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…… I see :3

So, I was just in my room, at my desk, and my sister comes a knockin’.  She starts telling me about this thing that happened at her work, about how she’s getting along with the new manager or whatever. The new manager, let’s call her Debby, said she heard really good things about my sister from two other employees, let’s call them Angie and Jasper. The thing about Angie though is all my sister has to do is walk past Angie and she says “Ew >_>.” She’s even thrown food at her. A nugget I believe. Or something, I don’t know.

Of course, she is joking, my sister doesn’t take it to heart, but she honestly believes (with some good reason) that Angie hates her. So, when hearing that Jasper and Angie were saying good things about her, she goes “Yeah, Tyler is pretty co–wait, what? Angie had good things to say about me? She hates me.” But Debby said “No, she loves you, what are YOU talking about?” And then, probably in her head, she said “…… I see :3”  As demonstrated by the photo:

I see :3


Sooooo, needless to say, Rain’s gonna give it to her when she sees her next >;D.


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Okay, I did NOT make the video I intended to make for Sunday, and it was far less enjoyable. Basically, I just made a video just to have something to upload lol It was like 40 seconds of saying I was making a random video and that they are welcome. From the past couple of days to today, I’ve been wondering what’s gonna be a more consistent content. At first, I was like “Cartoons take WAY longer to make and construct.” And while that is like, soooo true lol, I no longer have an editing software, so I might be prone to make more cartoons, cause I can edit those on….. wait a dang minute! o.O

Stupid, stupid. stupid lol. If I can send over a voice to my e-mail with Zamzar, I can sure as noodles send a video…. the podcast might be too large, but a regular vlog? Psh! I can do that. And I guess I could break up the vlog into two parts or something, but boy will that be a pain XD. I have mixed feelings about this realization, but I’ll have to deal with it nonetheless lol.

Right now though, I think I need to put SCC in the backseat. Besides buying Case Closed eps off of itunes (which I have never bought anything off of the internet…. I prefer physical stores, jeez lol But that’ll be fun), I’m gonna have to say no thanks. I said by making my channel popular, I could bring over my fans to the campaign, so that’s what I’m gonna do.

Now the question of all this is if I animate–I’m gonna do both, but I will have to make that decision every time I want to make a video, should I do a vloggy animation, or should I do some story vlog that has nothing to do with my life, but are little shorts that are purely for entertainment? And as for the live vlogs…. just plain what should I talk about? I’m gonna be WAY less motivated to do vlogs now lol. I mean, without an editing software, and the hassle it would take to transfer them over to my other computer? Dang. No, just no xD. I guess I’m just gonna have to wait and let it build up to a point where I HAVE to!!!!!!!!!!!! o.O

Bye-bye now.

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I just gave myself a due date for this new idea i have. Eliza, if you’re reading this, you should probably read the original post, so that you kinda know what I’m talking about…. duh. Which is right before this one. Anyhoozies, I just gave myself a due date: Sunday! Sunday is when my friend Eliza is coming back from her convention, her anime convention. She’s cosplaying, and really, I had no idea she had only been to two conventions in ALL this time. I thought for sure she had been to at least 3 or 4, maybe 5 lol. But the point of this post is to let you guys know that I feel the pressure’s on 😐

That is a good thing…. I think lol. First I gotta get a script, then film, then edit…. simple, right? It should actually be a lot easier than just animating and such. I was thinking about taking that format, the one I shall be using for this new video coming up, instead of the classic frame-by-frame cell animation we’re all used to…. except for Daniel Baxter. But he’s too awesome to compare, he can actually draw for one. Though I don’t want to use this idea just because it’s easier, but because I just find it fun to watch. It’s kinda like when you’re a novelist and you wanna try screenwriting. Same gig, just….. not so much lol. You’re still writing, just with a different format.

I think I’m just stalling actually. It’s just intimidating. I really hate to admit it, but I care more about–well, it’s not so much I care about what people think, but the idea of allowing others to criticize and be cruel to my work…. Okay, I think I’m back in reality. I’m not so bothered by it anymore lol. I’m more bothered by if I can achieve what I’m capable of I suppose, ya’know? Easy answer to that is “Well, there’s only one way to find out.” And that is just annoyyyyyyyyyying lol. Okay, wish me luck. I’m off!

