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Breaking zee rules, oh yeah 8D

Something just hit me here and I wanted to address it. A while back, I read a post on the PoPS blog about how Jarvi, creator of PoPS, said he’d be in the camp that would sell-out in a heart beat lol Which I’m not surprised by reading this, because back in 2011 I think it was, in his interview, he was asked whether or not he’d like to work in a studio and have a semi-large budget, etc. etc. OR would he stay with Pineapple Boy Films and work with family and friends. Do I need to tell you how he answered that question? lol

It did kinda throw me off at first, watching the interview cause I watched that before I read the blog post. I mean, just how the question was asked, his answer was just… direct I guess, which is cool. I like that. But if Jarvi didn’t use the term “sell out,” I wouldn’t even blinked lol. But umm xD, if we’re being serious here, and we are, if you were Jarvi…… which path would you take? If you had an incredible passion for filming or directing, etc. etc. WOULD you go with an actual studio, or stay with what you had at your much smaller production?

Because I can see where Jake’s going with this, cause I would just LOVE that. Now, I don’t know if it’s the intimidation factor, or if all I need is to take the classes and come prepared, but I think I’d rather stay with Baby Eagle Productions, rather than go to class and really go for it. It’s like I said though, that would be awesome, and I don’t think it’s quite off the table, but I wanna see how far I can push BEP. When I think about it though, there are so many inspirations on YouTube out there. Jake Jarvi, The Riedell Brothers, Wong Fu, Vlog Brothers, The Fine Bros. What do these people have in common, hm? They all have combined the production experience with YouTube in a tasteful and awesome way. Baby Eagle Productions may never even–I mean, “I” may never see Baby Eagle Productions as a Production, much less see it fly high with the other guys I admire. But what I DO know is that……. I don’t know anything yet xD But I’m gonna find out whatever it is I don’t know, ‘kay? I’m gonna find it. YOU CAN’T HIDE IT FOREVER! DX

…….. I’m starting to lose focus again lol That’s always been my problem, trying to focus in on one thing, but then I start to think about other things I could be doing, creating a paralysis-like state……. crap, I did it again -_- Oh well, doing something is better than nothing, right? I would say that’s true…. most of the time lol ;P I just wanna move so I can amerce myself in my new surroundings, get a feel for the area and just…. suck all the creative energies on the land dry >;D But seriously, I wanna do that, just–I’ll phrase it better next time lol


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I was just watching White Collar the first season, and I just found out who the guy in the picture with Kate was …. I think. I know who knows what he knows and is not telling Neal, that’s what I know. And, OHHH….. MAN! That is eeeeevvvilllllllll D: After watching the first season of Prison Break, even I’m getting a little tired of conspiracy lol I mean, it’s a little exhausting, not being able to trust anyone….. Gee, I wonder what that’s like. I’ll let you guys figure out if I’m being sarcastic or not ^_^

Whoo, I’m just exhausted in general, time for bed. But not before one more post, my average for more-than-one-post is 3, duh guys lol So, what is there to talk about? Other than I should be watching Prison Break season two by tomorrow, and I still got like…. 3 books to read……….. What else? Well, I could hate that Kate’s pretty hot lol She actually looks like a combination of Kelly Kapowski, and one of Chester See’s girlfriends. I say “one of” because I don’t know if they’re together, I don’t keep up with information like that lol I mean, really, I mean, really *clears throat* But that’s funny how, at least to me, she looks like a younger version of the actress, who’s name escapes me,  plays Burke’s wife, who’s name I also forget lol Elizabeth! That’s it, I’m 1 out of 2, and that’s not bad xD

Let’s see, what else is going on, huh? I’m feeling pretty frozen at the moment. The moving date got pushed back a bit, and the longer it takes us to get up and move, the larger chance I have for losing my mind. I know I shouldn’t be complaining here, cause I know that if it’s bad for me, it’s worse for everyone else. I’m just trying to get through it, that’s all. Still learning how to deal with anxiety here, and I’m still a rookie, they’re at the ultimate level, if we’re using Digimon references xD But as much as my anxiety scares the living crap out of me, I’m…. kinda used to it, and I’ve already proven that I’m incapable of giving up…. *mumbles angrily* -_- Plus, life–my life is just…. not good enough anymore. See, I should’ve started with that, but I couldn’t remember until just now lol I KNEW I had something to talk about, I kneeeew!!!! xD

………………… WELL! See ya later 😀
(see what I did there? xD gave new meaning to the title of this post ;P)

bye-bye now.

