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Okay, I did NOT make the video I intended to make for Sunday, and it was far less enjoyable. Basically, I just made a video just to have something to upload lol It was like 40 seconds of saying I was making a random video and that they are welcome. From the past couple of days to today, I’ve been wondering what’s gonna be a more consistent content. At first, I was like “Cartoons take WAY longer to make and construct.” And while that is like, soooo true lol, I no longer have an editing software, so I might be prone to make more cartoons, cause I can edit those on….. wait a dang minute! o.O

Stupid, stupid. stupid lol. If I can send over a voice to my e-mail with Zamzar, I can sure as noodles send a video…. the podcast might be too large, but a regular vlog? Psh! I can do that. And I guess I could break up the vlog into two parts or something, but boy will that be a pain XD. I have mixed feelings about this realization, but I’ll have to deal with it nonetheless lol.

Right now though, I think I need to put SCC in the backseat. Besides buying Case Closed eps off of itunes (which I have never bought anything off of the internet…. I prefer physical stores, jeez lol But that’ll be fun), I’m gonna have to say no thanks. I said by making my channel popular, I could bring over my fans to the campaign, so that’s what I’m gonna do.

Now the question of all this is if I animate–I’m gonna do both, but I will have to make that decision every time I want to make a video, should I do a vloggy animation, or should I do some story vlog that has nothing to do with my life, but are little shorts that are purely for entertainment? And as for the live vlogs…. just plain what should I talk about? I’m gonna be WAY less motivated to do vlogs now lol. I mean, without an editing software, and the hassle it would take to transfer them over to my other computer? Dang. No, just no xD. I guess I’m just gonna have to wait and let it build up to a point where I HAVE to!!!!!!!!!!!! o.O

Bye-bye now.


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…….. I just realized something. This is a real thing that just happened and just knew I had to blog about it RIGHT NOW. True, I’m basically only telling one of my BFF’s through my blog this info cause I’m pretty sure my sister never started reading my blog, making my BFF the only person to read my blog, minus two other people that probably only read it once. I’m talking to you Jarvi! And… I can’t remember who the other person is so… XD.

Anyways, the thing that happened–Well, first, I wanna say that my SaruStuff–I shouldn’t say this cause I have a really bad habit of not keeping promises when it involves the internet. I can totally see why youtubers say all the time that if it wasn’t for them that they wouldn’t be working on their channel, or they wouldn’t have worked on their channel and kept posting, etc. etc. I’ll just be vague, that seems to be my specialty. I–and this may be the no sleep talking, which reminds me, I need to get to bed after this, I am going to follow a trend that’s going around on YouTube. I think it’ll be fun, and no, not saying what it is, but one thing I have noticed about it is that this kind trend is the kind of trend that can last for years to come, and SHOULD last for years to come cause it’s just a fun and simple idea. Plus, with the crap my camera is giving me, it’s the only thing I can do, which leads me to my next subject:


Literally, the ONLY thing I can do right now creatively/publicly IS animating stories. I’m trying to make it sound more awesome by saying “animating stories,” but it’s just a lot of gut-wrenching bull. lol XD. Jaykay, I love animating….. but any animator would agree with my words x). I feel bad for the people who don’t love to animate, but have to in order to like, pay the bills, support a family, themselves, whatever the reason is cause without the love, this is merely torture…. that’s actually REALLY sad D=. But you know, my hands are tied here. I kinda just wanna give up on vlogging for the time being and do what I can, instead of becoming infuriated with what I can’t do. Yes, I could try and figure out a way to do what irks me so, but…. I think I know what I’m doing here. You don’t just pick animating over something far more easier lol……… you really don’t >_>

So, what’s this trend I’m jumping on the bandwagon for? And what can you expect from me in the future? Wellllllllll, I had an idea that I kinda gave up on, or put it on hold rather. I think I need to modify it a bit though, with the new circusmtances given, and that’s a FREAKING AWESOME thing, cause the idea I put on hold was modified when I couldn’t do what I originally wanted. I really gotta stop getting so excited before I actually see if it works rofl. I’m an optimist, but I am killing the strategist within lol. The logical mind that pretty much runs through my veins. DO NOT IGNORE YOUR VEINS! XO

But, what you can expect is…. absolutely nothing. I’d rather you say a prayer…. cause with how consistent I am, I’ll need it XD.We’re half way there!!! Whooooaaaaa-oh! Living on a prayer! Whoooaaaaa-ohh!!!!!!!! XP Take my hand and we’ll make it I swear. BT dubs, I’ll be taking your cause I am the one who obviously needs to xP. This is why I need to really throw myself into the fire, give the world a chance to chew me up and spit me back out…. and as odd as it sounds, I trust that it won’t lol. Or at least, I’ll survive X)

Bye-bye now.

