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All right, technically, this blog ain’t new. I just really wanted to say “New new” xD. Scott Pilgrim reference x).

So, yeah! I made new blog! 😛 It’s on the Moonlight story I may have talked about, the one about two gentlemen thieves. Basically, it’s a sign of good faith, that I DO intend to make the story into a show one day. I may not post in it for 4 friggin’ years….. but this is not something I will forget, I will still be pining, and I will still keep it alive, or at least put it into a.. like, uhh, a cryogenic chamber or whatever they’re called where you freeze someone xP. Unless I actually delete the blog and make an announcement that it’s not something I want to do anymore, than don’t go assuming that it ain’t one of my priorities.  Get up on my level.

Of course, that blog has its own special categories for stuffs, though there is a distinct similarity between this blog’s “Fun and Random” and the Brothers blog’s “Random junk.” New development, On the show, Opinions & such, and of course, personal thoughts. All categories of the new blog. Though I am tempted to make a YouTube channel and make updates every Sunday like Jake does over at PoPS xD. Maybe after the first episode. *nodding assuredly*

I have made 4 posts I think, so far. And there was something I wanted to say, but I cannot remember now. So, I’m just gonna go work on Brothers, have a feeling I’m gonna be saying that a lot lol. But I’ll leave a link right below:


Bye-bye now.


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This appropriately belongs in the Thunder category because I have decided what I’m gonna do about Moonlight, the story I have in my back pocket. So, do I write it as a novel, or have a go with trying to produce a friggin’ show that I would most likely upload to YouTube? Obviously, I think the show would actually be harder, then again, I think writing a novel may be longer… surprisingly lol. Right from the start though, when I picked this back up, I had every intention to make it into a show one day, but it was originally going to be a novel, and I’ve been wanting to get back into it, the whole writing thing. The more though I think about it, the more I want to make it into a show, but not just one thing, but a  lot of things are pulling me towards the novel road.

I mean, you got the fact that it would be less complicated, more time with my thoughts and really give it a lot of attention personally. And it would also be good to have a novel version before making producing a show, for reference, for certainty, and you can bet your last noodle that I will not change one dang thing, like a lot of people do lol. It’s just so tempting, speaking as a creator xD. But on the other hand, the show would be much more collaborative and social, which is not only something that I fancy at the moment, but working on a novel could be a little more…. closed off, just a little.

I want to write the novel because time is a precious thing, and to have it is morphenomenal. Mainly, I want to go through the ups and downs, twists and turns, I want to get through the forest of ink and know that I had a full journey, 100% complete! And I think that if I should choose the show, then I skipping out on that experience….. boy, this is a toughie xP. But I think I’m gonna go with the show *DRAMATIC MUSIC!!!!!*

Preparation is a uhh, interest of mine, and while I’m kinda uneasy at the moment, that’s not what affected my decision. I think I MAY be choosing this over the other merely because I think it would be more fun….. that’s definitely one of the bigger reasons at least. I kinda just want to jump in, ya’know? I think I have a new confidence that I just recently picked up, like very recently. I mean, there’s kinda that “In hindsight” where you kinda felt it coming, but now it’s like…. music is playing, showing you that it’s fluent now. Well, maybe not fluent lol. I DID just get it after all. It’s kinda like when someone from Digimon digivolves for the first time, and they have this new awesome power, but they don’t yet know how to control it. That’s usually not the case actually lol. I do remember… Koji? I remember his brother, Koichi, but the kid who’s spirit is Lobomon, when he gets his beast form, he has so much power, he can’t exactly control it, which I think is brilliant. Having great power and just knowing how to use it right away is awesome, must feel amazing, but it’s more realistic if they don’t have complete and utter control upon using it for the first time.

But realizing this confidence has shown me a new light, a light I can use to view my options more clearly. Making it is gonna take a long time, and if I know my PoPS, and I do, it could take 6 to 7 months. Factoring in my lack of experience, maybe even a year, over a year. If it takes 2 years with little to show, I’m writing a friggin’ novel rofl But I think I know enough people to at least get it all started. And it’s not like this is the end for Saru the novelist, it was just one decision that came with a question, and no doubt that question will arise again. I gotta with my gut on this one though, I have a good feeling about it. I wish I were doing the novel, but I think it’s better this way, and maybe I’ll start work on the novel version, in the event I need a new perspective xP.

