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I’ve probably done that before lol. Anyways, long time no post. Sorry about that. My laptop has been out of working order and it is too much of a pain to use my desktop computer….. soooo evil -_-. But I am in fact on my brother’s laptop, so that’s good xD. I’m debating whether or not I should give you an update or if I should just get on to what I was gonna say….. Eh, whatever.

So, as usual, I’m just gonna spill whatever comes out of my head, which is not really a good way to go, but I can usually get away with it. What I want to talk about is labels. Either people don’t take them seriously enough, or they take them TOO seriously, naturally. I’ve never had TOO much trouble with labels, but I’m a bit of a special case. I tend to stay pretty impartial when judging other people, and I am curiously fair and not too harsh, unless I need to be of course. That, I think, adds a bit of a cold nature to my person, an unfortunate side-effect that I am learning to overcome. Teen angst, am I right? xD.

In hindsight, I don’t really have too much to talk about it, I don’t think I do anyway. The fact that it’s something that every teen has to go through and then come out of (or should) is a part of life…… UPDATE TIME! XP


Let’s see… I am working on a cartoon…….. why do I torture myself? lol. It’s a cartoon that I hope I can make into a series. The title is not definite yet, but it’ll sound something like “A hunter’s guide to better life.” Like it? Funny story, it’s a combination of three different things. The “hunter” part is because of the new show I’ve been watching, Hunter x Hunter, as well as Trigun, a long-time favorite. I know I’m gonna regret naming the series this because of these two anime, but in this case, it’s a matter of perspective. And don’t ask lol. But the whole “Obtaining a hunter’s license, and being a hunter of love and peace just intrigues me. The guide part is actually PoPS-related…. sorta. Jarvi started doing these movie study guides/reviews on his channel cause he won’t really have anything new to show us for a while I guess? Anyways, that’s a big part of how all of this will be shaped, so BIG difference there. And of course I am once again inspired by this dude lol. Third thing is “Better life.” One might think it should say “The hunter’s guide for a better life,” but no. It is correct. I first heard it said like that in a fan-made trailer. At first I thought it was some foreigner who didn’t know how to use proper grammar, which it might’ve very well have been lol, but the way the trailer spoke to me, and how it was used, it just hit home. I’ve been carrying that for years now, since my early anime days, and coincidentally, I’m talking about Daughter of 20 Faces, an anime about a gentleman thief XP.

I never kid when I say I put my heart and mind into whatever I make lol. I can’t help it really, I am easily inspired, very easily. *chuckles nervously* But they’re kind of like time capsules in a way, some for me, some for loved ones, some for fans, and some for those who are smart enough to figure it out ^_^. Of course, I don’t think I’ve done anything that genius yet, the last one I mean.

What else is there? Hmm, I’m not sure. I’m trying to get back into the SCC campaign again, but I am pretty unsure of myself. I got a lot of things to deal with, and I don’t even have an idea to go on, other than making an ad. Oh, bother X\. Silly ole bear. I just hope this time around is the time where I pull through, I’m not that worried, a little anxious though. All I can really do is pray and press on. And that’s exactly what I’ll do. All right….. update on Brothers?………… Naaaaaah XP.

Bye-bye now.

p.s. If you don’t know about my facebook, check it. I gots me a new userpic/logo ­čśŤ


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All right, technically, this blog ain’t new. I just really wanted to say “New new” xD. Scott Pilgrim reference x).

So, yeah! I made new blog! ­čśŤ It’s on the Moonlight story I may have talked about, the one about two gentlemen thieves. Basically, it’s a sign of good faith, that I DO intend to make the story into a show one day. I may not post in it for 4 friggin’ years….. but this is not something I will forget, I will still be pining, and I will still keep it alive, or at least put it into a.. like, uhh, a┬ácryogenic┬áchamber or whatever they’re called where you freeze someone xP. Unless I actually delete the blog and make an announcement that it’s not something I want to do anymore, than don’t go assuming that it ain’t one of my priorities. ┬áGet up on my level.

Of course, that blog has its own special categories for stuffs, though there is a distinct similarity between this blog’s “Fun and Random” and the Brothers blog’s “Random junk.” New development, On the show, Opinions & such, and of course, personal thoughts. All categories of the new blog. Though I am tempted to make a YouTube channel and make updates every Sunday like Jake does over at PoPS xD. Maybe after the first episode. *nodding assuredly*

I have made 4 posts I think, so far. And there was something I wanted to say, but I cannot remember now. So, I’m just gonna go work on Brothers, have a feeling I’m gonna be saying that a lot lol. But I’ll leave a link right below:


Bye-bye now.

