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Like, omg! Just kidding, I would never say that, unless I was being sarcastic, then it would be a totally different story here. Something happened to me today, and it was completely offbeat, and a major surprise. This has NEVER HAPPENED…. EVER. Sorry, it’s all still pretty fresh in my head lol. Okay, here it is…… I had spicy chicken ramen….. TOTALLY mind-blowing, AND tastes better, or at least this brand (Yeah, I went outside the usual brand… obviously, my brand doesn’t have spicy flavor, duh.) Okay, now that story time is over, let me tell you what REALLY happened xD.

Once upon a time,
Your chivalrous knight went into town for a follow-up on its peace and harmony. All seemed good, aside from the eyes he felt on his person, so he looked to his right, and he looked to his left, and on his left he saw some of the most alluring eyes he has ever had the honor of glancing over at. In this second however, she looked down and started to walk away. Did he imagine the feeling of being watched? did she even notice that he was in the same marketplace he was? All was answered when she was talking to a merchant and he looked over one more time to see the beauty that inhabited her face. He saw her eyes once more and his legs nearly gave out, but she looked back and saw his mighty big smile and smiled right back at him, to his surprise. But at this point, they were exchanging smiles here, and he realized that something had to give and one of them had to make the first move, so he walks over to her and…. completely freezes lol.

It was bad, and even worse, he noticed the look of anticipation on the fair maiden’s face. It was the classic boy meets girl anxiety that you weren’t sure if she was the opening girl to see if she was the love interest, or just a means to show the viewers that our young knight was not so good in the art of conversation or romance. But he gathered what little composure he had left and said “Hi,” at which point she chuckled a bit and said the same. He smiled once more and asked the lady her name, and they had their proper meeting where nothing at all happened that would make him look like a complete car wreck.

They get to chatting, in the end though, he got the Miss’ number–I mean, *ahem* address, so that he could write her a letter, or possibly take her out on a date. And all ended well, THE END! (For you guys xD)

Bye-bye now.

p.s. There’s your story Eliza, but is it okay that it was based in reality? xP That should make up for the lack of pages you said I–yeah, whatever lol.

p.s.s. I’ve never had spicy chicken flavored ramen…. the search begins…….


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Here’s some irony for ya:
I love mornings, and I love being awake at…. I don’t know, 5am at the earliest, 7am at the latest, and yet I’m usually waking up much later. Now, here’s a coincidence:
This post is, so far, about mornings, and just last week, someone told me I wasn’t a morning person lol. Do you know how many people mistake irony for coincidences? Despite the significant difference in definition, it still happens… that’s not a part of this, it’s just something that I’ve been chewing on for the past couple of years xD.

Maybe I’ve been hanging around the youth too much, but it seems as if mornings are the least favorable, yes? Night has a better chance for danger, which acts as either a magnet or a repellent  generally a magnet though lol. And the afternoon? The dead center, the bridge between the two, and with the right attitude, always reassuring. But something that can trump everything and make mornings the worst is the fact that you have to wake yourself up, but I think mornings should be the best part of the day, even though I think that may be impossible, even to a guy like me xD. There are some pretty awesomely fun mornings out there, but fun during the middle of the day? And think about what can happen at night? Hehehe 8D (just kidding >_>).

I just think with a great start, a nice and solid morning routine can start your day off right and wow I’m starting to sound like a cereal commercial lol. But you know, I’d rather take charge of my morning than to wait for something to brighten up my day, though I always look forward to those moments x). I have yet to break from the night owl curse…. obviously, seeing how it’s nearly 4am lol. But hey, I still think the theory is sound. Start the day by opening your curtains, let the sunshine in. I always kinda find it…. melodious when the sunlight is the only thing lighting up the room. Make your bed (who knew mom had a point when telling us to make our beds? lol) I just find it easier cause my bed is often a place where I throw my stuff, or like to just plop on when I’m beat or at wits end XP. And while I remain in this tiny apartment, it makes up most of my room lol. You know, I never really noticed how small this room was….. despicable me, always appreciating what I have, so much so I don’t see the inconveniences of life xP.

Anyways, think about it.

Bye-bye now.

