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This isn’t too difficult to figure out, actually. ‘Specially if I’ve mentioned my love for juggling before, if. But I am mentioning it now, aren’t I? So, that settles that. What I’d like to talk about today is that very thing, and of course, the whats, whys, whens, and a who! When was…. I don’t even know when I started juggling, but it’s been years, and it took months, possibly years to learn. Only because I always kept dropping my interest and picking it back up again, that’s one of the many things I love about juggling, it’s no big deal, but it sure is pretty fun when you are doing it, not to mention hypnotic at times….

Anyhoozies, it’s been a long, and intriguing journey so far, and I know now that it’s actually going to keep going. After all, I may know how to put on a show, but I can only juggling spherical objects, and only 3 at that. Not including one-handed two ball juggling techniques that I can use both hands simultaneously, thus creating a four-ball juggle. I can do the basics; the cascade, a 3-ball two-hand. Two-ball one-handed columns, and 3-ball. Something I call ‘The Reverse Eclipse,’ which is the first technique I taught myself. I’m sure it has an official name, but I’m sticking with this one. Plus, it sounds cool. Last 3-ball technique I learned was the reverse cascade, and you know what? It IS just as easy as the regular ole cascade, you just can’t let yourself get psyched out and push on through!

On that note, there are a few psyche-outs in learning juggling. Reverse motions, using your left hand, and even learning juggling itself. Those are just a few of the miss-perceptions I’ve come across, but I’ll spare you the rest. But I gotta say, you gotta love these psyche-outs, right? They exist in practically everything you learn, and when you overcome them, or even dodge them before they get you? What a rush, on both counts.

Juggling is so simple, yet very satisfying. For me, and this might sound weird (like you aren’t used to that), but sometimes it feels like I’m orchestrating a movement, especially when I’m extending my arms for further-reach juggling, goin’ a bit wild with catching, you know? And I mean, when you’re juggling, you can almost feel a heartbeat in each flying object. You feel terrible if you drop one, but it feels amazing when you’re tossing them up, like it doesn’t matter what happens, cause you aren’t going to let anything touch the floor anyhow. It’s calming.

Of course, there’s also a competitive side to it, and that’s always a lot of fun. How long you can go, how many balls you can juggling, jumping from technique to technique! The concentration! And let me tell ya, my peripheral vision couldn’t be any better. I find myself catching things that are about to fall, or are in mid-air, which would make anyone feel badass. And you gotta love the accomplishment after you caught every single ball, cause I don’t know about any of you, but I for one can still drop the very last ball if–In fact, a lot of the time, I will think “All right, time to stop,” and in that brief moment, I lose concentration and drop one. Speaking of which, I recommend taking up juggling, even if all you got is golf balls. But I warn you, golf balls are not something I would recommend to beginners, much less amateurs. They’ll shoot at your eye, any breakable object, they roll away if you drop them, and if you live in an apartment level higher than the first floor, or if anyone sleeps downstairs, don’t practice at night. Hackey-sacks are what I recommend. Tennis balls are ideal, but you’re still chasing after them, am I right?

I actually picked this back up again about a month ago, and it pains me to think that I’ve crossed a new goal for this venture. Because in a way, it’s a new threshold, a threshold of awesome, and that’s something you purely feel, and desire. I got plenty of new techniques I have to learn, but my new prime goal is to be able to juggle blindfolded!!! That will be no easy feat, AND I’m gonna have to start small, almost like starting over…. But that doesn’t bother me, quite the opposite. I take pleasure in learning new things, and experiencing the ups and downs that follow. Learning how to juggling blindfolded? It’s like beating a video game 3 times in each given setting, and finding out there’s an ‘Insane’ difficulty.

The problem with this kind of desire though is that sometimes I wish I’d slow down, but what can you do? I’m a highly curious and passionate guy, I’m pretty much doomed. At least the perks are great. Anyhoozies, I generally suck when I’m crossing a threshold, but once I’ve stumbled upon it, it’s like…. I don’t care about anything else regarding the subject until I’ve gotten through everything until I reach that new threshold, and shine in it as well. Or, at least until I’m satisfied enough to call it quits for the day. Stumbling upon something that peaks my interest is like fire, it really does consume me if it’s particularly mind-drawing. My body feels like an electric pulse is shooting through me…. I get all worked up!! But fortunately for me, that’s a good thing…. most of the time. Hehehe…

Oh, yeah!!! I’ve taken on a student… well, if you call your sister a student. I don’t know about you, but I can never get a sibling, an older one no less, to take you seriously as a teacher. But it’s going good for the 2 lessons she’s had. Although, learning how to juggle is really just all practice, once you’ve learned the basics, it’s just a matter of time until those spheres are flying through the air. Of course, I love teachering (teaching), but I hate to see it end. It’s worth it, I suppose… Oh, well.

