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That’s what I believe in! If you don’t got it, get it! Especially if you’ve been accused of being hypomanic, because it is scientifically proven that many under hypomanic conditions work better, in creative situations, with greater increases of momentum.

Friend: Is that really true?
Me: mmmm–I dunno.

Now, I’ve stopped momentum to write about this–HOWEVER, I strongly feel that I need to take advantage of this here tool that dares call itself “momentum.” Simply because…. I have a horrible excuse for a willpower, lol. The goal here is to fight for momentum, FIGHT FOR IT, I SAY! But not just momentum, dudes and lady-dudes… no. I plan to use this “tool” oh so very EVIL projects that I would normally crumble in… meh, two weeks? About as long as a New Year resolution, eh? XD (*mumbles* speaking of which, I should get on that… <.<)

This may just be the very vantage point I need, hehehe… But I need JUST the right project for this, which shouldn’t be too hard, cause I got more projects on hiatus than I know what to do with lol… *looks up at the mountain-sized projects*….. …. ….. ……. … ……………. …. ………. ….. ……………….. … This may be a big–bit tougher than I originally thought >.> But I do already have a project in mind, it’s a part of perfectionism syndrome, pre-predetermined choices┬áv.v

Save Case Closed IS this project… my only dilemma is time, do I ever have enough to go around? OF COURSE NOT!!! That means I need to really prioritize and organize, not just the project I am turning my focus to, but other hovering projects so that they won’t seep into my primary work. Get the flow going all nice-like, naww I mean? But you know what? I’m up for the challenge….. probably! All right, whatever. I can feel those judging eyes, and you may have the right, but ‘I’ reserve the right to completely pwn you all when the time is right!!! ^_^ I am, however, off to a great start, don’tchu tink?



And I know what you’re thinking, that’s a gaming controller–BUT, I’m not fooling around, ‘kay? That’s Ghost Recon, man! I’m prepping for my full freaking scale attack on this here anime campaign, ya heard?! B| I only expect to work tirelessly! “Yeah, around the clock. Coal miners won’t know of my exhaustion, I don’t even think landscapers can begin to imagine–well, not to undermine their sacrifice.” ~ Roxy via Platoon of Power Squadron.

Mission…. set!
…. Saru Knight……… execute!!!



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