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No good, dog….. noooo good >_> (I just wanted to say that xP)

Where should I start? I actually got some updates for ya this time, but let’s save the best for last :P. Updating the Thunder category… hmm. As far as writing goes, I have absolutely no idea where I am with it. Not only that, the question to go with a screenwriting format and a novel format is throwing me off big-time. What is a guy to do? Even though girls have it worse, at least they’re smarter lol. I actually heard that girls can multitask better than guys…. is that true? Cause that  would suck XD. I love multitasking, not that I can really do it well xP. I just wish I had one clear heading, just one, so I can throw away all the others >;|. Well, so I’ve heard anyway, the key to writing is writing, writing, and more writing, to just get in there.f I guess creatively, I really have no idea what I want to do, which makes sense, seeing how I’m only 18. I always say that I have a lot of patience, but the truth is I’ve always just been comfortable with whatever I had. I was content with whatever I got cause usually I’d be all up in it, like it was the best thing in the world. I never really thought about what it would be like to really go after something with full force–Well, I DID, but that was all just in the spirit of dreaming. I just hope I can get some writing done.

So, on terms of BEP–WELL! There are quite a few layers there, isn’t that right?! Vlogging still remains as a “locked” option, animation still remains as an “evil” option, and, like I said in the last post, AMV’s are ceasing to be a “viable” option. I swear, when it comes to finding a course of action that revolves around being creative, I just want to jump out of my own skin and run off into a desert to feed the vultures, if you catch my drift >_>. I take it back, going to class, learning all I can about one freaking thing sounds pretty darn good right about now lol. I would just like one sure thing, something I can look forward to, something I had to focus on all the time, or some of the time. I had that with the campaign, but then life hit me and took my eyes off that and now it’s just being neglected……… Okay, screw it, all right? Screw it lol. I need to work towards something, cause as helpful as impulse has been, there is no way around hard work…. most of the time ;). It’s not like I’ve been avoiding it all this time, in fact, this “impulse” thing was recent. But I need to start laying down….. something lol. I can’t think of the word, but it has something to do with putting myself out there, setting some sort of root and pray to God I can pull through and deliver what I said I would. And I think I know just where to start….. maybe, the idea JUST came to me after all, guys xD.

Well, now I don’t WANT to give you updates xP. If this fails, I’m just gonna give up my love for surprising people, I just am. Most of the people I love do not like surprises anyway… which was what made it fun and satisfying……….. but mostly fun >;D (jk). But if you’re subscribed to BEPplusSCC, then you’ll be seeing something soon… ish… possibly faste–Bye-bye now 😀

WAIT! I never really elaborated on my–Oh! Never mind lol. Hopefully though, you’ll be seeing something on my ilovesmethenoodles channel 🙂

Bye-bye now.

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I am having second thoughts about the Internetian Project, guys. Let us see, what exactly IS the internetian project? Well, if I have explained it before, I don’t remember xD. It’s wildly made up of youtube content in the form of AMV’s, and I’m just not so sure… that I want to be making them “amv’s” anymore. I’ve kinda…. grown out of it….. or I just plain don’t wanna do it anymore xD. Just today, I heard a song that gave me that “movie playing in my head and now I must make it a reality” feeling about Prison Break, the show I was OH SO close to finishing this week, but had to send it back to the library lol. But you guys–did I ever tell you why it was so easy to make PoPS videos? It was because I knew it inside and out, and I didn’t have so much content to work with, making it easier to move around……. Prison Break has 4 seasons of pure awesomeness xD. Now, if I had complete access to the series, every episode of every season, this story would have a different ending, but I really don’t have the mind space to track down all the clips I need, or the patience to look for new ones for that matter. I’m just a big ball of stress really.

I think I need a NEW Spiral, cause I know that series like the back of my hand, which is why I’ve been popping out Spiral AMV’s like no one’s business 8D (aside from recently). Maybe what I really need is an audience, cause in most cases, or at least from what I gather, a lot of youtubers say they would’ve quit a LONG time ago if it weren’t for people asking for more. Honestly, I need SOMETHING to keep my focus, but there are so many levels to this video game, and some things need to be unlocked before I can enter that level, like SCC. I don’t know about you, but I have DEFINITELY been ignoring the campaign, like, totally. AND on terms of that, I feel like if I can gather an audience on my own channel, then I can just promote the campaign any way I want, and no, I can’t do that on my BEP+ channel.

