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Anyone watch that movie? The Disney movie Johnny Tsunami? And I’m not talking about the second one lol. I like the second, but I loved the first one. It wasn’t bad in my opinion though. But today’s… I would say It’s mostly moth. Well, this first dream starts with a boy named Johnny Tsunam–Yeah, never mind.

Once upon a time, I was on this mountain. Me and some friends and assorted enemies went up there for skiing or snowboarding, I was there for snowboarding. But I saw this snow patrol guy, and I was like “Hmm, I think before I leave, I will write in the snow.” At the time, it felt fun, a little mischievous, mostly fun though. So, I began to do so, when I saw that someone else had done it, and then I looked for another place and IT had writing. So, by now I’m thinking people do this all the time, which is cool, no big. I couldn’t quite see it, so I leaned forward a bit. Now, even before I did this, I new something bad was gonna happen, but I wasn’t aware that I was in a dream, therefore makes my intuition almost useless, and sometimes a liability.

I’m actually not too sure what happened next, but I think I…. um. I want to say I fell in, but I think I crawled onto this hill, no bigger than a Snorlax. But once I got on top, I realized the danger I was in….. snakes EVERYWHERE. There was a big contricter, there were smaller ones no longer than a child’s arm, of all colors, just slithering around. I was watching the yellow&white boa, but I ddn’t think it would be the snake to attack for some reason, he or she seemed pretty content. All of them kind of did,but I knew the smaller ones would use their tempers first for however long I have. Then a kid, who I apparently knew, came into, what turned into my bedroom from the old house, plus a Snorlax-sized hill, minus my bed of course. He came in and was all happy, completely ignorant to the snakes here, and I wasn’t messing around, I told him to get the heck out of here lol. He didn’t get it at first, but then I said “Go!” So, he left. Basically, I didn’t want to move… for obvious reasons, so I covered up my face, possibly wanting to move, but I can’t remember, but that’s when a snake, about the size of a average woman’s arm (in length. It was pretty skinny) just whipped right over to me…. landing on my hand…. I actually freaked out a lot less than you might think lol. There was the initial surprise, but other than that–and it didn’t hold on either, so I said “Yup, don’t care. I’m getting the heck out of here.” And then I just got up and left XD. THE END! xP


Second dream!

Second dream was fun. Second dream might have had the black cat (Marvel), Kraven the hunter, and the Green Goblin. And, of course myself, Spider-man. At times I was hitting buttons on a controller, but other times I was actually web slinging. Around the city………. ^_^. I’m trying to remember what I did, not a whole lot. OR I just can’t remember lol. I remember fighting the black cat, I was almost out of liquid web, so I had to land with her right on my tail. I mean, any closer and it would’ve looked like we were slow dancing, I mean, COME ON. Give a guy some space lol. I remember something eerie happened, but I can’t quite…. remember what happened. But the atmosphere totally changed. It was rainy, clouds were a brewin’. I wanna say Goblin or Kraven was behind it–lol That’s a funny thought, the two of them working together xD. They would never form an alliance though, not that I was suggesting it.

That’s about it. I can’t help but think there was a dream I missed–Oh yeah lol. For some reason, in one of the dreams I had, I was alone in the old house, everyone was out apparently, and I was just in my underwear and socks xD. I have slept in my underwear, but that’s only when I get REALLY hot and am forced to, and I wouldn’t do it around the house. But of course, this isn’t my first hoedown, so I know not to question it. But in the dream I wasn’t really doing anything. I realized I was in my underwear and just kind of… enjoyed it lol. What’s really weird is that I was also out on the deck, and it just felt really open. But I didn’t care, didn’t let it bother me XP.

I’ve been dreaming a lot lately, and I either don’t feel like recording them, or they just aren’t enough I feel……. I don’t feel like GETTING UP to record them I mean lol. Too hard, I have to do it as I’m waking up usually, not this time though. I happened to remember most of it. I told you a little less than what actually happened 😉

Bye-bye now.


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Well, I’m sorry, but I can’t remember most of the dreams I’ve been having, and there’s a couple that I don’t even want to remember cause… hehe, no lol. But it’s all good cause I actually don’t remember, so HA! ;D. I can remember…..having like, 6 or so dreams, and when I would wake up, they would just fade away–I could just feel that I wasn’t gonna remember, which sucked xD. But tha’s the way the cookie crumbles sometimes, ya’know? And I can’t really remember my last, but I do remember there was a crazy guy, who I like to think drugged me, but is it just me, or does you body act weirder in dreams? Like, you can’t walk right, or sometimes you can’t nearly walk as far, especially if its uphill? Just me? I don’t know. But when I dream multiple dreams, they’re all connected somehow, unless I jump straight to another dream, but no matter how vague the transition, it’s there. But let’s start at the very last transition, cause that’s all I can remember lol.