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And it’s been another week. No, it has not lol

I’m just updating the Thunder category here, and I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about if you’ve read “POST ATTACK, HA! XO.” If not, here’s the link:

I just wanted to say that I got a new writing software that helps me format many different things, novels, screenplays, what have you. And I believe it will be one heck of an asset, or at least a lot o fun for a month xD It’s called Celtx, and a Mr. Jake Jarvi is currently using it because of a comment on a recent PoPS update, and I grabbed it right away. Why? Because I have been extra impulsive since 2012, late 2012 actually. And I continue with this for the time being, cause a little risk is needed when planting some seeds. Just so you know, we’re talking about life investments, not that I want to pursue a career in writing, not saying that at all. But I do think it’s a step in the right direction…. at least to some degree ;D

Well! I’m not gonna explain what my current projects are right now AGAIN, so go on and click that link up top……. Is that it? Um, writing-related……………….. I’m pretty happy that I am getting into SOMETHING creative, and something that involves writing to be honest. Not to down on myself, but it’s still pretty early in the game to start patting myself on the back, I still have to get it finished, ‘member?…. You ‘member xD

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Yup, let’s see…uh-huh……….uh-huh……………hmmmm…uh-huh……..uhhhh–oh!…….. oh…. yeah. Not much happening really. I downloaded a writing software that helps me format a bunch of things, screenplays, comic books, storyboards, etc. And I’m thinking I got two ideas for a screenplay, but they’re pretty much lacking in shape, just general ideas of what they might be, what they can be, not what they are, officially speaking. One’s about a handful of nomads, all skillful in their given fields, being directed by a guy who’s origins are unknown. Might be government, might be mob, might just be a very smart man. Either way, I still haven’t filled in the blanks in anything, all I know is the characters. I took some… creative liberties–I took out characters from other stories I know lol But that’s how I got the idea in the first place.

It’s just the kind of idea that hits you out of nowhere, ya’know? That tends to happen a lot with me, but I never write them down cause I don’t trust myself to not work on them and completely neglect anything and everyone around me xD… seriously though, I don’t. Anyhoo, how the idea came to be was that I…. was either playing a game or thinking of one………… I think I was thinking  of one, but then I started to think “Oh, what if that character and that character (from a different game) were on a team? Oh, and definitely that one (again, different game).” Of course, by now I don’t remember the original 3…. or 4, I don’t even remember how many girls I thought of, but I do remember that most of them were female characters from video games. Like, Faith, from Mirror’s Edge, or Sis, from Alpha Protocol.

On a side note here, it felt too much like Charlie’s Angels, so I added a guy lol Honestly, I don’t even know how many of them I’m keeping, there is six of them now….. ay.

Oh yeah, and the second idea is about a guy who witnessed a crime go down and is now in the custody of Witness Protection. Of course, someone knows who he is and contacts him, but that’s all I got. The only other thing is he has some sort of… skill, a gift of some kind. Knowledge is power, yes? And the third idea, it’s just a sitcom, but I don’t know what it’s gonna be yet. I figured that would be simple enough, I’ve watched quite a lot of sitcoms in my time, Full House, Family Matters, Step by Step, The Fresh Prince, The Cosby show, etc. etc. But I honestly have never even thought about how much sitcoms I’ve viewed over the years, though it’s a lot from what I can remember lol Like, a LOT.

