed… well, no. Fate can’t be changed, but YOUR fate can be changed. The melody of logic always plays the notes of truth, always, it’s in its nature to. I think it’s just a matter of asking the right questions, isn’t it? That logic, where you ask the right questions, can be applied to a lot of things, even love. So, with that, I say Good night and be well. Don’t let your demons win. If you find yourself in a hole like I did, either get the hell out of there, or keep digging until you find a hot spring. It’ll burn your behind clear off, but you WILL have a ride to take you out of that hole lol xD

bye-bye now

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My future

Haven’t the slightest clue lol

Okay, that isn’t completely true, and I would think a lot of people feel this way, especially at my age. But this post ain’t no serious one! It’s just a way for me to kinda lay down all the cards, but in a light manner, in an almost a whimsical way. One thing’s for sure, I want my future CAREER, to be something with kids and/or a field with creativity.  Maybe something that requires hard labor, but I can’t do that forever unfortunately… but uhh lol And that there is the true nature of this post, not my future, but the career IN that future.

In a lot of ways, I’d like a job with a lot of paperwork, depending on the type of work, a good paper trail can be pretty meditative. Then again, I might have to staple my eyes shut after some years went by, and that’d be no fun ;P Something with kids… as much as I’d rather work with kids, I think teens would be better. I mean, you can instill these good lessons in them at a young age, but once they hit the teen years, it’s free-for-all, man. So, working with minors, is it? xD

I mentioned in my most recent post:
I talked about maybe directing, or… maybe writing. Director, writer, producer, stuntman, music, there’s a lot of fields to which I can help in making films, which is something I’d like to at least dip my foot in, but I’m just kidding about the stuntman, for the record xD But before I do that, I need to perfect my craft, and to do that, I’ll first need to figure out what that craft may be ;P lol Let’s see, we got animation, of course. But it wasn’t until this year I actually thought about doing it for real. HOWEVER! I’m still not taking it seriously in that way, as a possible future course, but who knows? I don’t lol

And then there’s other courses that connect to other things. Like writing, it can lead to journalism, novels, or even just plain reviews of people. But there’s a whole world of possibilities involving writing, but there’s a fine line between picking out the things that interest you, and trying out fields you weren’t originally looking at. I don’t think either approach is more efficient than the other, when it comes to picking a possible career that will keep you motivated and loving your job for the rest of your life. But for me, when I think writing, I think of becoming an author of some kind, and actually having a book of mine on a shelf. Posting, or even organizing/financing a way to put this stuff online is awesome, but I love books, the feel, the atmosphere it makes, it’s just a preference of mine. It’s not like if it’s what I wanted to do, I’d pass up the opportunity if it came a’ knocking, ya’know? Then again, I always painted myself as an idea man, as opposed to actually writing the idea… maybe a screen writer? 🙂

So many possibilities. Truth is, I could possibly be happy doing any of these for the rest of my days,  or at least a few of them, more than one is the point. Of course, picking from 1 of 2 options is theoretically easier than picking from 5 lol Kinda reminds me of House M.D. when House is talking the team about what he thinks it might be, but then one of them says there has to be over 100 names or possibilities and House says to go through them ALL… very irritating, but at least it’s an adventure xD And they get paid to do it so -_- lol

Right now though it’s all about just stretching my legs out, half the time seeing what I can spot on the horizon, and spend the other half out on my atv, going out and looking for it, like picking out colleges, only way more fun. Has anyone ever been on an atv? That must be wild.  It’s just weird to me, thinking about it, because I can’t tell what I’m thinking right now, or what I should be thinking. I kinda just want to emerse myself into my YouTube channel, see where that takes me, while maintaining a job, so I know the cash flow isn’t being threatened and just… try to make things happen I guess, when I can.

Actually, up until “… maybe a screenwriter? :)” was made … *checking*……. Well, I can’t know now cause this thing updates drafts automatically, but it was made in early December to late November, around there. Reason I say this is because the past couple days have been like…. imagine my mind is a car, and raw motivation is the gas that’s being poured in like they were trying to fill a friggin’ lake… a big one lol you know that feeling when you just want to go out and drive somewhere? Anywhere? Just to explore, to drive, and to see what kind of situation you can get yourself in, not necessarily bad, just something. Unfortunately, I’m not really in a position to get picky at the moment (guys! I’m joking, I’m not being picky, I know that, don’t worry xD). But really, things are frantic-ish right now, with my home life, trying to get my head together, the campaign, and then there’s my own channel, which I’m thinking I should push back for a few months, give or take. Not happy about it, of course, but I’m thinking the campaign will be fun enough to hold my attention for now. I mean, check out this pic, it was made by yours truly 😉 I like it, and it’s totally true, a Case Closed FAN dub IS coming soon, and I’m just so gosh durn excited x) We got a majority of the cast, and we’re able to start production on the first two episodes so ^_^
Save Case Closed!.... please? xD
So, that’s where I’m at. It’s fun though, thinking about what you wanna do when you actually a grain of an idea of what you might ACTUALLY end up doing. Scary, for sure, but I’m not too worried for whatever idiotic reason lol I guess it’s just the fact I have faith in myself? Whoa! Hey, this isn’t a serious post >_> This is suppose to be light… dummies. And LIGHT IT SHALL REMAIN! XD But I sure do like the pic… I’m wondering how I should make the next one, kinda stumped on that….

K, BYE! 😛

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