So, I think I was in a combination of my house and my apartment building, cause at one point I’m on the stairs of my old house, and then I’m in my room, storming out through the hallway of the apartment building. But when I’m in my room, I got a call from some dude (He might’ve been disguising his voice, but I don’t remember), and blah, blah, blah, he said something about having my grandparents, blah, blah, blah, he’s gonna kill them if I don’t follow his instru–blah, blah, blah ;P. But when he calls, I’m actually pretty fired up, taking his grandstand and throwing it back in his face and shoving it down his throat. Anyways, he told me to meet him at a uhh….. bank? I don’t actually remember….. hmm. But you know, I took up the responsibilty to end whatever–apparently, there’s some sort of blood feud going on, that I took upon myself to end. But as I’m leaving and about to go down the stairs of my apartment building, I get the sense that he’s here. Not so much a sixth sense, more like “if I was him, I’d actually want to ambush me as I’m on my way.” And that’s exactly what he did. Once I got to the bottom (and the feeling increased) and was walking along the side walk, I see him and I’m like, “Oh, man!” So, I start making some distance between us, cause we about to FIGHT!

I really wish I could remember a lot more, it was actually a pretty fun dream, despite that I wanted to chew his head off in the beginning. But anyhoozies, he starts going on about how he was cheated and that all this is one big act of revenge. We’re fighting in between in his monologues, btw. But when I realize that I may be in over my head, I try and find some sort of edge…. a stick, a rock, something to drive this maniac away from me. I think because I know the area that my dream wouldn’t supply anything of the sort, because there are no big sticks around, and that’s what I was looking for the most. So, I think I just tried to imagine that I had a stick and tried to fight him (cause earlier, I did realize I was in a dream, but like always, forgot in like, 25 or so seconds), I don’t believe that went over so well, but now we’re on the ground, rolling on the playground floor, trying to beat the heck out of each other AND………… I think that’s when I came out of it, my dream I mean. If I had to guess, I won, but that’s just because it felt like a tv show, and the good guy always wins. In real life? Yeeeeah, I think he was gonna win, unless I would make some awesome comeback! 😛

Okie dokie

Bye-bye now.

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You know the sensation you get when you wake up and you’re all distraught, but when you stretch out a little, give a big yawn and that whips you into reality? You know those moments? They don’t happen all the time, but yeah, that has nothing to do with the dream I had last night xD. Once upon a time, I had a dream ending with the 90’s TV sitcom Step by Step. And roast me up and stick an apple in my mouth if I did not start my next dream off with another 90’s TV sitcom. This time though, it had a brother, a sister and a nerd, nerd not related, but he might as well have been xD. Family Matters! 😀

I don’t remember how the dream got started, I used to, but it’s been hours and hours since I woke up, both times. First thing I remember is Eddie, the brother, being angry cause he checked….. the garage? I think it was a garage, it’s…. fuzzy. But his car was gone, it wasn’t in there, so he started raging about how the person who did this better hope he doesn’t get his hands on him. Just the basic stuff you say when you’re angry really. But fortunately, when he went outside, it was in the driveway, safe and sound. I’m not sure who I was in all this, cause you know how you can be different people in dreams, you don’t even realize you aren’t you lol.

But soon enough, I turned back into me, and I got into the car with Eddie, who turned into my brother, and we drove off. We had casual conversation here and there, and then…. I remember being on the outside of the car…. lol. I almost lost a limb in the process too…. Yeah, I don’t know either xD. But we stopped there to get our dog washed, so my doggy magically appeared. Only it was a car wash… but they didn’t seem to mind, I said something like “Hey, we’ll be out of your hair in a sec, please.” We actually–Well, my brother accidentally sprayed him with the hose. But he didn’t seem to mind, I heard laughter. But he wasn’t alone, so it might’ve been his buddy, but you know, unlike reality, you get this ESP in dreams, so I think I can safely assume this guy was pretty cool.

Next thing I remember is a mini van, white. Apparently, my mom and sister are out, which I thought in the dream that they were in Idaho for whatever reason, but I see this mini van and it’s not ours, cause we don’t have a  white car, duh. But even though I knew it was a van, it turned into a bus, so then I chalked it up to not seeing the entire vehicle. The weird thing was is that I was in my old neighborhood, meaning why was it there? But all I was thinking was “haha! bus got stuck in our neighborhood xP” cause for whatever idiotic reason, it was trying to turn around instead of just driving on. And this was no small automobile, all right? It was a city bus that looked SO awkward trying to turn around, using 2 driveways to do it, one of them being our driveway lol.