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This appropriately belongs in the Thunder category because I have decided what I’m gonna do about Moonlight, the story I have in my back pocket. So, do I write it as a novel, or have a go with trying to produce a friggin’ show that I would most likely upload to YouTube? Obviously, I think the show would actually be harder, then again, I think writing a novel may be longer…┬ásurprisingly┬álol. Right from the start though, when I picked this back up, I had every intention to make it into a show one day, but it was originally going to be a novel, and I’ve been wanting to get back into it, the whole writing thing. The more though I think about it, the more I want to make it into a show, but not just one thing, but a ┬álot of things are pulling me towards the novel road.

I mean, you got the fact that it would be less complicated, more time with my thoughts and really give it a lot of attention personally. And it would also be good to have a novel version before making producing a show, for reference, for certainty, and you can bet your last noodle that I will not change one dang thing, like a lot of people do lol. It’s just so tempting, speaking as a creator xD. But on the other hand, the show would be much more collaborative and social, which is not only something that I fancy at the moment, but working on a novel could be a little more…. closed off, just a little.

I want to write the novel because time is a precious thing, and to have it is morphenomenal. Mainly, I want to go through the ups and downs, twists and turns, I want to get through the forest of ink and know that I had a full journey, 100% complete! And I think that if I should choose the show, then I skipping out on that experience….. boy, this is a toughie xP. But I think I’m gonna go with the show *DRAMATIC MUSIC!!!!!*

Preparation is a uhh, interest of mine, and while I’m kinda uneasy at the moment, that’s not what affected my decision. I think I MAY be choosing this over the other merely because I think it would be more fun….. that’s definitely one of the bigger reasons at least. I kinda just want to jump in, ya’know? I think I have a new confidence that I just recently picked up, like very recently. I mean, there’s kinda that “In hindsight” where you kinda felt it coming, but now it’s like…. music is playing, showing you that it’s fluent now. Well, maybe not fluent lol. I DID just get it after all. It’s kinda like when someone from Digimon digivolves for the first time, and they have this new awesome power, but they don’t yet know how to control it. That’s usually not the case actually lol. I do remember… Koji? I remember his brother, Koichi, but the kid who’s spirit is Lobomon, when he gets his beast form, he has so much power, he can’t exactly control it, which I think is brilliant. Having great power and just knowing how to use it right away is awesome, must feel amazing, but it’s more realistic if they don’t have complete and utter control upon using it for the first time.

But realizing this confidence has shown me a new light, a light I can use to view my options more clearly. Making it is gonna take a long time, and if I know my PoPS, and I do, it could take 6 to 7 months. Factoring in my lack of experience, maybe even a year, over a year. If it takes 2 years with little to show, I’m writing a friggin’ novel rofl But I think I know enough people to at least get it all started. And it’s not like this is the end for Saru the novelist, it was just one decision that came with a question, and no doubt that question will arise again. I gotta with my gut on this one though, I have a good feeling about it. I wish I were doing the novel, but I think it’s better this way, and maybe I’ll start work on the novel version, in the event I need a new perspective xP.

….. Damn this is gonna be a long process LOL. God, forgive me for my language….. I’m kinda…….. the adrenaline is still kinda pumping, so. I just pray that I can have something to show for all the hard work I’m gonna do before winter hits XD!!!

p.s. I’m gonna need my Chris (flashback: Sup’ Jake! ­čśÇ *gets shot*), so, Eliza? You’ll be getting an e-mail from me when that time comes…. which should be in like, a couple of years xD. (I’ll explain tonight)

Bye-bye now.

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This title actually speaks to one event that happened today, but really, that agent wasn’t the only one who had to carry out his objective, ohhh no, no >xD. Today was quite nice out though, it was quite refreshing, a definite sign of Spring. And it still remains to be nice out, and THAT is what I miss out the coming seasons, longer days. Not because I have a productive quality in me, but because of the simple delight of seeing the day go on, figuratively and literally. My day though started a little bit later than I had expected, I woke up at around 11am and I had fallen asleep before. So, I think I ACTUALLY woke up at 7 or so, but I went to bed real late…. I just couldn’t stay up. But in that time, my mom decided to go to the camera shop without me and got a webcam….. and it was one that I already had rofl. That was the kicker xD. I wanted to go with my sister to return it and buy a proper one, but their were complications. But! That will not stop me from gettin’ a camera, nuh-uh x).