Bye-bye now.

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…….. I just realized something. This is a real thing that just happened and just knew I had to blog about it RIGHT NOW. True, I’m basically only telling one of my BFF’s through my blog this info cause I’m pretty sure my sister never started reading my blog, making my BFF the only person to read my blog, minus two other people that probably only read it once. I’m talking to you Jarvi! And… I can’t remember who the other person is so… XD.

Anyways, the thing that happened–Well, first, I wanna say that my SaruStuff–I shouldn’t say this cause I have a really bad habit of not keeping promises when it involves the internet. I can totally see why youtubers say all the time that if it wasn’t for them that they wouldn’t be working on their channel, or they wouldn’t have worked on their channel and kept posting, etc. etc. I’ll just be vague, that seems to be my specialty. I–and this may be the no sleep talking, which reminds me, I need to get to bed after this, I am going to follow a trend that’s going around on YouTube. I think it’ll be fun, and no, not saying what it is, but one thing I have noticed about it is that this kind trend is the kind of trend that can last for years to come, and SHOULD last for years to come cause it’s just a fun and simple idea. Plus, with the crap my camera is giving me, it’s the only thing I can do, which leads me to my next subject:


Literally, the ONLY thing I can do right now creatively/publicly IS animating stories. I’m trying to make it sound more awesome by saying “animating stories,” but it’s just a lot of gut-wrenching bull. lol XD. Jaykay, I love animating….. but any animator would agree with my words x). I feel bad for the people who don’t love to animate, but have to in order to like, pay the bills, support a family, themselves, whatever the reason is cause without the love, this is merely torture…. that’s actually REALLY sad D=. But you know, my hands are tied here. I kinda just wanna give up on vlogging for the time being and do what I can, instead of becoming infuriated with what I can’t do. Yes, I could try and figure out a way to do what irks me so, but…. I think I know what I’m doing here. You don’t just pick animating over something far more easier lol……… you really don’t >_>

So, what’s this trend I’m jumping on the bandwagon for? And what can you expect from me in the future? Wellllllllll, I had an idea that I kinda gave up on, or put it on hold rather. I think I need to modify it a bit though, with the new circusmtances given, and that’s a FREAKING AWESOME thing, cause the idea I put on hold was modified when I couldn’t do what I originally wanted. I really gotta stop getting so excited before I actually see if it works rofl. I’m an optimist, but I am killing the strategist within lol. The logical mind that pretty much runs through my veins. DO NOT IGNORE YOUR VEINS! XO

But, what you can expect is…. absolutely nothing. I’d rather you say a prayer…. cause with how consistent I am, I’ll need it XD.We’re half way there!!! Whooooaaaaa-oh! Living on a prayer! Whoooaaaaa-ohh!!!!!!!! XP Take my hand and we’ll make it I swear. BT dubs, I’ll be taking your cause I am the one who obviously needs to xP. This is why I need to really throw myself into the fire, give the world a chance to chew me up and spit me back out…. and as odd as it sounds, I trust that it won’t lol. Or at least, I’ll survive X)

Bye-bye now.

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Anyone watch that movie? The Disney movie Johnny Tsunami? And I’m not talking about the second one lol. I like the second, but I loved the first one. It wasn’t bad in my opinion though. But today’s… I would say It’s mostly moth. Well, this first dream starts with a boy named Johnny Tsunam–Yeah, never mind.

Once upon a time, I was on this mountain. Me and some friends and assorted enemies went up there for skiing or snowboarding, I was there for snowboarding. But I saw this snow patrol guy, and I was like “Hmm, I think before I leave, I will write in the snow.” At the time, it felt fun, a little mischievous, mostly fun though. So, I began to do so, when I saw that someone else had done it, and then I looked for another place and IT had writing. So, by now I’m thinking people do this all the time, which is cool, no big. I couldn’t quite see it, so I leaned forward a bit. Now, even before I did this, I new something bad was gonna happen, but I wasn’t aware that I was in a dream, therefore makes my intuition almost useless, and sometimes a liability.

