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New-new Ideas! (Again!)

My, my, my! Things around here changed a little bit since I’ve been gone. WordPress got a tune-up… or a face lift, I don’t know. I haven’t explored anything. But you guys look beautiful, I’ll tell you that much. So, yeah… it’s been a while, and I have some important and heartbreaking news to tell you people, and not just the fact that I like to talk like somebody reads this blog ’cause that will be our little secret. But the news I have to tell you is that… there’s somebody else.

That’s right, I got another blog that wants my attention other than you lovely people. And no, it’s not popular and has the same status as you= 000%, but that’s okay. I just thought I ought to tell you guys because I think I’ll finally put this blog behind me…. we shared a lot. You and me, kid. But it’s not like we won’t hang out, because unlike an actual relationship where you’d leave out the other guy’s name, you can, if you know this blog or if you stumble on this blog (trying really hard not to spell vlog, I realized), that you can go over to my new blog: http://thegoodgentlemansletter.wordpress.com/2014/09/21/so-yeah/

That’s a link to my last post. I will be updating it tomorrow after I get home from school, but there’s a bit of information you might find inner-resting…. why does it sound like that sometimes when people say “interesting?” Just asking. I hope you follow me there, it should be good times. More ramblings, more thought-provoking ideas, and more reasons to be the gentleman who happens to throw that out the window when he eats noodles. By the way, my mom made spaghetti the other day with garlic bread….. *trembles with joy*

Oh, yeah! I’m going to vlog again. I know you people have heard it a thousand times, but hopefully my post over on my new vlog might instill a little faith in ya X) Starting to blog again, vlog and all sorts of stuff. Hope to keep all that archived, man… whew…

Again, here’s the link: http://thegoodgentlemansletter.wordpress.com/2014/09/21/so-yeah/


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That was like, a fast car, you know? Anyways, FIRST OFF, before I get into the topic of the day, I’d just like to say that pic I posted, the one with the 3 animals, received appreciation from one of the three chosen ones. And me, I got a report of the experience AND props, so….. Yesssss 8D. Good day, good day. Unfortunately, there will only be a 2 out of 3 score here, for the third chosen one is no longer with us….. I don’t really know where he, but he’s still around! xD Still kickin’. I doubt he would remember though, the other chosen one just barely remembered, but that’s one thing that made the report that came back so good, cause it hit her like a ton of bricks xD. BUT! If he WERE to just randomly stumble across it, and take a minute to look at it, I wonder if the memory could be triggered…

Okay! What shall we be talking ’bout today? Well….. I’ll tell ya xD. It’s something that totally went over my head, though it always does, but I never had a blog those times. I only JUST got a blog…. What was it, October? Anyways, like a lot of people did I imagine, I turned Valentines day into a revenge-seeking holiday >=D. HOWEVER, it was all in good fun…. at her expense ;P. But there was this thing….. I kinda made myself sick by eating too soon and too much, and then there was the fact that I hadn’t had any sleep the night before so….. To say the least, not even sure if I had to say it, but I crashed lol.

But you know, I find that funny, the fact that Valentines day totally goes over my head, even in a blogging sense. It’s not like I have any beef with the holiday, I don’t have any bad times with it….. then again, I haven’t had any GOOD times with it, but that’s beside the point xD. A lot of people have a love/hate relationship with this day, ya’know? But a lot of them are just bitter about their romance life, whether they’re in a relationship or not. And then there are the people who are all “Oh, why do we need a holiday set aside for romance? We should be always court the woman we love and blah, blah, blah, blecch” xD. Well, I’ll tell ya why! Cause (A: humans will always take their loved ones for granted, eventually, at times. And (B: Why NOT have a day set aside for romance? What’s the difference between telling your kid that you love them and that you appreciate them being in your life, and throwing them a birthday party? Anyone? Anyone? The presents lol. Birthdays have two reasons for being, celebration of that persons life, and marking off another year you’ve been living, which is awesome if you aren’t a depressed fella xP. And I’m allowed to joke about depressed people, especially on the subject of birthdays, so there.

