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That’s what I believe in! If you don’t got it, get it! Especially if you’ve been accused of being hypomanic, because it is scientifically proven that many under hypomanic conditions work better, in creative situations, with greater increases of momentum.

Friend: Is that really true?
Me: mmmm–I dunno.

Now, I’ve stopped momentum to write about this–HOWEVER, I strongly feel that I need to take advantage of this here tool that dares call itself “momentum.” Simply because…. I have a horrible excuse for a willpower, lol. The goal here is to fight for momentum, FIGHT FOR IT, I SAY! But not just momentum, dudes and lady-dudes… no. I plan to use this “tool” oh so very EVIL projects that I would normally crumble in… meh, two weeks? About as long as a New Year resolution, eh? XD (*mumbles* speaking of which, I should get on that… <.<)

This may just be the very vantage point I need, hehehe… But I need JUST the right project for this, which shouldn’t be too hard, cause I got more projects on hiatus than I know what to do with lol… *looks up at the mountain-sized projects*….. …. ….. ……. … ……………. …. ………. ….. ……………….. … This may be a big–bit tougher than I originally thought >.> But I do already have a project in mind, it’s a part of perfectionism syndrome, pre-predetermined choices v.v

Save Case Closed IS this project… my only dilemma is time, do I ever have enough to go around? OF COURSE NOT!!! That means I need to really prioritize and organize, not just the project I am turning my focus to, but other hovering projects so that they won’t seep into my primary work. Get the flow going all nice-like, naww I mean? But you know what? I’m up for the challenge….. probably! All right, whatever. I can feel those judging eyes, and you may have the right, but ‘I’ reserve the right to completely pwn you all when the time is right!!! ^_^ I am, however, off to a great start, don’tchu tink?



And I know what you’re thinking, that’s a gaming controller–BUT, I’m not fooling around, ‘kay? That’s Ghost Recon, man! I’m prepping for my full freaking scale attack on this here anime campaign, ya heard?! B| I only expect to work tirelessly! “Yeah, around the clock. Coal miners won’t know of my exhaustion, I don’t even think landscapers can begin to imagine–well, not to undermine their sacrifice.” ~ Roxy via Platoon of Power Squadron.

Mission…. set!
…. Saru Knight……… execute!!!



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This isn’t too difficult to figure out, actually. ‘Specially if I’ve mentioned my love for juggling before, if. But I am mentioning it now, aren’t I? So, that settles that. What I’d like to talk about today is that very thing, and of course, the whats, whys, whens, and a who! When was…. I don’t even know when I started juggling, but it’s been years, and it took months, possibly years to learn. Only because I always kept dropping my interest and picking it back up again, that’s one of the many things I love about juggling, it’s no big deal, but it sure is pretty fun when you are doing it, not to mention hypnotic at times….

Anyhoozies, it’s been a long, and intriguing journey so far, and I know now that it’s actually going to keep going. After all, I may know how to put on a show, but I can only juggling spherical objects, and only 3 at that. Not including one-handed two ball juggling techniques that I can use both hands simultaneously, thus creating a four-ball juggle. I can do the basics; the cascade, a 3-ball two-hand. Two-ball one-handed columns, and 3-ball. Something I call ‘The Reverse Eclipse,’ which is the first technique I taught myself. I’m sure it has an official name, but I’m sticking with this one. Plus, it sounds cool. Last 3-ball technique I learned was the reverse cascade, and you know what? It IS just as easy as the regular ole cascade, you just can’t let yourself get psyched out and push on through!

On that note, there are a few psyche-outs in learning juggling. Reverse motions, using your left hand, and even learning juggling itself. Those are just a few of the miss-perceptions I’ve come across, but I’ll spare you the rest. But I gotta say, you gotta love these psyche-outs, right? They exist in practically everything you learn, and when you overcome them, or even dodge them before they get you? What a rush, on both counts.

Juggling is so simple, yet very satisfying. For me, and this might sound weird (like you aren’t used to that), but sometimes it feels like I’m orchestrating a movement, especially when I’m extending my arms for further-reach juggling, goin’ a bit wild with catching, you know? And I mean, when you’re juggling, you can almost feel a heartbeat in each flying object. You feel terrible if you drop one, but it feels amazing when you’re tossing them up, like it doesn’t matter what happens, cause you aren’t going to let anything touch the floor anyhow. It’s calming.

