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New-new Ideas! (Again!)

My, my, my! Things around here changed a little bit since I’ve been gone. WordPress got a tune-up… or a face lift, I don’t know. I haven’t explored anything. But you guys look beautiful, I’ll tell you that much. So, yeah… it’s been a while, and I have some important and heartbreaking news to tell you people, and not just the fact that I like to talk like somebody reads this blog ’cause that will be our little secret. But the news I have to tell you is that… there’s somebody else.

That’s right, I got another blog that wants my attention other than you lovely people. And no, it’s not popular and has the same status as you= 000%, but that’s okay. I just thought I ought to tell you guys because I think I’ll finally put this blog behind me…. we shared a lot. You and me, kid. But it’s not like we won’t hang out, because unlike an actual relationship where you’d leave out the other guy’s name, you can, if you know this blog or if you stumble on this blog (trying really hard not to spell vlog, I realized), that you can go over to my new blog: http://thegoodgentlemansletter.wordpress.com/2014/09/21/so-yeah/

That’s a link to my last post. I will be updating it tomorrow after I get home from school, but there’s a bit of information you might find inner-resting…. why does it sound like that sometimes when people say “interesting?” Just asking. I hope you follow me there, it should be good times. More ramblings, more thought-provoking ideas, and more reasons to be the gentleman who happens to throw that out the window when he eats noodles. By the way, my mom made spaghetti the other day with garlic bread….. *trembles with joy*

Oh, yeah! I’m going to vlog again. I know you people have heard it a thousand times, but hopefully my post over on my new vlog might instill a little faith in ya X) Starting to blog again, vlog and all sorts of stuff. Hope to keep all that archived, man… whew…

Again, here’s the link: http://thegoodgentlemansletter.wordpress.com/2014/09/21/so-yeah/


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