Point being, it’s a day that gives you a reason to go all ou–It’s like when couples have a “date night.” It’s not really so much that the romance is gone and they’re trying to rekindle the light, but sometimes you need a special day to really give it to them. Of course, with the pre-perception on Valentines day nowadays is so ridiculous it’s enough to make a guy like me throw up…. but that might just be the chocolate cake I catapulted down my throat xD. But bottom line is that you SHOULD get excited for Valentines day, in the event you are fortunate enough to have someone to share it with, someone special that you didn’t meet in a bar last night maybe? xD Even someone you met 2 weeks ago! I mean 2 people dating for like…. 4 months or whatever, ya’know?

Personally, only real reason I have for not liking the holiday is that cupid surrounds the whole thing, but that’s cause of my religious beliefs, so lol. Other than that, whether I choose to overlook it or not–maybe I should, if I ever decide on getting a girlfriend that is, make a NEW date for romance. That way, I won’t even have to consider it…. MUAH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA AHAH HAH HHHAHAHAHAH AHAAAHHAH HAH HAA…… HA! XD. Only problem is it’s gonna be hard to pick a day, ya’know? I mean, we got December holidays, then New Year, and February with its V-day, and it’s kinda hard to pick a date if it’s AFTER this da–Oh, never mind! I’ll figure it out when I actually get a girlfriend…… heeheeheehee, yeah right XP. But I can’t deny that I’m a romantic, so if when I DO get a girlfriend, I’m gonna have…. SO much fun with this holiday 8D.

Hope you made it special. Happy Valentines Day.

Bye-bye now.

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Anime fans do xD Just kidding, that’s racist logic. I guess this may be a rant on anime fans… no, this is a rant on fans of anything that can be conceived as entertainment and their flaming habits. It only starts to bother me though when it’s something that I really like, unless it’s something I “just” like, or kinda like. But if it’s something I really do like, and someone’s being a big jerk, thinking he’s a true fan with that mouth? I mean, if it’s a girl with that much anger, there’s no point going up against an unstoppable force lol I’m sorry if I sound sexist, but I’m guns blazing if it’s just a dude and I’m not in the best particularly mood, but we’re talking one of the scariest beings this planet has seen…. teen girls xD Or just angry women. But the lengths people go in hatred, and for things they actually like, is just ridiculous. Like being a complete moron proves that the show they “love” is the best show on Earth. I can understand if the person that says “This show completely reaks of crap” gets under your skin, but when it’s someone that just says “Not the best episode,” you can probably expect that person to get their head bit off. I’ve gotten pretty heated myself, but I can usually keep my cool, for the most part, so why can’t they just do that? If you have to act like a moron to prove a point, either what you like ain’t that great, or you need to check yourself, preferably soon at that. I apologize if I offended anyone, and I apologize for my apology, because compared to a lot of people, I’m made of pixie dust lol

bye-bye now.

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Stuck on Stuck

I’ve been trying to write a post about SOMETHING, and I can’t even write about being stuck, hence the title. So, since I’m in a thunder-y mood, that means angrily energetic btw, I’m gonna write a story right here and now, just off the top of my head, you’re welcome:


This is a story of a… Well, a unique character, that holds a unique perspective. You may think this because of his profession, or rather his true calling, but it is far from it, believe you me. As sure as writing this story, this character is….. a wonder.