I’m all over the place in this post XD. That’s what I get for trying to put my math on paper, because my mind moves faster and more furious than this, let me tell ya my friends. On one hand, I just want to say “To hell with plans, I’ma just do it!” And on the other “all right, let’s do this thing! *montage of making an awesome plan to Eye of the Tiger*” ;p. But hey, if it’s anything I know I can accomplish, it’s making a video, right? I mean, I have proof lol. I need to make another post, one with all three of the major categories: Da Baby Eagle, Thunder, and What I’m up to. But first! It’s time for Wheezy’s daily vlog, ooooooh!

Bye-bye now.

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That’s always good times ^_^. Not to mention this is an old, old fear…. never really considered it a fear, just a child irrationality that, apparently, never went away lol. The title though is implying that I’ve brought this subject before, but I’m gonna dip into it again, mostly because I’m seeing some irony here xD. The irony being here is that I’ve always loved the ocean, always loved water, I even chose it to be my element upon playing, what my friend and I intellectually decided to call it, “The Gem Game.” Yeah, the game was based around imagination and, of course, the plot…. which is escaping my mind right now. I think it was a simple matter of eventually getting to the last boss and defeating evil forever… but I don’t think we ever finished, we’d get bored every now and again and just start over.

I think I simply just picked water cause water was attached to blue, which was my favorite color in my youth. I just made sense out of it later on… AND water pokemon kicked butt xD. I WAS very into it back then after all (SQUIRTLE FTW.) But, like Pokemon, all the things that scared me about the water started in the video game world. In fact, until just now, which is probably me just over-speculating, I only considered it a fear in a virtual sense. AND I started swimming at a very young age…. so there xP.

The actual fear here is that I can’t be in large bodies of water IN video games, which if I had to pick an origin, for the most part, Banjo Kazooie. It had that beach level with the shark…. freaked the heck out of me, my sister and my brother when we were young. It was only until just this year when my sister and I replayed it and realized we could slay the beast that the fear ended its rain. Another trigger would be that, what I think to be, useless lake outside of Peach’s castle in Super Mario 64. Speaking of which, why pick the number 64? Anyways, I was just always afraid something was gonna get me in there lol. I actually insisted that my sister play the water-oriented levels, which I think there were… 2, that I remember. I think there was ONE more thing in my childhood video games that had a level that scared me with a large body of water, but it escapes me at the moment.

I just got the hookshot in Majora’s Mask and one of the eggs! 😀 But then I got the dumb idea in bringing in a photo of one of those lady pirates to this one dude who wanted to trade that photo for his golden sea horse…. don’t ask lol. But the sea horse led me through Pinnacle Rock and into this place filled with Sea Snakes. Personally, I don’t think I have all I need to accomplish this, but I wanna explore a little. There’s not much to this place though, only fear, and apparently, another sea horse? I forget, but I’m gonna try this again…. *goes to try*………… HA!!! 8D Stupid sea snakes, not so tough when you’re being electrocuted, huh!?!? I’m putting this into the writing category cause it’s named “Thunder” JUST to gloat xP. But seriously, those things are intimidating, and very large, compared to what I thought was my tallest form o_O.

I’m not sure if I’ll ever get over my fear of large virtual bodies of water, but you know me, always chipping away at fear til it’s gone. I just hope that fear doesn’t sink into reality rofl……… I think it will actually lol. If it’s certain that there is no carnivores or electricity-generating animals in the waters or wherever I am, THEN I will go in, cause that’d be AWESOME XP.

Bye-bye now.

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…. That didn’t really work. I was trying to do the Digimon theme with pkmn lol. Why? Cause I’ve been watching Digimon for the past week or so, Digimon Tamers fyi. I’m on episode…. 33 I think, 32 or 33. But we’re talking about Pokemon, not Digimon. I’ve been chewing on this one for a while now, especially after hearing some dude talk about it on an LP, and now I cannot hold it in no longer….. Why doesn’t Pokemon branch out in gaming? This may be a stupid question to ask, but they have done that before, Pokemon Snap is proof of that, and Pokemon could be freaking epic game if–Who am I kidding? Pokemon has to be THE slowest evolving game in history…. which is ironic lol.