I guess that’s all I got for now, eh? Just thought I’d share something going on right now, ish. I really do recommend it. It takes a while, but go through the necessary steps, there’s no rush, or so I should think. Now, good day….. I said good day!!

Bye-bye now.


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Late last night….

Books and I have always had a love/hat relationship. Well, not hate, of course. I just get terribly unfocused when it comes to reading books, so you know, I generally forget about reading for fun, unless it’s manga. I don’t know. But I know that one day, when I’m older, married or not, I’ll have a room full of them, cause I love books too much, so I will not give up! I WILL be able to walk the walk. On a related note, ideally, this room will only be entered through a secret passage ;D

But upon yesterday’s moon, an idea arose–I think I get ‘old age’ in the mind-set of books. The invention of books has been around for a very, very… …very long time. But this idea I have is far more modern, I assure you.

I was just sitting at my computer, watchin’ some ‘itswaypastmybedtime,’ her books suggestion videos specifically, and she not only said that she got people who don’t like to read, to read, but also has roughly three HUNDRED books, due to her book-buying addiction. And with my personal library dream, it gave me the idea for a program that keeps track of all your books AND of who borrows them.

Of course, only people with large book collections can fully enjoy this program, but just imagine the possibilities! As far as lending out books, I was thinking that it could go from 1-week loaners, to 12, which is 3 months. 4 weeks, 7 weeks, 5 weeks, 10 weeks, you get the idea. Then it can jump to a 6-month loan, and then a full year. And, of course, a 10-year loan. Nobody will ever use it, much less keep to it, but I wouldn’t be able to resist inputting such a feature. It would require special accommodations, in case somebody ACTUALLY wanted to use it. This program would be great if it weren’t for the very thing that enables us to use it now; technology.

Technology will keep growing. You would have to produce a device that was specifically designed for it, or something. Or a very attentive programmer, very attentive indeed. Kind of a downer though, how technology is evolving so rapidly. You gotta stay on top of it, or else it’ll bury you alive. I feel bad for people in that industry lol. Still, it’s a very youthful industry that will only get bigger and bigger.

But you know, design is also something that always has many possibilities. I was thinking of a high-tech theme, as a way to give it a powerful, endless-database, and cool skin. I’ve always been a fan of ultra-advance technology in entertainment, cartoons especially. But on second thought, maybe I should go with a more ‘ancient’ look, hm? Then again, that’s a little too overly used, isn’t it? Despite the originality of the situation here. Kind of a… gamer geek flavor, but a book-lover’s paradise body, huh? Maybe. I guess I could find a way to make it my own, some way. Ahem, excuse me. Make it ‘ours,’ right? Because, most likely, I would have to enlist the help of a pretty good programmer. Hopefully, this programmer is a girl, cause I just find it odd when computer dudes call something ‘their baby’ lol. MY baby, yes. But not ours. Never.

If there is a program like this out there, I should look into it. But if there isn’t, I don’t care if you steal it, I would just like to lead the ball. No credit needed, I just love this idea, and I would just….. Oh, man. lol I’m gonna work on this, cause I feel like this might actually be something. AND because of the off chance someone wants to make it real sooner than I think. At the very least, if I can’t sell it, maybe I could give it to someone who would love this program. And by ‘someone,’ I mean many people, book-lovers all over. I could start a society!!!! Well, maybe not. Or, maybe so? I’m sure something as cool as the name “The Ink Society” has already been taken, but if I ever get around to creating my story entitled “Jack Theodore & The Ink Society,” I will HAVE to name it that.

This idea will have to go in the time capsule. That’s just an expression though, I’m just gonna finish it and put it away until I feel I can bring it to life, if I ever do. I hope I do though. I am like a fountain of ideas right now, I’m not even gonna lie. Such excitement. Anyways, remember! Contact me if you want to give this a go, though I’m not expecting it XD. The only thing important to me about all this is at LEAST bringing it to life in my head. Bringing it out in a standby phase is good enough for me. But for now, I must sleep!