Hmm, what else to talk abou–Ah, yes. But I’ll save that for the next post. I don’t wanna ramble now, cause that is just SOOO not me ^_^

bye-bye now.

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It’s been a while since I’ve had a bad dream follow a bad night, if it’s ever happened before, I don–wait, it might’ve, once or twice, okie dokie. But a few things ran through my mind last night, this time though, it was one shot after another, each with a different gun, meaning they didn’t really have anything in common, that’s all I’m saying by using that gun reference by the way lol My dreams though, they were connected in a bizarre kind of way.

I don’t remember my first thought, not like how you start in a dream, but what you first remembered, but I do remember that…. I think I was in Ted Fu’s body, of Wong Fu Productions, but I was me, like I’ve always been Ted and the Ted that “I” knew never existed, and that includes his quirky behavior. But anyways, Phil, Wes and I were holding a meet-up in my apartment complex, at the park. Things were going great with Phil, but I had absolutely no idea what I was doing,  though I did greet one fan, and it was very successful, but everything else? *plane crashes* I felt SO awkward, and Wes just kind of disappeared, which is funny cause Phil and Wes are usually the ones to go out and stuff, you never really see Ted 😦 Anyways xD

The second dream didn’t have much in it, just two girls, one brattier than the other, and they were stopping me from–um, I looked outside my sister’s window, and I saw a kid who wanted to see Wong Fu, and apparently, I turned back into Saru, so I got down there as soon as I could, but those girls distracted me and through off my thought trainm and you know how that works in the dream world, don’t you? xD Yup, you just forget about the whole thing, that’s why, when you realize you’re dreaming, and you try to do something you wouldn’t normally do, you need to keep your idea straight, otherwise you’ll get side-tracked and miss your chance. Because I don’t know about you, but I usually only get one shot once I realize I’m dreaming, sometimes another comes along though, but I wouldn’t count on it to. But strangely enough, I don’t remember–I don’t even really remember what order these dreams come in, but this next one, I’m on the computer, and I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but it’s like I can’t type.

I’m trying to type in Wong Fu Productions, but my hands always seemed to never know where they’re going. In hindsight, it might’ve been the computer, cause I remember hitting the right keys, and was like “yes!” But when I looked up, sure enough, I was wrong. But there was definitely some sort of chemical running through me to make me feel THAT much anxiety, and THAT much weakness, and it only got worse every time I had to hit the backspace key. Honestly, that one was the worse dream, even if it doesn’t seem like it, it definitely was. And when I finally woke up, it felt like I had been dead, like… I don’t know, but that night, apparently, took its toll on me, for me to feel like I was dead, which never really–hasn’t happened in a while anyway, I would say it’s been a long time even. Oh, and if you’re wondering, it wasn’t that late in the day, I actually woke up a lot sooner than I expected.

Soooo yeeah, I’m just gonna leave you with a bad story, and absolutely no window into why I had a rough night last night….. yeah, that sounds good ^_~ Thank you for reading.

bye-bye now xP

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…. let me know in the comments, cause I need an idea lol I mean, what am I suppose to pick from, just my favorite place in the whole entire world–whole entire state, in my case lol I just can’t pick a spot that I’ve never been to, and then there’s your favorite spot in the whole world, and that’s not as easy either…. I think that with the move, it won’t matter where this spot is, cause I’ll probably never see it again. Well, let’s not be so dramatic, even though it’s probably true. Your favorite spot isn’t your favorite spot cause you can go there whenever you want, it’s your favorite spot cause it left some type of mark on you, one that makes you feel some sort of warmth. Only problem is, I spent most of my time in my head, more than you might think too.

But I keep going back to that spot, by the lake. There was this dock that I guess people used for fishing, but that wasn’t it. Don’t get me wrong, the view was plenty satisfying, but it’s like I said, your favorite spot needs to leave a mark, and a mark like that stays with you, it’s the angel equivalent to a demon’s scar, figuratively speaking of course. But I think I need to go back there, soon, but now’s not a time to just go off and disappear, and I just wanna be there and just…. I don’t know. I wanna say “gather my thoughts,” but that doesn’t feel right, not accurate enough. I wish I could go right now, but the moon has already come for her nightly visit.