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I’ve probably done that before lol. Anyways, long time no post. Sorry about that. My laptop has been out of working order and it is too much of a pain to use my desktop computer….. soooo evil -_-. But I am in fact on my brother’s laptop, so that’s good xD. I’m debating whether or not I should give you an update or if I should just get on to what I was gonna say….. Eh, whatever.

So, as usual, I’m just gonna spill whatever comes out of my head, which is not really a good way to go, but I can usually get away with it. What I want to talk about is labels. Either people don’t take them seriously enough, or they take them TOO seriously, naturally. I’ve never had TOO much trouble with labels, but I’m a bit of a special case. I tend to stay pretty impartial when judging other people, and I am curiously fair and not too harsh, unless I need to be of course. That, I think, adds a bit of a cold nature to my person, an unfortunate side-effect that I am learning to overcome. Teen angst, am I right? xD.

In hindsight, I don’t really have too much to talk about it, I don’t think I do anyway. The fact that it’s something that every teen has to go through and then come out of (or should) is a part of life…… UPDATE TIME! XP


Let’s see… I am working on a cartoon…….. why do I torture myself? lol. It’s a cartoon that I hope I can make into a series. The title is not definite yet, but it’ll sound something like “A hunter’s guide to better life.” Like it? Funny story, it’s a combination of three different things. The “hunter” part is because of the new show I’ve been watching, Hunter x Hunter, as well as Trigun, a long-time favorite. I know I’m gonna regret naming the series this because of these two anime, but in this case, it’s a matter of perspective. And don’t ask lol. But the whole “Obtaining a hunter’s license, and being a hunter of love and peace just intrigues me. The guide part is actually PoPS-related…. sorta. Jarvi started doing these movie study guides/reviews on his channel cause he won’t really have anything new to show us for a while I guess? Anyways, that’s a big part of how all of this will be shaped, so BIG difference there. And of course I am once again inspired by this dude lol. Third thing is “Better life.” One might think it should say “The hunter’s guide for a better life,” but no. It is correct. I first heard it said like that in a fan-made trailer. At first I thought it was some foreigner who didn’t know how to use proper grammar, which it might’ve very well have been lol, but the way the trailer spoke to me, and how it was used, it just hit home. I’ve been carrying that for years now, since my early anime days, and coincidentally, I’m talking about Daughter of 20 Faces, an anime about a gentleman thief XP.

I never kid when I say I put my heart and mind into whatever I make lol. I can’t help it really, I am easily inspired, very easily. *chuckles nervously* But they’re kind of like time capsules in a way, some for me, some for loved ones, some for fans, and some for those who are smart enough to figure it out ^_^. Of course, I don’t think I’ve done anything that genius yet, the last one I mean.

What else is there? Hmm, I’m not sure. I’m trying to get back into the SCC campaign again, but I am pretty unsure of myself. I got a lot of things to deal with, and I don’t even have an idea to go on, other than making an ad. Oh, bother X\. Silly ole bear. I just hope this time around is the time where I pull through, I’m not that worried, a little anxious though. All I can really do is pray and press on. And that’s exactly what I’ll do. All right….. update on Brothers?………… Naaaaaah XP.

Bye-bye now.

p.s. If you don’t know about my facebook, check it. I gots me a new userpic/logo 😛

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All right, technically, this blog ain’t new. I just really wanted to say “New new” xD. Scott Pilgrim reference x).

So, yeah! I made new blog! 😛 It’s on the Moonlight story I may have talked about, the one about two gentlemen thieves. Basically, it’s a sign of good faith, that I DO intend to make the story into a show one day. I may not post in it for 4 friggin’ years….. but this is not something I will forget, I will still be pining, and I will still keep it alive, or at least put it into a.. like, uhh, a cryogenic chamber or whatever they’re called where you freeze someone xP. Unless I actually delete the blog and make an announcement that it’s not something I want to do anymore, than don’t go assuming that it ain’t one of my priorities.  Get up on my level.

Of course, that blog has its own special categories for stuffs, though there is a distinct similarity between this blog’s “Fun and Random” and the Brothers blog’s “Random junk.” New development, On the show, Opinions & such, and of course, personal thoughts. All categories of the new blog. Though I am tempted to make a YouTube channel and make updates every Sunday like Jake does over at PoPS xD. Maybe after the first episode. *nodding assuredly*

I have made 4 posts I think, so far. And there was something I wanted to say, but I cannot remember now. So, I’m just gonna go work on Brothers, have a feeling I’m gonna be saying that a lot lol. But I’ll leave a link right below:


Bye-bye now.