….. Damn this is gonna be a long process LOL. God, forgive me for my language….. I’m kinda…….. the adrenaline is still kinda pumping, so. I just pray that I can have something to show for all the hard work I’m gonna do before winter hits XD!!!

p.s. I’m gonna need my Chris (flashback: Sup’ Jake! 😀 *gets shot*), so, Eliza? You’ll be getting an e-mail from me when that time comes…. which should be in like, a couple of years xD. (I’ll explain tonight)

Bye-bye now.

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That’s what video games can do, let me tell ya my friends. They’re all just a bunch of time suckers, and if you aren’t carefu–I missed Case Closed DX. I was too caught up with my Pokemon Diamond to notice that Case Closed would be coming on :'(. Oh, how it has been so long since I’ve seen it, and now I have to stay up to catch the rerun. Technically, they’re all reruns, but you get my point. But yeah, I’m gonna be spending a good portion of my time at the public pool (allkidsoutofthepool.com). I mean, check this schedule, man:


’nuff said. But I got more important matters to deal with than just leveling up my pokemon and reliving some Awesome Cake, I got some writing to do. More specifically, I got some writing down I got to do. And that always reminds me of NCIS, when McGee’s sister thinks she committed murder (long story) and when McGee starts laying down the situation, she’s says “So, this is what you do? :P” and he nods with pride, and then she says “Stating the obvious?” lol. But you know, while that was funny (and burn ;P), you still need to go over what you know, cause it helps. I recently took up a protegee and I’m taking her under my wing….. Kidding, duh guys! I’m talking about fellow writer–actually, she’s more of a writer than I am lol. But Eliza can’t do disco like I can xD. We’re double teaming this story I got here, and once I know things are going well, I’m gonna drop a bomb on her….. mauh hahahaha!!! xD Jaykay, el-oh-el. Emmo, moving on.

But, while we’re on the subject, I didn’t really consider looking into “the villain,” originally because I always pictured the bad guy with no face. Moonlight is a story that was heavily bas–well, maybe not heavily lol. But a great portion of it all was based on the DC/MK universe, i.e. Detective Conan & Magic Kaito. And the grand villains of both those stories is The Mysterious men in black….. otherwise known as The Black Organization, a dark syndicate, not a government agency that monitors aliens and such. I want to keep true to the universe of MK (I’m gonna say MK, instead of DC because it sounds I’m like I’m talking about Batman…. cause he’s Batman), BUT I, of course, want to the story to stray away and walk its own path…. duh.

And, like always, I step away from the laptop for some out-of-nowhere reason, but THIS TIME I got some thinking in, and some writing down in, so….. ha. But now I think I’m a little more confused than when I first started this post lol. I think there’s a different mind-set when you’re a novelist and when you’re a producer of a tv show, ya’know? For me, I can finish a book in two days, and that’s if I’m busy. But usually, a tv show is 13-25 episodes, and with only two days? Ain’t nobody got time for that! When I think book, I either think one good story, or a series of books. And when I think a series of books, I think the Prey series, I think A Series of Unfortunate Events, and you know why? Cause it’s like Smallville, there’s a villain a week, or in this case, book. Well, I’m not absolutely sure about the Prey series, but you get the idea.

Let’s just assume that if I independently produce Moonlight like any other show. So, that means 20 or so minutes, right? Presumably. And let’s just say 13 episodes, yeah? Well, I guess you can think of 1 season as 1 book, but then again, a reader, to me anyway, is much different from being a viewer, no matter how many commonalities there are. So, I guess I’m mostly right about the different mind-sets. And writing a book is probably easier than producing a show….. maybe I’m just saying that cause I’ve followed the PoPS production for a long time, but I’m not saying writing a book is any picnic either, they’re just too different in preparation and execution to compare. But that still leaves me in a funk, doesn’t it? But really, I’m having trouble cause Miss Eliza over here, gave me a villain to work with and I already have one. So, really, it’s all HER fault, not mine. Even if I make him just a means to get the bigger villain, it gets me thinking about Smallville. In other words, should I play it like Lemony Snicket and….. ehhh, puh >_<. And you know, “parts” are pretty hot right now, sadly Twilight’s the best example I can come up with at the moment lol. It’s an example though nonetheless, and maybe I can make a movie series…. or I could break the show into a bunch of parts… or whatever. More than just a line of episodes, but less than a season…. A show in book form? lol. Like, a series of books I mean. What’s the word…. a consecutive amount of episodes that make up a chap–I think I’m describing a tv show right now in detail lol. Ay!!