Of course, there’s also a competitive side to it, and that’s always a lot of fun. How long you can go, how many balls you can juggling, jumping from technique to technique! The concentration! And let me tell ya, my peripheral vision couldn’t be any better. I find myself catching things that are about to fall, or are in mid-air, which would make anyone feel badass. And you gotta love the accomplishment after you caught every single ball, cause I don’t know about any of you, but I for one can still drop the very last ball if–In fact, a lot of the time, I will think “All right, time to stop,” and in that brief moment, I lose concentration and drop one. Speaking of which, I recommend taking up juggling, even if all you got is golf balls. But I warn you, golf balls are not something I would recommend to beginners, much less amateurs. They’ll shoot at your eye, any breakable object, they roll away if you drop them, and if you live in an apartment level higher than the first floor, or if anyone sleeps downstairs, don’t practice at night. Hackey-sacks are what I recommend. Tennis balls are ideal, but you’re still chasing after them, am I right?

I actually picked this back up again about a month ago, and it pains me to think that I’ve crossed a new goal for this venture. Because in a way, it’s a new threshold, a threshold of awesome, and that’s something you purely feel, and desire. I got plenty of new techniques I have to learn, but my new prime goal is to be able to juggle blindfolded!!! That will be no easy feat, AND I’m gonna have to start small, almost like starting over…. But that doesn’t bother me, quite the opposite. I take pleasure in learning new things, and experiencing the ups and downs that follow. Learning how to juggling blindfolded? It’s like beating a video game 3 times in each given setting, and finding out there’s an ‘Insane’ difficulty.

The problem with this kind of desire though is that sometimes I wish I’d slow down, but what can you do? I’m a highly curious and passionate guy, I’m pretty much doomed. At least the perks are great. Anyhoozies, I generally suck when I’m crossing a threshold, but once I’ve stumbled upon it, it’s like…. I don’t care about anything else regarding the subject until I’ve gotten through everything until I reach that new threshold, and shine in it as well. Or, at least until I’m satisfied enough to call it quits for the day. Stumbling upon something that peaks my interest is like fire, it really does consume me if it’s particularly mind-drawing. My body feels like an electric pulse is shooting through me…. I get all worked up!! But fortunately for me, that’s a good thing…. most of the time. Hehehe…

Oh, yeah!!! I’ve taken on a student… well, if you call your sister a student. I don’t know about you, but I can never get a sibling, an older one no less, to take you seriously as a teacher. But it’s going good for the 2 lessons she’s had. Although, learning how to juggle is really just all practice, once you’ve learned the basics, it’s just a matter of time until those spheres are flying through the air. Of course, I love teachering (teaching), but I hate to see it end. It’s worth it, I suppose… Oh, well.

I guess that’s all I got for now, eh? Just thought I’d share something going on right now, ish. I really do recommend it. It takes a while, but go through the necessary steps, there’s no rush, or so I should think. Now, good day….. I said good day!!

Bye-bye now.

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Did I ever explain what the secret poject was about? Maybe, but let’s have a refresh. What do you say, hmmmmmmmm?

So, I spent last night, Sunday night actually, looking for  how-to’s on anything relating to trading card games, or tcg’s. About them, making them, all that jazz. I thought about doing this nearly a decade ago (WOW!)–Well, not THAT long ago…. kinda. It was in early puberty, maybe earlier. But I was in way over my head at the time, and even then–whoa :o. All the same reasons I was doing it then are pretty much the same now, only more so. Ya see, back then, all I wanted to do was make a card game where I could just plain make cool cards and play it with… well, I didn’t have a whole lot of friends, possibly none at the time lol… But uhh, I also, as a Christian, didn’t feel that playing a game like Yu-Gi-Oh! was considered “okay.”

