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The title really has nothing to do with what we’re talking about at all. lol.

Hi, people! What’re we talking about today? Not witches, not people named “Sam,” and not lunch options. I wanna talk about code, more specifically, I wanna talk about the code of man. Not “Guy Code,” but–well, I believe that everyone should live by a code, espcially men, ’cause women generally don’t need one, they just know things. I was reading a manga just the other day, and one of the characters said that it was actually rare to find someone who can live by their code faithfully. And I was like, “whaaaat?!” This doesn’t surprise me, but I was still hoping it was wrong.

But then I thought about the internet, and how there’s that age old excuse “Get over it, it’s the internet.” I wasn’t aware you could treat anyone with any less respect than inside the internet, or rather, you would want to, or if it made a difference if you were on the internet. I mean, really? No respect these days, no respect. You can blame life, you can blame the parents, you can blame the peanut butter stains themselves, but I guess there’s not much you can do about i–Wait! I just had a revelation!

Maybe, if you’re one of thooossse people, then you can just stop 😀 Make the effort to not be a laz–just don’t spend too much on the internet lol. Have some self-respect, man! I mean, do you HAVE to act like an a-hole? Is it THAT hard to be nice? And what’s wrong with being nice anyways? I mean, I don’t understand what possible reason people have for acting like the dirt they walk on, but as for doing the right thing, and just plain treating people like human beings….. need there be a reason?

Well, it’s gonna be a short one this time. Hopefully, I can start writing again, because I definitely want to. Maybe even do some story junk, yeah? So, I–ohh! Before I forget, Platoon of Power Squadron. Jake? Creator of PoPS, if you’re reading this, BOO YA! XP. Kind freaked out about Jonas’ badassery, so I’m gonna have to go with “part 2” as my fave, but it was great! And on a related note, I don’t care what you say, man, I like ep 1 lol. Despite the difference in ‘feel.’ As in, the tone of the show was definitely different in the first episode, for sure. Some in the second episode, but the tone was definitely established by the 3rd ep. That’s just my opinion, of course. Keep up the great work, PoPS production! And, Jake? I’ll see you in a week. (Update)

Bye-bye now.

p.s. Yeah, that’s right! Don’t lie to Sebastian, wee-otch! ;P


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Some people think you need a child’s heart to hear the melody of color, and no doubt a child is probably quite capable. But the funny thing about a child is that in youth we learn, in age we understand. We understand, we know, we…. can appreciate the things in our lives, fully. Humans are notorious for taking things for granted, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still appreciate.


For as long as I can remember (no, really), I’ve seen the world in a…. different kind of light. I wish it was normal, and despite that it’s normal to ME, I don’t actually believe it IS normal lol. Like, a thick fog is not ever just a thick fog. a fan spinning round and round isn’t just spinning… round, and round. A slug on a pathway is not just a slug on a–nothing is ever really just what it seems in my head. It might not even be related at all! rofl. It’s where my joy for life comes from, and I always see beauty in it, even the dark stuff lol (not a good idea btw.)

But the fact that it isn’t normal…. I think that’s really sad! lol. I mean, God forbid 7 billion Saru’s running around this giant blueberry. But still, ya’know? It’s not just about enjoying life, but really seeing it. Having a moment be real, touching things you don’t actually feel. Yeah lol. The world is still sleeping while I keep on dreaming. Kind of sounds sorrowful, if you think about it I mean.

I just want to be able to use this ability. I forget that I have the honor of seeing life in this light myself. It’s kind of like…. the first day it really feels like spring. Man, do I remember what that was like for me as a kid lol. Crisp air, the whole neighborhood shining bright, and me and my bike. Back then though, I could only ride around the neighborhood, not into town lol. But you know, seeing it is hearing it, and vice-versa. Smelling it, tasting it. And the infamous touch. Of course, if you mention “touch” in this world, even a decent lady will think of something dirty lol. Now, you might really understand why I said the world is sleeping xD.

But how do I use this ability? Well, it’s not really an ability, actually….. per se xP. At the beginning of this post, I said a child’s heart is plenty capable. I think another way to put it is that a child’s heart can put out energy, whereas the adult can harness that energy. And at the same time, the heart can grow stronger, stronger than you ever expected out of yourself. A wise man once said that you must imagine yourself stronger than you ever thought possible, because that’s how strong you’ll become…. or something like that xD. But I believe it to be true. I’m not saying be a superman, or exceed the limits given to you. I’m saying….. expect to increase your output. It’s something that you can’t really understand at first, but once you up your game, it gets easier to see outside your limits, and find a way to reach that level.

Like, you know how parents say that you can become anything you set your minds to? (Such a cliche nowadays lol) Well, I truly believe that. A lot of people aren’t strong enough to even think to believe it, but it’s true. For the most part xD. Everyone’s capable of great good, and great evil, eh? And to me, you can’t get either of those with a little hard work….. that’s an understatement. It takes a LOT of work 😉 A lot, lot, lot, lot! >;D

It all just starts with one simple question…. what’s my next obstacle? And maybe you’ll want to ask this too: Is that a delay, or just part of the journey? Giving into life’s cheap temporary highs doesn’t seem all that satisfying to me. You see work? I see a ride that keeps on going, and uhhh, oh yeah! I’m gonna ride it for as long as I can!! Maybe I’ve been blessed with some pretty sweet, state-of-the-art tools, yeah? But it wasn’t eas–it STILL isn’t lol. What am I talking about? “Wasn’t” xD. Stupid. Past tense, get out of here! No one wants you! Internal pain is consistent, but it’s highly overrated though. I mean, really. I mean, really. Physical pain? It’s a bit more demanding, and I’d find that to be hell, but again, highly overrated.

Well, whatever. I think I made some good points here, don’t you think? I’m going now cause it’s 5:30 am, and I still need some sleep….. like I’m gonna get it lol.

Bye-bye now.

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