I still need to figure out how I’m gonna play this, at least to some degree. Originally, I wanted to just make one stupid trailer, but that wasn’t the mistake though. The real mistake here was thinking I could use an old idea and not go crazy with creative energy bursting at my seam… duh, Saru. Sooooooo, should I just stick with that? The trailer I mean, you know?….. Nah, I can’t do that anymore, I’m past the point of no return, I cannot go back xD. Only problem with that is it blurs the line between producer and novelist. Do I think of it like a show and write the screenplay, OR do I go back to my first love and write the dang novel? And am I still gonna do the trailer? I think whichever route I take, once I’m finished, I’ll make the trailer. So, that leaves me with the original question…. I think I really do need to make this deci–maybe not……… Maybe all you need is love lol. Jaykay, but maybe all I need is to get my head into my original thinking and sever what it was, form what it may be becoming and go from there. And for me to do that, I need to find that original document, don’t I? You know the one, where it has the very first plot I had for this idea, back when it was called Brothers Under the Moonlit Sky? Yeah.

Well, my head’s all squirrelly right now, and I need to get to bed. Fresh start tomorrow! 😛

Bye-bye now.

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No good, dog….. noooo good >_> (I just wanted to say that xP)

Where should I start? I actually got some updates for ya this time, but let’s save the best for last :P. Updating the Thunder category… hmm. As far as writing goes, I have absolutely no idea where I am with it. Not only that, the question to go with a screenwriting format and a novel format is throwing me off big-time. What is a guy to do? Even though girls have it worse, at least they’re smarter lol. I actually heard that girls can multitask better than guys…. is that true? Cause that  would suck XD. I love multitasking, not that I can really do it well xP. I just wish I had one clear heading, just one, so I can throw away all the others >;|. Well, so I’ve heard anyway, the key to writing is writing, writing, and more writing, to just get in there.f I guess creatively, I really have no idea what I want to do, which makes sense, seeing how I’m only 18. I always say that I have a lot of patience, but the truth is I’ve always just been comfortable with whatever I had. I was content with whatever I got cause usually I’d be all up in it, like it was the best thing in the world. I never really thought about what it would be like to really go after something with full force–Well, I DID, but that was all just in the spirit of dreaming. I just hope I can get some writing done.

So, on terms of BEP–WELL! There are quite a few layers there, isn’t that right?! Vlogging still remains as a “locked” option, animation still remains as an “evil” option, and, like I said in the last post, AMV’s are ceasing to be a “viable” option. I swear, when it comes to finding a course of action that revolves around being creative, I just want to jump out of my own skin and run off into a desert to feed the vultures, if you catch my drift >_>. I take it back, going to class, learning all I can about one freaking thing sounds pretty darn good right about now lol. I would just like one sure thing, something I can look forward to, something I had to focus on all the time, or some of the time. I had that with the campaign, but then life hit me and took my eyes off that and now it’s just being neglected……… Okay, screw it, all right? Screw it lol. I need to work towards something, cause as helpful as impulse has been, there is no way around hard work…. most of the time ;). It’s not like I’ve been avoiding it all this time, in fact, this “impulse” thing was recent. But I need to start laying down….. something lol. I can’t think of the word, but it has something to do with putting myself out there, setting some sort of root and pray to God I can pull through and deliver what I said I would. And I think I know just where to start….. maybe, the idea JUST came to me after all, guys xD.