But I went with her anyway, my brother too. I mean, hey, it was a seriously good day, I let the sun just shine like that without me in it appreciating it. And first we headed over to Gamestop to buy a few games, that was a lot of fun, then we headed over to WalMart to return the webcam, that was a kicker xP. And then we went over to Taco Time, cause as far as I’m concerned, Taco Time is ALL the time (<<<completely original joke). But you know, we laughed, we cried, we had grand ole time…………. only without the crying–wait! I did get a sad face :(. There were quite some interesting things to note about today, and one of THE most notable things was a little bear, a teddy bear, that was hanging off… I don’t even know how it got there, or what it was doing, but it looked as if it was holding on with one hand for dear life. And my inner child cried out for him, but in my head, that was a toy on a mission, man! And I looked at him, raised my right fist and and gave him a “hang in there, marine” look (I recently watched NCIS).

But really, I can’t tell you about EVERYTHING, and I can’t remember every detail, but I will explain a new development…. tomorrow xP Or the next day, or whenever I get around to it, but the future post is definite, if all goes according to plan, and I can honestly say that I am praying that it will, cause it would suck SO BAD if there were anymore “surprises” in store, I’m not sure how many more of those I can take!! lol…… crap. I remembered what “serious” thing I will be talking about soon. I had forgotten it an hour ago, but I was just reminded >_> Oh well. Last thing though, I happened to come across a nice little picture of a girl who’s pretty easy on the eyes….. and her name rhymes with Dennifer xD. That holds no meaning to anything or anyone…. except maybe one person xD.

Bye-bye now.

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I think a lot of people don’t understand the values of age. Cause if they did, they would also understand why some shows suck really badly TO THEM and NOT FOR someone ELSE. What I’m hinting at here though is people are like “Ugh, teletubbies suck SO BAD, it literally makes me want to vomit!” You know what? That’s cool and all, but that show was not meant for you, it was meant for little children, and no, not every child will like it, but your mind grows as you get older. It all depends on you what it grows into, but it’s still a show that was not targeted for your age group. Same goes for teenagers, am I right? A LOT (not saying most, even though that’s a distinct possibility) of teenagers don’t understand that SOME things are better if you wait, that age IS a factor in maturity and cannot be replaced. People will live if they don’t accept that, but…. I don’t know, I just think people should try harder. Or not, actually lol. I had no problems being a kid, and I have no problems becoming an adult, when the time comes when I am fully an adult, cause at the moment I’m in that awkward “in between” kid and adult….. weird place to be xP. And I’m sorry, it’s not like I didn’t have problems, but for the most part, a lot of the time, I didn’t really have too many problems, though there were a few for sure.

The point I’m trying to get across here is that there’s a distinct difference in mind-sets in different age-groups, whether you’re mature for you age, or maybe a little slower. And I was thinking the other day about inspirations that occurred in childhood. This was an interesting thought for me because I credit Case Closed as one of the first impacts I had as a pubescent teenager, but what about before that? Before Case Closed, before anime (which I was heavily into in my early to mid teen years), before I ever knew about Criminal Minds, before I cared about the internet, back when all I cared about was wondering if my best friend would be at the park today lol. It’s a curious objective to separate your childhood inspirations and aspirations from your teen counter-parts, and then your adult ones, when that time comes. When you’re an adult, I would imagine it could all just blend together, the way you thought when you were younger I mean. But there’s definitely a difference in thoughts, at least there was for me. And while some people look back on it and think “How stupid I was,” I like to think “Silly Saru. Oh, silly Saru. I was a silly Saru xP.” Silliness is not stupidity, duh. And for the record, silliness isn’t weirdom, which is something I think a lot of teens confuse a lot of the time, those words I mean >_>

Oh yeah! Baseball! Take me out–just kidding, but I love that tune, totally brill. And unlike other times, I actually mean Baseball when I say it….. No, I don’t xD. The VAGUE similarity I’ve lined up with this great sport and what I’m talking about is throwing…… Only in my case, I’m throwing my head, and they’re throwing a ball. Not sure which post, but I created this term called “I just want to throw my head into a wall,” or any type of variation, and all it means is that you’re REALLY frustrated. “I’m gonna pull out all my hair,” Could you please stick a fork in me?” Things like that, and I quite like the term I created, if it was ME who created it, I hope I did though cause I want to use it more xP. It just kinda rolls of the tongue, and it’s direct, very direct, and fun to imagine (not to do ;p.) But it IS a bit sentimental, cause I believe I told you guys that I use to bang my head against the lockers of my elementary school, and if I explained why then…. I don’t…. have to tell you now. But really, it was for the sole purpose of how it felt, and how it didn’t feel. It felt interesting, and it didn’t hurt, so. I think I stopped after I got in trouble with this one girl’s mother lol. See what happened was, and it wasn’t even related to all this, I said that I was gonna beat myself with a spiked bat, and I was just a little boy kidding around, and I’m guessing my friend new that. But there was a girl with us and she took it seriously lol. I vaguely remember her saying it to her mother, but it wasn’t so much she was worried, than it was her just kinda reporting what she heard. I’m not calling her a snitch though, she actually pulled me out of a jam when we were in class once before, so she’s awesome in my book. It all turned out well, the mother caught up to me as I was getting into my mom’s car and I told her I was just kidding, embarrassed as heck though xD. I was seriously just kidding! lol. But you know, that’s how the noodle sogs, right? Right, guys? Duh, guys.