Now, come on Pokefans, (especially the gamers ;D) you guys aren’t blind, break out a LITTLE creativity on how a pokemon game COULD be and see how that goes………… eh? Eh? xD. The idea has so much potential, like what if you handed it over to Sony? I’m not talking about the rights to Pokemon, and I’m assuming there are many legal complications to that, but I’m just throwing out suggestions. Honestly, I NEVER get tired of the traditional version of Pokemon, Blue & Red to Diamond & Pearl, but that potential is like…. substantial, man! xD.

Maybe I’m speaking as a fan and not a level head, but if you could go all out on this idea, man? That could just become fre–well, there IS the future to think about, cause you always have to hold back a little bit, save something for the second date, right? But you know, if I was the head of Pokemon-ness, I’d be scared to start changing stuff too. Society is just so sensitive xD. But other than that, if you start changing stuff, that effects other things, and you gotta think of all those things, man… ugh lol. But seriously. Maybe I’ll elaborate my idea of Pokemon one of these days….. Pokemon Saru version….. yeeeeah 8D

Bye-bye now.

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Hour Eaters

From a glance, that looks like Soul Eaters XP.

Anyhoo, today, I wants to talks about my experience so far with Zelda: Majora’s Mask. SO! If you aren’t a Zelda fan or a gamer (you sick individual), please take the exit to your right…. unless you wanna stay for whatever reason lol.

I took up Majora’s Mask a long, long, long, long time ago, I don’t even know how long ago it was, it could’ve been a year ago for all I know, even though it wasn’t xD. I remember trying to play it one time, but I got stuck on the first freakin’ level lol. (FAIL) I did not enjoy being stuck in that swamp >_< But the monkeys were cool. But the thing that intrigued me the most was the masks, AND obtaining the different instruments that went with certain masks. That was basically my goal, to get every single mask with an instrument attached to it lol.

But you know, I’m one of those people who HATE using cheats and guidebooks unless I absolutely positively need to…. I needed to -_-. But on the subject of cheats, there ARE different kinds, SO it depends on the type, that determines when or if I will use it. But I actually used a YT tutorial, 2 of them, because I was like, THAT annoyed lol. I got stuck at the Snowhead temple, and at Romani Ranch… stupid keg >.<, but I did enjoy that when I put the keg next to the giant boulder, the guy that was chipping away, ran for cover XP.

Now, I’m one of those people who are aware of the evils in gaming. One evil is that it’s an hour eater (TRUTH!), so in essence, it’s time consuming, which is why my sis stopped playing video games, and why she refuses to buy Minecraft :D. So, I do get a little weary when it comes to playing “Story-mode.” I stopped playing it months ago cause I felt it was taking up too much time…. and I couldn’t get past that stupid Snowhead Temple DX, but picked it back up the other day, and it’s awesome! XP. But now I’m a little nervous lol. Gaming is THE easiest way to pass time, I swear xD. Get the right game, and you won’t be bored for days, weeks, or even months, depending on the complexity of the game, and how skilled of a gamer you are. Me? I shine in certain games, but I’m more of a go-getter than an actual “skilled” gamer, I do have my moments though, for sure.

Upon comparison though, I would say Majora’s Mask is harder, and it’s a great addition…. I’m not sure what it’s doing though, is it an alternate journey from OoT? Cause M–wait! That wasn’t even Malon…. Why would they use her look on Romani….. TWICE? lol. Adult version and young version. When I ran up next to her and she didn’t recognize me, I was like “….. D:” Mean! xD. Personally, I don’t believe I’ve played any of the other additional Zelda games past MM’s point, only the olds, but I hear Twilight Princess was really good.

Anyhoozies, all this talk about gaming has brought some attention to me, actually it was brought to me a few days ago, but now I’m gonna blog about…. next time.

Bye-bye now.

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