Well, now I don’t WANT to give you updates xP. If this fails, I’m just gonna give up my love for surprising people, I just am. Most of the people I love do not like surprises anyway… which was what made it fun and satisfying……….. but mostly fun >;D (jk). But if you’re subscribed to BEPplusSCC, then you’ll be seeing something soon… ish… possibly faste–Bye-bye now 😀

WAIT! I never really elaborated on my–Oh! Never mind lol. Hopefully though, you’ll be seeing something on my ilovesmethenoodles channel 🙂

Bye-bye now.

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That’s always good times ^_^. Not to mention this is an old, old fear…. never really considered it a fear, just a child irrationality that, apparently, never went away lol. The title though is implying that I’ve brought this subject before, but I’m gonna dip into it again, mostly because I’m seeing some irony here xD. The irony being here is that I’ve always loved the ocean, always loved water, I even chose it to be my element upon playing, what my friend and I intellectually decided to call it, “The Gem Game.” Yeah, the game was based around imagination and, of course, the plot…. which is escaping my mind right now. I think it was a simple matter of eventually getting to the last boss and defeating evil forever… but I don’t think we ever finished, we’d get bored every now and again and just start over.

I think I simply just picked water cause water was attached to blue, which was my favorite color in my youth. I just made sense out of it later on… AND water pokemon kicked butt xD. I WAS very into it back then after all (SQUIRTLE FTW.) But, like Pokemon, all the things that scared me about the water started in the video game world. In fact, until just now, which is probably me just over-speculating, I only considered it a fear in a virtual sense. AND I started swimming at a very young age…. so there xP.

The actual fear here is that I can’t be in large bodies of water IN video games, which if I had to pick an origin, for the most part, Banjo Kazooie. It had that beach level with the shark…. freaked the heck out of me, my sister and my brother when we were young. It was only until just this year when my sister and I replayed it and realized we could slay the beast that the fear ended its rain. Another trigger would be that, what I think to be, useless lake outside of Peach’s castle in Super Mario 64. Speaking of which, why pick the number 64? Anyways, I was just always afraid something was gonna get me in there lol. I actually insisted that my sister play the water-oriented levels, which I think there were… 2, that I remember. I think there was ONE more thing in my childhood video games that had a level that scared me with a large body of water, but it escapes me at the moment.

I just got the hookshot in Majora’s Mask and one of the eggs! 😀 But then I got the dumb idea in bringing in a photo of one of those lady pirates to this one dude who wanted to trade that photo for his golden sea horse…. don’t ask lol. But the sea horse led me through Pinnacle Rock and into this place filled with Sea Snakes. Personally, I don’t think I have all I need to accomplish this, but I wanna explore a little. There’s not much to this place though, only fear, and apparently, another sea horse? I forget, but I’m gonna try this again…. *goes to try*………… HA!!! 8D Stupid sea snakes, not so tough when you’re being electrocuted, huh!?!? I’m putting this into the writing category cause it’s named “Thunder” JUST to gloat xP. But seriously, those things are intimidating, and very large, compared to what I thought was my tallest form o_O.

I’m not sure if I’ll ever get over my fear of large virtual bodies of water, but you know me, always chipping away at fear til it’s gone. I just hope that fear doesn’t sink into reality rofl……… I think it will actually lol. If it’s certain that there is no carnivores or electricity-generating animals in the waters or wherever I am, THEN I will go in, cause that’d be AWESOME XP.

Bye-bye now.

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Reminding yourself

You gotta do it, no matter who you are really, you just have to. Why? Cause humans are like that. And even though there are multiple things that make you who you are, we’re all one race, meaning we all have these things that make us human. I had to remind myself just recently that my audio is complete crap and that it’s fine…. for now lol. At first, I was just taking a break from the podcast for a couple of weeks cause I needed to get my head straightened out. But that turned into a month, and that turned into…. I think it’s been 2 months now, in fact. In the first month, it really was me just taking a break…. and a lot of Halo xD. But then it started turning into “Oh, now I have to get used to all this again.” & “That audio sickens every fiber of my being,” ya’know? xD.