Not bashing the game really, nor the show for that matter. The fact that they were good forms of entertainment, drawing, captivating, and all around enjoyable are the reasons why a kid likes a show, why people like shows. And for a kid like me, that’s just something that’s so magnetic to your psyche, it’s freaky awesome xP. But to put it plain and simple, I didn’t like that there were monsters, I didn’t like that there were demons, all that satonic crap. And it’s not even about believing it, it’s about indulging it. Though, at the same time, I’m also kind of annoyed at the fact that the fantasy genre has taken over the TCG market. Yu-Gi-Oh!, Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon, Bakugan, redak–something or other lol. It makes plenty of sense, and that’s cool for them. Even back then though, I genuinely wanted was to make a card game that someone didn’t have to feel weird about liking in any way.

In an interview I had with myself in my head, where the TCG I produced with a friend became ultra popular, I talked about how people, parents essentially, want to feel good about giving their kids suitable content to interact with, but that sounds really lame to be completely honest with you all lol. Kind of sounds like they’re baby-proofing everything you want to mess with xD. I just want to provide the option. I’m not talking about some revolutionary idea, but a simple card game. Not a “simple” card game, simple enough. We ARE talking about a strategy game here. Of course, I’m only talking about producing this card game for myself, friends and family. Not to sell on the market. Duh, guys. But hey, what’s wrong with that? One can argue “Well, what’re wrong with it, huh?” At which point, I would respond with “It’s not really about what’s wrong with it, but is it really necessary?” You don’t really think about those sort of things. I know we’re talking about a game, and the last thing I want to do is make some sort of case about this, but you see so much ridiculously over-the-top violence in video games, sexually exciting characters, and disturbing creatures in entertainment. Isn’t there a way to combine “edge” with something a little less….. well, THAT? lol. Like I said, don’t want to make a big thing out of this, all I’m saying is it seems like to ME that people feel the need to add all this type of content when there really is no reason to. Simple as that.

Got off track here, and I forgot about one key piece of information here. I’m probably not going to make it until… who knows how long. And one of THE BIGGEST reasons why I want to do this is because I love playing Yu-Gi-Oh! the trading card game lol. It’s really fun, and it’s good times with my brother. And strategy games are always MY domain >;D. So, basically, I’m gonna recreate Yu-Gi-Oh! Not to make money off of, cause that would be called Grand Theft Card-oh, and is frowned upon in some societies. Like I said, only for family (mainly just my brother and sister cause my mom would be lost in that game xD), and any friend who’s bored and willing. That’s what he said.

Speaking of which, if you say “That’s what HE said,” does it make it a homo joke? I wouldn’t think so, but I guess, if you think about it THAT way. I mean, if someone says “Another thing girls say is that guys don’t spend enough time with them. But when you think about it, it goes BOTH ways,” I would assume heterosexual, not homosexual. But see what I did there? xD Equality! (higaholic).

I’m STILL stuck on what I should replace the monsters in YGO with. Hmmm. Originally, I was thinking a bestial theme. That’s not only primal, but educational, and we all know children LOVE educational entertainment. Duh, guys. Right?…. guys? Duh. Duh, guys. It’s all about subtlety  Of course, it seems as though giving it a sci-fi coating may just do the trick. Soooooo, mechanical  beasts of some sort? The important thing here is to think “teenager-adult” when I am creating this. Cause even though I’m only putting YGO through reincarnation, and I’m not making it for the world, if it has a child feel to it, I’m gonna wanna puke myself lol. I want it to have EDGE. And I do have a standard I must meet, cause this is a game I’M gonna not only have to like, but like enough to create more and more of.

Last thing I want here is pressure though. Pressure to play a game? How sick is that?! Parents who put pressure on their kids to play sports or smother their creative minds, I only have this to say: “SSSSSssssssTOP IT!”  This is about fun, and ohhhhh, am I gonna have fun >;P. I actually already got some tips on making physical prototypes, but I think this is gonna run in a similar pace to Brothers. I’m gonna work on it, then stop, then work, then stop, you know? As much as I love a little pressure-motivation, I like that these are projects that I can just walk away from and know I’m come back to, that’s a good feeling for me. I’m always kind of worried that I’m gonna just forget about something I’m working on, (with good reason too) mostly with stories and junk, but same can go for projects like these. Brothers is a big project, and (let’s call it…, uhhh) Mechanical Prime is a minor project, so I think it’s okay now…… Kinda like that name. “Mechanical Prime.” Hm….. Nah, it reminds me a bit too much of Transformers ;P. Just kidding, it’ll be an option…. maybe.