Bye-bye now.


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“NEXT TIME” my eye! xD. I just wanted to say I went on a little adventure…. it was a tad shorter than I anticipated it to be, but it was still pretty fun. AND if I approached like a big ole cocky jerkface, it might have gone a lot more fun, just cause I’d be all “Psh! Easy as pie.” And then start my gloating dance ;o. But whatever, the question now is….. what do I do with my newly acquired information? Decisions, decisions. But I guess the big question for you guys is “What was this teensy weensy little adventure?” Well, it involved a trail that was…. not all that long lol. It did require me to use the ole noodle though, cause there are just so many spellings of this one name I am not gonna say cause I am a sick person who likes to prolong torture >;D. Sucks for my friends, muah ah ah ah ah :P. But if you want me to be real with you…. you’re gonna have to get me a bowl of ramen, cause I think I’m ACTUALLY hungry for it. In other words, it’s not just a want, it’s a need. A need of food in mah belly. Ramen? Yummmmmm X). But really, I think I’ll just hold onto this bit of info, I don’t really have the time for it, quite fortunate for my enemies that I don’t have time for them, eh? I always felt I’d make a good villain, but I am cursed with goodness…… As sure as I am a noodle lover, it annoys THE HECK out of my dark side to be so kind-hearted Dx. Ironic, seeing how I was just being evil…. eh, mostly curious lol.


Bye-bye now.



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Well, I’m sorry, but I can’t remember most of the dreams I’ve been having, and there’s a couple that I don’t even want to remember cause… hehe, no lol. But it’s all good cause I actually don’t remember, so HA! ;D. I can remember…..having like, 6 or so dreams, and when I would wake up, they would just fade away–I could just feel that I wasn’t gonna remember, which sucked xD. But tha’s the way the cookie crumbles sometimes, ya’know? And I can’t really remember my last, but I do remember there was a crazy guy, who I like to think drugged me, but is it just me, or does you body act weirder in dreams? Like, you can’t walk right, or sometimes you can’t nearly walk as far, especially if its uphill? Just me? I don’t know. But when I dream multiple dreams, they’re all connected somehow, unless I jump straight to another dream, but no matter how vague the transition, it’s there. But let’s start at the very last transition, cause that’s all I can remember lol.

So, I think I was in a combination of my house and my apartment building, cause at one point I’m on the stairs of my old house, and then I’m in my room, storming out through the hallway of the apartment building. But when I’m in my room, I got a call from some dude (He might’ve been disguising his voice, but I don’t remember), and blah, blah, blah, he said something about having my grandparents, blah, blah, blah, he’s gonna kill them if I don’t follow his instru–blah, blah, blah ;P. But when he calls, I’m actually pretty fired up, taking his grandstand and throwing it back in his face and shoving it down his throat. Anyways, he told me to meet him at a uhh….. bank? I don’t actually remember….. hmm. But you know, I took up the responsibilty to end whatever–apparently, there’s some sort of blood feud going on, that I took upon myself to end. But as I’m leaving and about to go down the stairs of my apartment building, I get the sense that he’s here. Not so much a sixth sense, more like “if I was him, I’d actually want to ambush me as I’m on my way.” And that’s exactly what he did. Once I got to the bottom (and the feeling increased) and was walking along the side walk, I see him and I’m like, “Oh, man!” So, I start making some distance between us, cause we about to FIGHT!

I really wish I could remember a lot more, it was actually a pretty fun dream, despite that I wanted to chew his head off in the beginning. But anyhoozies, he starts going on about how he was cheated and that all this is one big act of revenge. We’re fighting in between in his monologues, btw. But when I realize that I may be in over my head, I try and find some sort of edge…. a stick, a rock, something to drive this maniac away from me. I think because I know the area that my dream wouldn’t supply anything of the sort, because there are no big sticks around, and that’s what I was looking for the most. So, I think I just tried to imagine that I had a stick and tried to fight him (cause earlier, I did realize I was in a dream, but like always, forgot in like, 25 or so seconds), I don’t believe that went over so well, but now we’re on the ground, rolling on the playground floor, trying to beat the heck out of each other AND………… I think that’s when I came out of it, my dream I mean. If I had to guess, I won, but that’s just because it felt like a tv show, and the good guy always wins. In real life? Yeeeeah, I think he was gonna win, unless I would make some awesome comeback! ­čśŤ

Okie dokie

Bye-bye now.

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