I’m actually not too sure what happened next, but I think I…. um. I want to say I fell in, but I think I crawled onto this hill, no bigger than a Snorlax. But once I got on top, I realized the danger I was in….. snakes EVERYWHERE. There was a big contricter, there were smaller ones no longer than a child’s arm, of all colors, just slithering around. I was watching the yellow&white boa, but I ddn’t think it would be the snake to attack for some reason, he or she seemed pretty content. All of them kind of did,but I knew the smaller ones would use their tempers first for however long I have. Then a kid, who I apparently knew, came into, what turned into my bedroom from the old house, plus a Snorlax-sized hill, minus my bed of course. He came in and was all happy, completely ignorant to the snakes here, and I wasn’t messing around, I told him to get the heck out of here lol. He didn’t get it at first, but then I said “Go!” So, he left. Basically, I didn’t want to move… for obvious reasons, so I covered up my face, possibly wanting to move, but I can’t remember, but that’s when a snake, about the size of a average woman’s arm (in length. It was pretty skinny) just whipped right over to me…. landing on my hand…. I actually freaked out a lot less than you might think lol. There was the initial surprise, but other than that–and it didn’t hold on either, so I said “Yup, don’t care. I’m getting the heck out of here.” And then I just got up and left XD. THE END! xP


Second dream!

Second dream was fun. Second dream might have had the black cat (Marvel), Kraven the hunter, and the Green Goblin. And, of course myself, Spider-man. At times I was hitting buttons on a controller, but other times I was actually web slinging. Around the city………. ^_^. I’m trying to remember what I did, not a whole lot. OR I just can’t remember lol. I remember fighting the black cat, I was almost out of liquid web, so I had to land with her right on my tail. I mean, any closer and it would’ve looked like we were slow dancing, I mean, COME ON. Give a guy some space lol. I remember something eerie happened, but I can’t quite…. remember what happened. But the atmosphere totally changed. It was rainy, clouds were a brewin’. I wanna say Goblin or Kraven was behind it–lol That’s a funny thought, the two of them working together xD. They would never form an alliance though, not that I was suggesting it.

That’s about it. I can’t help but think there was a dream I missed–Oh yeah lol. For some reason, in one of the dreams I had, I was alone in the old house, everyone was out apparently, and I was just in my underwear and socks xD. I have slept in my underwear, but that’s only when I get REALLY hot and am forced to, and I wouldn’t do it around the house. But of course, this isn’t my first hoedown, so I know not to question it. But in the dream I wasn’t really doing anything. I realized I was in my underwear and just kind of… enjoyed it lol. What’s really weird is that I was also out on the deck, and it just felt really open. But I didn’t care, didn’t let it bother me XP.

I’ve been dreaming a lot lately, and I either don’t feel like recording them, or they just aren’t enough I feel……. I don’t feel like GETTING UP to record them I mean lol. Too hard, I have to do it as I’m waking up usually, not this time though. I happened to remember most of it. I told you a little less than what actually happened 😉

Bye-bye now.

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I lost?

The coin flip. I said to myself “Jacob, you haven’t felt like posting in a while, but let’s ask the coin.” Obviously, I’m not sure if I won or not lol. And I think I have a virus, cause my shockwave flash keeps saying it isn’t responding, which it has never done before, so… take that as you will. By the way, I just lost the game.  SO! Still trying to figure out what to talk about. Let’s ask the title XP. Hmm, I lost, eh? Lost what….. ….. …… ….. You know what I almost never lost at? Tether ball! I have been obsessed with the memory of me dominating that game on the playground the past few days rofl. I remember thinking about it a while back, last year maybe, but it wasn’t until recently how badly I could whoop the kids XD. Maybe it’s hard cause there is a bad memory that is tied in there.