I’ll talk more about this in another post, this one is too long lol. But this project is of great excitement for me, much like Brothers. Different, but in the same league…. surprisingly xD. Not sure what that means lol.

Bye-bye now.

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Okay, I did NOT make the video I intended to make for Sunday, and it was far less enjoyable. Basically, I just made a video just to have something to upload lol It was like 40 seconds of saying I was making a random video and that they are welcome. From the past couple of days to today, I’ve been wondering what’s gonna be a more consistent content. At first, I was like “Cartoons take WAY longer to make and construct.” And while that is like, soooo true lol, I no longer have an editing software, so I might be prone to make more cartoons, cause I can edit those on….. wait a dang minute! o.O

Stupid, stupid. stupid lol. If I can send over a voice to my e-mail with Zamzar, I can sure as noodles send a video…. the podcast might be too large, but a regular vlog? Psh! I can do that. And I guess I could break up the vlog into two parts or something, but boy will that be a pain XD. I have mixed feelings about this realization, but I’ll have to deal with it nonetheless lol.

Right now though, I think I need to put SCC in the backseat. Besides buying Case Closed eps off of itunes (which I have never bought anything off of the internet…. I prefer physical stores, jeez lol But that’ll be fun), I’m gonna have to say no thanks. I said by making my channel popular, I could bring over my fans to the campaign, so that’s what I’m gonna do.

Now the question of all this is if I animate–I’m gonna do both, but I will have to make that decision every time I want to make a video, should I do a vloggy animation, or should I do some story vlog that has nothing to do with my life, but are little shorts that are purely for entertainment? And as for the live vlogs…. just plain what should I talk about? I’m gonna be WAY less motivated to do vlogs now lol. I mean, without an editing software, and the hassle it would take to transfer them over to my other computer? Dang. No, just no xD. I guess I’m just gonna have to wait and let it build up to a point where I HAVE to!!!!!!!!!!!! o.O

Bye-bye now.

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I just gave myself a due date for this new idea i have. Eliza, if you’re reading this, you should probably read the original post, so that you kinda know what I’m talking about…. duh. Which is right before this one. Anyhoozies, I just gave myself a due date: Sunday! Sunday is when my friend Eliza is coming back from her convention, her anime convention. She’s cosplaying, and really, I had no idea she had only been to two conventions in ALL this time. I thought for sure she had been to at least 3 or 4, maybe 5 lol. But the point of this post is to let you guys know that I feel the pressure’s on 😐

That is a good thing…. I think lol. First I gotta get a script, then film, then edit…. simple, right? It should actually be a lot easier than just animating and such. I was thinking about taking that format, the one I shall be using for this new video coming up, instead of the classic frame-by-frame cell animation we’re all used to…. except for Daniel Baxter. But he’s too awesome to compare, he can actually draw for one. Though I don’t want to use this idea just because it’s easier, but because I just find it fun to watch. It’s kinda like when you’re a novelist and you wanna try screenwriting. Same gig, just….. not so much lol. You’re still writing, just with a different format.

I think I’m just stalling actually. It’s just intimidating. I really hate to admit it, but I care more about–well, it’s not so much I care about what people think, but the idea of allowing others to criticize and be cruel to my work…. Okay, I think I’m back in reality. I’m not so bothered by it anymore lol. I’m more bothered by if I can achieve what I’m capable of I suppose, ya’know? Easy answer to that is “Well, there’s only one way to find out.” And that is just annoyyyyyyyyyying lol. Okay, wish me luck. I’m off!

Bye-bye now.

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…….. I just realized something. This is a real thing that just happened and just knew I had to blog about it RIGHT NOW. True, I’m basically only telling one of my BFF’s through my blog this info cause I’m pretty sure my sister never started reading my blog, making my BFF the only person to read my blog, minus two other people that probably only read it once. I’m talking to you Jarvi! And… I can’t remember who the other person is so… XD.