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So. Loneliness. We all get that way, but it’s far more intere–I mean, identifying if you are specific, so I’ma start out with why I am lonely….. it really has nothing to do with being lonely, actually lol. But you know, I got something here I’d like to talk about, and that would be entertainment. I think entertainment of any kind is evil, know why? Other than the obvious self-destructing quality of mankind that will eventually grow and grow until WWIII begins and destroys us all!!!!!!…… Cause you know, it all starts with entertainment, what we are most influenced by on a regular basis. But again, not what I was going to talk about.

I’m just mad at entertainment because I get lost in what I’m entertaining myself with. Now, that could be my fault, but isn’t entertainment designed to take up time? That’s a twistin’ of words, but who cares? This is a blog, a journal on the internet, I’ll twist things however I like. But seriously, it’s like a trance, man! I’ve been¬† noticing this especially in comic books, manga to be more specific. And I know it’s a trance cause trances are like drugs, the whole world melts completely away. At the very least, if you want to do something else, you gotta snap your brain back into reality to be fully functional.

Maybe this is just normal, but I see this in pretty much everything I gain an interest in, and that’s a long list. I guess I’m just the passionate type, huh? Well, that’s fun. I do tend to go to extremes in everything I like to do when I want to. Sometimes when I don’t lol. So, if there are any of you out there who feel this way…. the only thing I can suggest is that your passion is a great energy, meaning big. Learn to control it before it eats you whole. It’s like a great taxidermist once said, “The mind is a terrible thing” ūüôā

Bye-bye now.

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The title really has nothing to do with what we’re talking about at all. lol.

Hi, people! What’re we talking about today? Not witches, not people named “Sam,” and¬†not lunch options. I wanna talk about code, more specifically, I wanna talk about the code of man. Not “Guy Code,” but–well, I believe that everyone should live by a code, espcially men, ’cause women generally don’t need one, they just know things. I was reading a manga just the other day, and one of the characters said that it was actually rare to find someone who can live by their code faithfully. And I was like, “whaaaat?!” This doesn’t surprise me, but I was still hoping it was wrong.

But then I thought about the internet, and how there’s that age old excuse “Get over it, it’s the internet.” I wasn’t aware you could treat anyone with any less respect than inside the internet, or rather, you would want to, or if it made a difference if you were on the internet. I mean, really? No respect these days, no respect. You can blame life, you can blame the parents, you can blame the peanut butter stains themselves, but I guess there’s not much you can do about i–Wait! I just had a revelation!

Maybe, if you’re one of thooossse people, then you can just stop ūüėÄ Make the effort to not be a laz–just don’t spend too much on the internet lol. Have some self-respect, man! I¬†mean, do you HAVE to act like an a-hole? Is¬†it THAT hard to be nice? And what’s wrong with being nice anyways?¬†I mean, I don’t understand what possible reason people have for acting like the dirt they walk on, but as for doing the right thing, and just plain treating people like human beings….. need there be a reason?

Well, it’s gonna be a short one this time. Hopefully, I can start writing again, because I definitely want to. Maybe even do some story junk, yeah? So, I–ohh! Before I forget, Platoon of Power Squadron. Jake? Creator of PoPS, if you’re reading this, BOO YA! XP. Kind freaked out about Jonas’ badassery, so I’m gonna have to go with “part 2” as my fave, but it was great! And on a related note, I don’t care what you say, man, I like ep 1 lol. Despite the difference in ‘feel.’ As in, the tone of the show was definitely different in the first episode, for sure. Some in the second episode, but the tone was definitely established by the 3rd ep. That’s just my opinion, of course. Keep up the great work, PoPS production! And, Jake? I’ll see you in a week. (Update)

Bye-bye now.

p.s. Yeah, that’s right! Don’t lie to Sebastian, wee-otch! ;P

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Did I ever explain what the secret poject was about? Maybe, but let’s have a refresh. What do you say, hmmmmmmmm?

So, I spent last night, Sunday night actually, looking for ¬†how-to’s on anything relating to trading card games, or tcg’s. About them, making them, all that jazz. I thought about doing this nearly a decade ago (WOW!)–Well, not THAT long ago…. kinda. It was in early puberty, maybe earlier. But I was in way over my head at the time, and even then–whoa :o. All the same reasons I was doing it then are pretty much the same now, only more so. Ya see, back then, all I wanted to do was make a card game where I could just plain make cool cards and play it with… well, I didn’t have a whole lot of friends, possibly none at the time lol… But uhh, I also, as a Christian, didn’t feel that playing a game like Yu-Gi-Oh! was considered “okay.”