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No good, dog….. noooo good >_> (I just wanted to say that xP)

Where should I start? I actually got some updates for ya this time, but let’s save the best for last :P. Updating the Thunder category… hmm. As far as writing goes, I have absolutely no idea where I am with it. Not only that, the question to go with a screenwriting format and a novel format is throwing me off big-time. What is a guy to do? Even though girls have it worse, at least they’re smarter lol. I actually heard that girls can multitask better than guys…. is that true? Cause that  would suck XD. I love multitasking, not that I can really do it well xP. I just wish I had one clear heading, just one, so I can throw away all the others >;|. Well, so I’ve heard anyway, the key to writing is writing, writing, and more writing, to just get in there.f I guess creatively, I really have no idea what I want to do, which makes sense, seeing how I’m only 18. I always say that I have a lot of patience, but the truth is I’ve always just been comfortable with whatever I had. I was content with whatever I got cause usually I’d be all up in it, like it was the best thing in the world. I never really thought about what it would be like to really go after something with full force–Well, I DID, but that was all just in the spirit of dreaming. I just hope I can get some writing done.

So, on terms of BEP–WELL! There are quite a few layers there, isn’t that right?! Vlogging still remains as a “locked” option, animation still remains as an “evil” option, and, like I said in the last post, AMV’s are ceasing to be a “viable” option. I swear, when it comes to finding a course of action that revolves around being creative, I just want to jump out of my own skin and run off into a desert to feed the vultures, if you catch my drift >_>. I take it back, going to class, learning all I can about one freaking thing sounds pretty darn good right about now lol. I would just like one sure thing, something I can look forward to, something I had to focus on all the time, or some of the time. I had that with the campaign, but then life hit me and took my eyes off that and now it’s just being neglected……… Okay, screw it, all right? Screw it lol. I need to work towards something, cause as helpful as impulse has been, there is no way around hard work…. most of the time ;). It’s not like I’ve been avoiding it all this time, in fact, this “impulse” thing was recent. But I need to start laying down….. something lol. I can’t think of the word, but it has something to do with putting myself out there, setting some sort of root and pray to God I can pull through and deliver what I said I would. And I think I know just where to start….. maybe, the idea JUST came to me after all, guys xD.

Well, now I don’t WANT to give you updates xP. If this fails, I’m just gonna give up my love for surprising people, I just am. Most of the people I love do not like surprises anyway… which was what made it fun and satisfying……….. but mostly fun >;D (jk). But if you’re subscribed to BEPplusSCC, then you’ll be seeing something soon… ish… possibly faste–Bye-bye now 😀

WAIT! I never really elaborated on my–Oh! Never mind lol. Hopefully though, you’ll be seeing something on my ilovesmethenoodles channel 🙂

Bye-bye now.

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My wallet seems to be broken again. I only have 36 bucks (which apparently makes me richer than my sister, the one with the job…). But it won’t matter cause my mommy’s gonna buy me a camera, something I don’t need desperately… probably, but I do think it’ll point me into the right direction. But in the meantime, I think I’ll save my money for that frickin’ noodle cord I was talking about. I am SERIOUSLY lazy about it, seriously. Like, seriously. I mean, get off your noodle-eatin’ rear and go research it, yeah? I’m just an intimidated shopper that doesn’t really know what he’s doing, good news for me, right? xD But I am looking into a new camera, cause that seems more likely to happen than the cord xP It feels like an easy version of the test I’ll be studying for in the future, and that test is not actually a test, but I will be studying for it because I’m gonna come in like a BOSS when I buy my first car, duh guys. What kind of car do I want? I have no idea 😀

On a side note here, I do like and am happy that I made a vlogging/new main channel….. SarubE005 has been demoted 😦 AMV…. cartoons….. etc…… things of the past….. no, it isn’t lol Well, it’s not like I’m deleting SarubE005, cause that would just be crazy hahahahahahaha–So, what do you kids know about aliens? >_> (transformers ref.)

….. I made a draft of this to finish it later, but I have no idea what I was gonna say so… all I will say is that I think I might just start on my vlogging/main channel now, do some cartoons in the meantime, ya’know?

bye-bye now.

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Oh, goodie! I finished it before doomsday ^_^ Well, before the “doom” part happens anyway.
I’m starting to see a pattern with the pics I’m doing…. first one was white and filled with hope, the second one was a little edgy, but really cool, but this? lol I think it’s a combo actually, but at least I’m real happy with it, turned out better than expected. Which is good because Vi is quite a character in the DC universe. Let’s just hope the Black Organization doesn’t have to visit Gotham….. see what I did there? xD


Sorry, I guess I hit “Save Draft” instead of “Publish XP But here are all of them:


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