Anyways, the thing that happened–Well, first, I wanna say that my SaruStuff–I shouldn’t say this cause I have a really bad habit of not keeping promises when it involves the internet. I can totally see why youtubers say all the time that if it wasn’t for them that they wouldn’t be working on their channel, or they wouldn’t have worked on their channel and kept posting, etc. etc. I’ll just be vague, that seems to be my specialty. I–and this may be the no sleep talking, which reminds me, I need to get to bed after this, I am going to follow a trend that’s going around on YouTube. I think it’ll be fun, and no, not saying what it is, but one thing I have noticed about it is that this kind trend is the kind of trend that can last for years to come, and SHOULD last for years to come cause it’s just a fun and simple idea. Plus, with the crap my camera is giving me, it’s the only thing I can do, which leads me to my next subject:


Literally, the ONLY thing I can do right now creatively/publicly IS animating stories. I’m trying to make it sound more awesome by saying “animating stories,” but it’s just a lot of gut-wrenching bull. lol XD. Jaykay, I love animating….. but any animator would agree with my words x). I feel bad for the people who don’t love to animate, but have to in order to like, pay the bills, support a family, themselves, whatever the reason is cause without the love, this is merely torture…. that’s actually REALLY sad D=. But you know, my hands are tied here. I kinda just wanna give up on vlogging for the time being and do what I can, instead of becoming infuriated with what I can’t do. Yes, I could try and figure out a way to do what irks me so, but…. I think I know what I’m doing here. You don’t just pick animating over something far more easier lol……… you really don’t >_>

So, what’s this trend I’m jumping on the bandwagon for? And what can you expect from me in the future? Wellllllllll, I had an idea that I kinda gave up on, or put it on hold rather. I think I need to modify it a bit though, with the new circusmtances given, and that’s a FREAKING AWESOME thing, cause the idea I put on hold was modified when I couldn’t do what I originally wanted. I really gotta stop getting so excited before I actually see if it works rofl. I’m an optimist, but I am killing the strategist within lol. The logical mind that pretty much runs through my veins. DO NOT IGNORE YOUR VEINS! XO

But, what you can expect is…. absolutely nothing. I’d rather you say a prayer…. cause with how consistent I am, I’ll need it XD.We’re half way there!!! Whooooaaaaa-oh! Living on a prayer! Whoooaaaaa-ohh!!!!!!!! XP Take my hand and we’ll make it I swear. BT dubs, I’ll be taking your cause I am the one who obviously needs to xP. This is why I need to really throw myself into the fire, give the world a chance to chew me up and spit me back out…. and as odd as it sounds, I trust that it won’t lol. Or at least, I’ll survive X)

Bye-bye now.

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So, once upon a time, not so long ago, I was looking forward to last weekend. Why? Because I was feeling so much stress, and I had not really left the house due to my being sick, I was going to head down to my favorite spot in the city, just for the day. so roughly around…. from late morning to late afternoon. Friday was a beautiful day, and was perfect for the journey, but I had noticed my dear sister was in a bad mood. I’m always wanting to go on a bike ride, and in hindsight, that was probably my idea for transportation, but my sister’s always asking for a “walk.” So, I cut straight to the “walk” idea and say I’m going down to mah fav spot and if she wanted to come with me. She declined, unfortunately. But I kept the chat flowing, and she suggested ice cream, to go out for ice cream I mean. I agreed, and I got to play brother for the day. Not sorry my plans were diverted because of this unexpected occurrence, but I still needed to start my journey, so I waited for tomorrow. My sister said while we were out that Saturday would be sunnier and hotter anyways, so mreh! xP.

Nightfall comes and I realize that I got a haircut appointment the next day. But no matter, hopefully I shall make it back early enough to spend the day getting my head together. So, morning comes and as usual, I wake up late ;D. But I didn’t wake up TOO late, besides, the appointment was for noon or something. So, I’m good! :P. I went to get my haircut, as usual, it gets cut too short (no biggie, always happens xD), and to make a long story short, my birthday is coming up, so my mom surprised me and we whipped over to Best Buy to replace my “used” laptop for a brand “new” one! Awesome possum, or it would’ve been, if it didn’t issue a chaos permit. All and all though, everything was handled, everybody calmed down for the most part, and I would have a working laptop by tomorrow :). Something I left out though is that when I went out for ice cream the other day, my sister told me that we were going to the beach ;P.