Not bashing the game really, nor the show for that matter. The fact that they were good forms of entertainment, drawing, captivating, and all around enjoyable are the reasons why a kid likes a show, why people like shows. And for a kid like me, that’s just something that’s so magnetic to your psyche, it’s freaky awesome xP. But to put it plain and simple, I didn’t like that there were monsters, I didn’t like that there were demons, all that satonic crap. And it’s not even about believing it, it’s about indulging it. Though, at the same time, I’m also kind of annoyed at the fact that the fantasy genre has taken over the TCG market. Yu-Gi-Oh!, Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon, Bakugan, redak–something or other lol. It makes plenty of sense, and that’s cool for them. Even back then though, I genuinely wanted was to make a card game that someone didn’t have to feel weird about liking in any way.

In an interview I had with myself in my head, where the TCG I produced with a friend became ultra popular, I talked about how people, parents essentially, want to feel good about giving their kids suitable content to interact with, but that sounds really lame to be completely honest with you all lol. Kind of sounds like they’re baby-proofing everything you want to mess with xD. I just want to provide the option. I’m not talking about some revolutionary idea, but a simple card game. Not a “simple” card game, simple enough. We ARE talking about a strategy game here. Of course, I’m only talking about producing this card game for myself, friends and family. Not to sell on the market. Duh, guys. But hey, what’s wrong with that? One can argue “Well, what’re wrong with it, huh?” At which point, I would respond with “It’s not really about what’s wrong with it, but is it really necessary?” You don’t really think about those sort of things. I know we’re talking about a game, and the last thing I want to do is make some sort of case about this, but you see so much ridiculously over-the-top violence in video games, sexually exciting characters, and disturbing creatures in entertainment. Isn’t there a way to combine “edge” with something a little less….. well, THAT? lol. Like I said, don’t want to make a big thing out of this, all I’m saying is it seems like to ME that people feel the need to add all this type of content when there really is no reason to. Simple as that.

Got off track here, and I forgot about one key piece of information here. I’m probably not going to make it until… who knows how long. And one of THE BIGGEST reasons why I want to do this is because I love playing Yu-Gi-Oh! the trading card game lol. It’s really fun, and it’s good times with my brother. And strategy games are always MY domain >;D. So, basically, I’m gonna recreate Yu-Gi-Oh! Not to make money off of, cause that would be called Grand Theft Card-oh, and is frowned upon in some societies. Like I said, only for family (mainly just my brother and sister cause my mom would be lost in that game xD), and any friend who’s bored and willing. That’s what he said.

Speaking of which, if you say “That’s what HE said,” does it make it a homo joke? I wouldn’t think so, but I guess, if you think about it THAT way. I mean, if someone says “Another thing girls say is that guys don’t spend enough time with them. But when you think about it, it goes BOTH ways,” I would assume heterosexual, not homosexual. But see what I did there? xD Equality! (higaholic).

I’m STILL stuck on what I should replace the monsters in YGO with. Hmmm. Originally, I was thinking a bestial theme. That’s not only primal, but educational, and we all know children LOVE educational entertainment. Duh, guys. Right?…. guys? Duh. Duh, guys. It’s all about¬†subtlety¬† Of course, it seems as though giving it a sci-fi coating may just do the trick. Soooooo, mechanical ¬†beasts of some sort? The important thing here is to think “teenager-adult” when I am creating this. Cause even though I’m only putting YGO through reincarnation, and I’m not making it for the world, if it has a child feel to it, I’m gonna wanna puke myself lol. I want it to have EDGE. And I do have a standard I must meet, cause this is a game I’M gonna not only have to like, but like enough to create more and more of.

Last thing I want here is pressure though. Pressure to play a game? How sick is that?! Parents who put pressure on their kids to play sports or smother their creative minds, I only have this to say: “SSSSSssssssTOP IT!” ¬†This is about fun, and ohhhhh, am I gonna have fun >;P. I actually already got some tips on making physical prototypes, but I think this is gonna run in a similar pace to Brothers. I’m gonna work on it, then stop, then work, then stop, you know? As much as I love a little pressure-motivation, I like that these are projects that I can just walk away from and know I’m come back to, that’s a good feeling for me. I’m always kind of worried that I’m gonna just forget about something I’m working on, (with good reason too) mostly with stories and junk, but same can go for projects like these. Brothers is a big project, and (let’s call it…, uhhh) Mechanical Prime is a minor project, so I think it’s okay now…… Kinda like that name. “Mechanical Prime.” Hm….. Nah, it reminds me a bit too much of Transformers ;P. Just kidding, it’ll be an option…. maybe.