But do you wanna know what I said to my friend Savannah just now in an e-mail? If you don’t, then just stop reading, I mean, obviously ;p I told her something that sounds…really…. good to me right about now. Me, by a spot that’s safe and quiet, on a nice day, cool breeze with the smell of strawberries in the air, up against a good tree, and just a good book to read. And then, I’d jump into that lake I was talkin’ about, and then just start swimming until my arms gave out. I guess the only thing that could make that better is if you built a radio inside my head so I can listen to some tunes lol

I just thought I’d share that, cause that really would be…. mm, nice.

bye-bye now.

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You’re gonna learn this stuff, even if I have to shove it down your throat….. that’s a quote from Leave it to Beaver 😛

But I DID have a realization, and those are always fun XP Especially when you’re half nuts ^_^ Honestly, it was getting serious, but I do have a tendency to fly mighty close to the sun. But what I realized was that sometimes in life, you need to realize the value of hard work, and protocol. But the strange thing is, while one needs to learn how to tame his mind to do the work, to put in the effort, that’s not always gonna work. Without a solid, grounded in work ethic that comes in time, when you age, sometimes you just gotta sit down, shut up, and make yourself work until you finish it. And it can be exactly like going through a field of skunks, just hold your breath and pray you get out in time before your next breath. But in my case, I’m talking about writing. I’ve just gotten to the point where I just want to sit down, and put one o my ideas to work. I don’t care how bad it is, I can always go back and change it later, and I’m never gonna know everything that’s gonna go into the story, making AMV’s proved that to me. Oh, and it’ll probably be a screenplay actually, just for fun, you know. All I know is that I need to start something and finish it, even if it’s crap lol But to me, it’s good, at least until I convince myself otherwise xD But if you are into writing, check out the blog post that Jake was talking about in his writing tutorial, cause he elaborates a bit in there, and the real key here is to just sit yourself down to do it. You’re always gonna have a reason to get back up and to put it off, but writing until it hurts, yeah, I think that might just actually be the way to go lol And then write some more ;D Just get in there and start writing, you can always go back, make drafts, like in draft 2, Jake said “Ohhh. Well, this can be expanded upon–” blah blah blah. Just keep doing it, whatever you can do, whether it’s writing, or whatever you’re interested in, just keep doing it. Whatever you can do, do it. More than likely you’ll get to somewhere sweet, unless it takes you into 10 years of crap, then you might wanna reconsider lol But if I may, there is the 1-year evaluation, or maybe do it for a semester, you get the idea. And another thing…. if you say you’re gonna do something in this period of time, just to test it out, actually do the work, I cannot stress that enough lol

bye-bye now.

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But I DID have a realization, and those are always fun XP Especially when you’re half nuts ^_^ Honestly, I was swearing yesterday cause I made mysel–…. well, half nuts xD I HAVE been making myself nuts the past…. I don’t know, for a week now? Nothing more, nothing less…. I don’t know about less, 3 days at least–Okay, never mind. I need to plain just stop over thinking things, better yet, I need to learn how to deal with my creative mindset better. I always feel like I’m in a TV show, honestly -__- I can’t even tell what season I’m on, or if one’s just ending or beginning. Let’s see, I guess it kinda feels like…. Something hero based, but not necessarily making me a hero, but making me prepare for something, my life I guess. And I have this unnerving feeling that my game has to be upped soon, which I think it will, but you still have to put in the work xD But I guess that would be how a human has to live his/her life, walking slightly faster than the escalator that’s going down.

Oh yeah! The realization xP You know what I have a knack for? I have a knack for pushing myself until it hurts so bad that I have to stop it before I explode. Which is all fine and dandy, I quite like the feeling, which would also explain why I experienced an interest in skydiving back in 2011. I do like going that extra mile, s

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