*One day later*

Sunday! Beach day. And let me tell ya something, I love the beach, but for some reason, I’m never in the mood to go. Weird, huh? But I wanted to button off all the calm with a good attitude, cause my sister loves the beach. But before you people assume I’m being stingy, this beach has practically unswimable water…. unless you wanna catch a cold, and I just came off a sinus infection lol. But it was a pretty good trip down to the beach, I got to take some pictures with my new camera, we walked around, there was this spider-looking crab that didn’t walk side-ways. I pointed out the it might be the waves or whatever pushing him forward, and he’s like “Ugh! I wanna walk this way! Stop making me walk straight like those stupid two-leggers Dx” After the beach, we went to a Mexican grill, but my sister said it was more like a Mexican deli, which I would have to concur. But I liked the décor, and I liked my burrito, and there was a cute employee there xD. But my mom HATED it lol. She said her taco was dry, which it might’ve been, and my sister wasn’t all it that impressed. My brother seemed to enjoyed it though. Then we went out for ice cream, but sadly, one of the ice creams I used for the double scoop I got last time was not there. Irish coffee yogurt ice cream is just plain not satisfying without its German chocolate cake counter-part :\

Nightfall approaches once again, and guess what I said to one of my friends on this day, Sunday to be exact. I said that I would yell or scream, whichever one, if I could NOT disappear on Monday for the day, cause I like doing that, but I’m too considerate. I have to be all scrambled to do that. But what I remembered was is that I had a doctor’s appointment coming up fast, and guess what day it was, go head, just try and guess lol. It was MONDAY! 😀 At that point, I’m just…. “I give up.” lol. So, I go to bed, wake up, blah-blah-blah, I got to the doctor’s office, I signed something a clipboard had its clippy junk in, that was fun. Then I headed over to the waiting room down the hall, and waited for like…. 12 seconds. As the nurse was checking me out, I did notice a bit of high tolerance in myself. I was just being a plain good patient. having my arm at the ready, being all cooperative and friendly and stuff, ya’know? So, then we go to the exam room, where she asks me all the basic questions, do ya smoke, on any medications? That sort of thing. But it was all very light-hearted, she was nice. Basically, I had a good attitude and it just surprised me. I kinda remind myself as this one dude on a tv show, or in a movie that–AHH! Prison Break. Season 1. Only my nurse was old, and it was more friendly than…. lol. Same story with the doctor, best visit I had in a long time. Afterward, I was waiting for my brother, cause he was having a check-up too, and I started talking to one of the other nurses I knew, and that too was a good conversation. Just what you’d expect, how’s your sister, what’re you up too, blah-blah-blah ;P. I asked him about the wife and kid. He’s turning 2 soon, so that’s cool. I said I’d rather play matchmaker and be an uncle, cause having kids is just…. insane XD. I understand the weight of it, so that’s kind of why I don’t want kids, but I love them, so… evil.

Today’s Monday, so I guess what all this is building up to is a…. birthday present. You know the kind I’m talking about, the kind where you get something totally cool, but it wasn’t what you originally wanted? Yeah. I got that today. I wanted to go down to my favorite spot in the city, but I ended up comforting family and tending to some bidness. Can’t say that weekend was a waste, can I? Even though Monday isn’t part of the weekend XP. Truth is, I got something better than what I had originally planned. So, today’s lesson is…. try to recognize what’s good and appreciate it….. I’m still going though lol. This has a ultra cool moral behind all this, but I am still not giving up XD. Maybe tomorrow, maybe next weekend, but I swear, when I woke up and saw the clouds today, I was like “Ugh…. yup, sounds about right lol.” But when I came out of the doctor’s office, it was allll clearing up. You do the math.

It’s probably all in my head, but in my head it shall stay! 😉

Bye-bye now.

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