“You know, a lot of people have there own fun ideas to make the moon something it is not.” Said Sam. A woman looked over and said to him, “I beg your pardon?” “Oh, I was just thinking aloud. But some people think of the moon as cheese, some even a cookie. I might just be saying this because I’m a Jim Carey fan but, it’s always looked like a flashlight to me. A giant flashlight in the sky.” Sam said with a smile. The woman looked at the moon, and then back at him. “Yeah, I guess it kind of does, doesn’t it?” She replied. Sam nodded in agreement as he gazed at the moon. “Have a good night.” The woman said as she walked away. Sam looked back at her and called out to her. “Hey!” He said. She looked back and waited. “If I don’t see ya… ….. Good morning, good afternoon and good night!” He said. Then he gives the most cheesiest smile as he walks away oh so casually, and whistling at that. The woman was just confused, that’s the only way to put it.
Sam keeps walkin’ on down the street, but it starts to sprinkle a bit. He stops to look up at the sky with an annoyed look on his face, but continues to walk on. The rain only continues to worsen into a decent pour, but of course, he is without umbrella, but his house is only 10 minutes from where he was, in the great city of Pearbic (peer-bick). But in this downpour, some hooded figures see his nice watch, and his suit that’s being covered by a trench-coat. Mr. Sam Jefferies found 3 lowlifes on his 6 o’clock, and not too far behind. He didn’t notice at first, but Lowlife#1 called out to him, “Wait up!” he shouted. Sam turned around, but they were already on him. As soon as he turned, he got punched out by Lowlife#3, he didn’t go down though. “Ugh!… That hurt.” Sam said with a very pout-y expression. “Give us all you got and maybe I’ll let you walk.” Lowlife#1 said. “But if I did that, you would have all my stuff.” Sam replied. “That’s the idea, man.” Lowloife#2 said. “Well, if you’re gonna have an attitude, I don’t think you deserve to get at my stuffs, so move along, it’s a little wet out here, and I’d like to warm up.” Sam said as he began to leave. “Oh, no, no, no, my brother.” Lowlife#2 said as he pulled him back in. But Sam grabbed his fingers, bent them backwards, and kicked him back on his rear-end. Out of all the expressions, Sam was more surprised than anything. “I… I am SO sorry, it’s just that you grabbed me and…. I reacted!” He explained. “…. Get him!” Lowlife#1 said. #3  comes at him hard with a right punch, Sam blocks it and grabs his right arm and left shoulder, then  knees him in the stomach and throws him back. #2 was right on him and Sam straightaway punches him in the stomach, hard. But #1 comes at him and pushes him up against the building’s wall. Sam breaks free and belly bops him back. In the slight paralyzed state of being belly bopped, Sam punches him out. “Now, I’m gonna ask you guys this once… …. …. …. Do you feel lucky?” Sam grinned. As the remaining two came at him, Sam pulled out a knife last second and grabbed #1 and sliced right under his arm and down his back. #1 screams in pain, but Sam whips his foot and smacks right into #1’s knee, and then kicking him forward, face first into the blacktop. He gestures #2 to come at him, but he already got his hand possibly broken, so he ran away. Sam looked around as he saw two guys on the ground, in pain, and he just shook his head and kept walking.

Once he finally got to his apartment, he took his coat and hung it up, then he headed for the couch. He flipped on the news and they started talking about a lot of fires going on. “Tch, idiot pyro maniacs, must be fun though.” He said to himself. He got bored, so he went to the kitchen to make himself a snack before going to bed. He got his sandwich and headed for the bedroom. He sat on his bed and took a bite out of his sandwich, but remembered that he forgot something. He set the plate holding his sandwich on the nightstand, takes one of the pillows off his bed and goes over to his closet. He takes the lock off of it and said “Good night, I thought you’d need this pillow too so, here.” Sam said as he tossed the pillow on a tied up college girl with duct tape over her mouth. She yells at him, both angrily and tear-eyed. “… Yeah, I don’t know what that means, but trust me, this could be going a lot worse for you, haha.” He chuckles. “Try to get some sleep, we got a full day tomorrow… well, mostly me, cause… you’re kinda tied up. But I got plans for you too, later in the day anyhow. Good night.” He said closing the door and locking it. He takes a big sigh and walks over to his bed again and turns out the light. “I know I kinda “abducted” her, but she could at least say thank you for the pillow… Oh, wait, she couldn’t…” Sam shrugged it off and went to bed.


There you have it, my first entry to “Thunder” (that’s the category I put stories under). I actually have another, don’t know if I posted it yet, but I’ll get on that one too… maybe xD It’s in draft form, and I already started on it, so we’ll see.

bye-bye  now.

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The Fire is so

Delightful this time of year, isn’t it?

Happy Holidays Everyone! 🙂

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