BUTT WEIGHT! Then I took a ride on my rage horse cause I was trying to work towards better things, better equipments, which is fine, but with so many twists and turns on this ride, at this point in my life, I just could not handle it. So, I decided to ignore it for my writing…. yeah, that’s not gonna irritate the heck out of me lol. No, but seriously, it does feel good to be back into it again. I haven’t made a heck of a lot of progress, but I’m building up to it, so leave me alone xP. I think it’s just a matter of taking a deep breath, run real fast as I brace myself when I break through the glass….. I’ve always wanted to do that actually, but that’s dangerous xP. Especially when you consider the fact that glass has elastic properties, and you know what that means, right? Well, I’m not gonna tell ya! XD.

……. I’m trying to see if I have anything else to say…… Well, writing update, I am having difficulties picking between formats I should use. Should I go with a screenplay format, or should I go with the novel format? Decisions, decisions. And I know what you’re gonna say, “Well, what do YOU want to do?” If I knew that, then I wouldn’t be asking this in my blog, alright? lol. Ugh, I wanna throw my head into the wall, why? Cause (A: I kinda like that expression lol (B: I kinda like the idea of that, can you imagine someone throwing their head into the wall? XP And (C: I’m frustrated…… duh.

Bye-bye now.

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Writing kills

lol exaggeration much? I’ll leave that question to the veteran writers, assuming there are some ;P. Friggin’…. Okay, I’m just blowing steam. I actually got a little farther on character dossiers, without getting into too much detail, of course. But I’m telling ya, Celtx is pretty durn awesome, and a great asset, let me tell you my friends….. and you are all my friends ;). But hey, it’s quite the little format machine, know what I’m saying? Gives quite an inspiration boost, I’ll say that much. However, I did do that dossier work on Microsoft Word cause I forgot I could do that on Celtx lol. Word is a good friend of mine, it’s gonna be kinda hard making that transition…. :'(. I’m debating on whether or not I should download Celtx on my desktop though. I mean, I don’t need to give my desktop computer a reason to start acting as evil as my laptop does lol.

I’m actually debating on downloading a few things on that computer, “Ole Reliable.” Audacity, for animation purposes, Real Downloader, for video-making purposes, and Celtx, obviously for writing purposes, we established that xD. Just downloading makes me a little uncomfortable, with  viruses, my computer slowing down, putting it at risk. If this laptop loses its safety net, it’s not gonna be all that easy to get another one, believe you me. UNLESS yoou wanna wire me some money >;D. I think that if I get a better mic, then I will be forced to download Audacity, but that’s not for a while. But I plain don’t like the temptation that’ll come with downloading Real Downloader, I got enough of that with my laptop, so I’m leaning towards “No!” xD. As for Celtx….. still deciding. Why can’t I just use my laptop? Cause I don’t trust thing as far as I can throw it, and THAT AIN’T FAR! ;P.

Unfortunately, it’s 3am, so I gotta hit the sack. I didn’t mean for it to get so late, man. I hate having to wait to tackle something in the morning, cause as we all know, if I wait til morning…. Neeeerooom! That was like, a plane–a-a-a plane, flying over my head, you know? If you have kids and they’re teenagers, then you know the feeling. You say something and all their expression is telling you is that it’s going in one ear and going out the other, only it takes a whole night for me–Well, it certainly doesn’t FEEL like a whole night. I mean, I’m asleep lol. Still having fun though, so that’s good.

UPDATE! Let’s make this quick, I had to cut out a character cause she was too awesome and it cut into two of the other characters. I don’t enjoy using iconic characters here, it’s not good. Even though I’m not using ONE….. TWO original characters for this team, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t avoid characters of such high profile. People like, the Joker, Lara Croft, Link (LoZ), Mike Wazowski, from Monsters Inc. Granted, one of the female characters has been in 3 games, but let’s face it, her voice just got way stupid in the third sequel lol. She talked like she lived in Venice her whole life, how long does it take for something like that to happen, she’d been in there for maybe….. I don’t know, but still! And the accent was annoying either way xD. I hope it went back in the fourth one. But anyhoozies, I remembered one of the characters I was forgetting, so I switched out that character I took out with her. I think I’m gonna need some inspiration, so I’ll need someone to draw a picture of them all standing together. Good thing that they are all literally in completely different styles of drawing, don’t want it to be TOO easy >;D

Bye-bye now.

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