This was 3rd grade, so like…. 2001, I’m horrible with math. But I hope I’m wrong, cause as I may have told you, 3rd grade was the highlight of my public school years, and the world went to hell that year. Though that has nothing to do with the bad memory xD. I just can’t help but think about NCIS when McGee got the chance to get a high school bully in the interrogation room where he could make him wet his pants cause, if you don’t know, McGee was a nerd. Still is, but lol. But the reason it reminds me of it is McGee said, while trying to make the bully think he was a bully when he was his age, the best part was that when high school ends, you won’t even remember their names, but they’ll remember you. The connection here is that she probably doesn’t even remember me, though she wasn’t bully, but the arrogance I had just makes me feel really bad lol. It’s stupid and I should just let it go, I was a kid then, it’s in the past. It’s funny too, cause I had a dream that I married her. Lol. Apparently, we were famous, cause I remember cameras flashing multiple, multiple times. Take that as you will, but I don’t remember if the dream occurred before or after, and even then.

But hey, other than that, it was good times. There was that moment where the ball just felt like it was giving you the opportunity to end the game right then and there xD. Or you just see that your opponent made a mistake and you’re like *evil chuckle* >;D. And I would know, I may have been good…. extremely good ;p. But I got my butt handed to me more than just once. Easily one of my best childhood memories ^_^. One of the few things I would quite possibly jump at in a heartbeat if I could relive it again. Cause it wouldn’t be the same if I did it now, simply because of the growth spurt guys get. It’s either cheating or a disadvantage….. I wouldn’t go back to the playground–well, I don’t know actually, but what I’m thinking about is an adult-sized version lol. That would be freakin’ AMAZING! 😛 Fun-sized my eye! XD.

You’d think all this would be a release of some kind, and you know? It is. I got to talk about it, and actually, I wanted to make a video, I even started on the script. But, unfortunately, another drawback came up on the vlogging. Hopefully, this one can be fixed in a timely manner. Oh yeah, and I was kidding about the release, it just makes me want a time machine THAT much more lol. Half joking x).

So, I think that’s about it! Byyyyyyyyyyye! 😀

–bye now.

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As a man who tries to live a life of logic and order, I not only try to stay happy, even though I don’t have to try very hard lol, but I notice people who could be happier, and people who could moan less about things. Hypothetically speaking, being happy all the time…. doesn’t sound right, or is it just me? I like being happy all the time, it’s interesting, even if it’s only for a period of time. Just being happy for that long period of time straight? Sounds pretty good to me lol. Obviously you have to vent and assess your feelings, otherwise they control you when it should be the other way around. If you let your feelings mind you, THAT my dears….. that is good for no one >_>.

Life is easier in a video game, wouldn’t you say? Your objective is usually clear, you can hit people and most of the time they’ll just run in horror ;P, and if you want experience, you can either go out in the fields and get it, or  maybe find some sort of item at a shop nearby. Life isn’t that easy. But life itself is the most epic game ever to be created when you think about it. I recently rewatched a video where there was this guy who liked playing video games and I believe his words exactly were “If you were like me, then you would just complete a handful of missions, and then just cause utter mayhem on the city *talking about GTA*” That’s kinda what a lot, and I mean a LOT, of people are doing, and they shouldn’t. (That paragraph went soundly, I didn’t plan on both my metaphor and example to fit so nicely xD) Complete the game! Life is no game…. but it kinda is ;P. And really, some people take the virtuals more seriously than the reals. Take it from me my ninjas, women alone are a far more intriguing mystery than ANYTHING you will find in a video game. And if we’re talking about real life, there’s no comparison. Think of it like this; video games are like…. mini games/free play, whereas LIFE….. that’s story-mode, playa. Get up on my level B|

Went a little too far with the video game metaphor, and I kind of went off track here a bit, but bottom line here is life is like a runner’s marathon without a confirmed destination. That’s just as much a mental test as it is a physical one. And if you can’t steady your mind, you’ll give into the traps that come along. That kinda plays along to the same beat of “The path less traveled” quote, sweetness xD. I’m just going to come right out and say it, keep it real, and make sure you’re doing everything you can for THE best result with THE best method at your disposal, ‘kay? Anything less is really just an insult to yourself and loved ones….. no pressure ;P But tell me I’m wrong xD.

Well, there you go, some Monkey Insight. You’re welcome XP.

Bye-bye now.

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