I’ll talk more about this in another post, this one is too long lol. But this project is of great excitement for me, much like Brothers. Different, but in the same league…. surprisingly xD. Not sure what that means lol.

Bye-bye now.

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I’m avoiding it RIGHT NOW. As we speak, avoidingness is going down. What am I avoiding you ask? You weren’t asking, but you are reading so MREH! X). I am clearly capable of making vlogs right now, with the exception of questionable static-y audio, and yet, I am not doing it. Now, why is that? Ah, I’m gonna cut crap lol. I’m not falling into this hole, no¬†sirree! I’m just gonna make a friggin’ video. I think I’ll do a tag, I said I would do one actually, a week or so ago….. Yeah, I’m gonna do that.

Secret Place Tag, here I come!!!!!!!!

Bye-bye now.

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So, I was talking to a friend the other night, and I met her on the internet a year ago. We were talking and stuff, never met her in person before, and I started to think how it would all go down, meeting her. Would I surprise her, or would it be pre-planned? Being the way that I am, liking surprises and all, that opened up a much…. wider branch of fun ways to approach the question xD. The first thing that pops into my head is to wait for a anime convention she’s going to, dress up like Kaito Kid (w/ the mask) and either pop up somewhere, or make some sort of grand entrance…. MUAH HAHAHAHA!!! XD.

Of course, if it was a surprise, I’d have to have her address. Couldn’t I just ask for it? Maybe. But I would then lose the element I am using, wouldn’t I? Yes. Yes, I would. The element of surprise is what makes all this so fun! I can’t afford to lose it. Nope. So, that means I must track her down, like a BOSS! ;p. But I’m OBVIOUSLY not going to reveal my master plan that I haven’t thought of yet, she reads this blog, dummies. Obvo.

Maybe I should track her down through friends, like Skylar (An alias I have given him, duh guys). I could probably triangulate a geographic profile, based on the information I have collected over the past year, the pieces of info I can remember anyhow. Man, that’s gonna be SO much fun. It’ll be like cat and mouse xP.

She knows where I live though, cause she’s a big ole dummy. Why am I offended? I am not, especially when I track her down.¬†No. I won’t track her down, that’s what she did to me. I shall track her down, like a BOSS! ;D. She probably used the internet or whatever. BORING!!!! No imagination whatsoever. If I was offended, it’d be because of the lack of effort and fun. F!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s your grade, Mal! Again, an alias I force upon friends and acquaintances o:) And I annoyed her in process too….. like a BOSS! XD.

But man, if it was pre-planned, that would suck all the fun out of it xD. Like a friggin…. vacuum cleaner. I’d honestly just like to pop up somewhere she’d least expect it. Yup. Maybe work, maybe home. But I might get attacked if I popped up in her room lol. Well, maybe not. I learned the art of calm in chaotic situation from my sister. If you stay at ease, it’ll annoy the heck out of people, but it will take out the option of violence ;). But that does propose an interesting set up. What if I popper up in her room AS Kaito Kid? lol. That’d be FUNNY! xD. That would take some planning…. and EFFORT! >_>. Cause you can’t just dress up as Kid…. no. You gotta bring your A game, so that no insulting goes on towards the character you are cosplaying. A lot of cosplays, you don’t really have to try, but someone as awesome as Kaito Kid? Yes, you must bring honor–HAHA! Honor! Cause there is no honor among thieves ;P. There is, interestingly enough. I mean, Kaito Kid, LupinIII I think, Sly Cooper. Heck, Sly Cooper 3 was named: Honor Among Thieves. And I bet that… anime girl… who’s nameeee….. escapes me, Kaito Jeanne? Some magic girl anime I think, I can’t quite remember, but I bet she has some honor. And it is arguable if the brothers have honor. You know–HEY! I forget! XP

I came up with a name for Brothers…. no I haven’t lol. I’m thinking it should just be called “Brothers.” I mean, really. I mean, really. *clears throat*. Or maybe “Moonlight: Brothers under the Stars.” Eh? Eh?…… Ehhhhhh?! xD. I mostly refer to it as Brothers though. Meh! I’m done with this post.

Bye-bye now.

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