Now, I don’t know if my mom and sister were on that bus, but the next thing I remember is them coming in from the front door, and they just came back from a baseball game. They had a great time and everything, which I was happy to hear about. Me and Rain went into her room and she started telling me over a bag of candy. Now, it didn’t look like it, but they had things written on the candies, and I can’t remember what the first one said, but strangely enough, the second one said “Eat this when you’re asleep.” And I’m like “That’s stupid, whenever am I gonna eat candy when I’m asleep lol. And only now I see the interesting part of that sentence xP. But anyhoozies, I bite into the candy, and you know what ahppende? *clears throat….* Happened? I woke up! xD.

In essence though, that candy was either evil for waking me up, or doing me a favor. Because when I woke up, it was freakin’ 3pm! o.O. Obviously, I overslept, but I got to bed at 3am, so that means I got more sleep than I possibly needed…. you know me and my sleep schedule lol. Soooo, yeah. When I bit into the candy, I immediately snapped out of asleep, like, right after I bit into it….. it was kinda cool 😀

Bye-bye now.

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My sister sure did, at least, “Dream Rain” did. That’s my sister’s code name, just to refresh your memory, “Rain. But yes, this is a dream story.

Anyways, I’m trying to remember what happened before the doctor….. guh! >_< Can’t……… Yeah, I can only remember the part as we’re just entering a parking lot, me and my family. So, that includes, me, my mom, and Bro&Sis. We’re walking along the side walk, and then we go into this…. noticeably small office, like this was built for an oompa loompa small. And there were five seats, one of which was taken by another patient, so I was the one standing. The awkward thing here was that the door was open, the examining room door I mean. And let’s just say, the daughter, who was probably my age I believe, of the woman we just saw (I assumed that was the mother anyway) was not really having fun…. o.O

Why we even went into that….. torture chamber, I don’t know. After the doc was done with the girl, he asked–You guys don’t really get what KIND of doctor he is… I’m not so sure myself, but from what information I could gather, when he asked me, I didn’t even make eye contact when I shook my head no. My mom made it sound like we came to observe or whatever, like we were never gonna be patients, but she didn’t say that for the doc, she actually sounded like she was being real…. so that’s dream logic for ya.

Anyhoozies, I think the girl, the previous patient, came out with us, or it was an entirely new girl, but now that I look back, it might’ve been the same girl. But I was talking to her as me and the gang were heading for the car, and I noticed she…. Well, I mean, we’re clearly having a good time talking, for people who are probably never gonna see each other again. But I’m looking at her smile, and her expression, and then it hits me…. this girl is totally into me lol And in the dream, I don’t seem to mind, but you know, all I’m thinking is, we’re closing in on the car, so ya’know? I can’t remember what I said beforehand, but she said something about it being good to stay connected. And really, by this point it’s obvious, she likes me, and I’m quite fond of her presence as well. And you know how your siblings can be if you’re in that situation, they’re noticeably smiling? lol. Yeah, I saw that and told Rain to shut up xD. I’m not gonna lie, when I replied to her suggestion of staying in touch, I choked up a bit when I answered, and I just KNOW Eliza’s getting a kick out of this story >_>. Only reason I’m telling it cause (A: I’m not embarrassed by it, and (B: I happened to like this dream, especially what happened next ;D.

More dream logic visits us, apparently, the girl dit–I’m trying to remember if this girl had a name lol……. I don’t know. The girl–I assume the mother drove the daughter, so I’m assuming the mom didn’t get stranded lol, but the girl was riding with us, let’s call her….. hmmm, Molly ^_^ She didn’t really look like a Molly, but a certain somebody knows why I’m calling her that ;P. Plus, it was the first name that came to me so xD. So, we’re driving, I think we just cut from talking by the car, to already on the road. Where are we going? I DON’T KNOW! 😀 Nothing looked familiar, but I was talking to Molly, so it’s not like I cared. Now, what DID we talk about? There is one thing that did kind of make up the status of the entire conversation… but I’d rather not talk about it, it’s biebs-related lol. Which I can only blame on YouTube, cause I was watching a series, YouTubers React, where it was showing the evolution of the guy, so. But overall, I liked the car ride, it was good times. But here’s when things get fun 8D.

So, we were pulling up into my old garage, back at my previous living arrangement, and there was this HUGE ditch, it was like, as long as a school bus, and not one of those small ones, come on guys. More like the magic school bus sized, and not when it goes real small either xD. But it was just as deep as well, maybe deeper. So, the ditch was in our yard, not in the driveway, but whoever was driving, drove into the yard…. the part where there was no yard and…..*whistles…….. boom* Okay, okay, it wasn’t THAT long lol. But I’m pretty sure are car shouldn’t have been in this good of shape. But when it happened though, it was out of nowhere and I was like like “.. =)……. O.O……FRANK! DX” I was actually quoting either Dana or Carol, from Step by Step? But strangely enough, whoever was driving kept trying to get in the drive way and kept falling into that ditch. By the third time though, Suzanne Somers, or Carol Foster rather, was riding shot gun and told FRANK to not go again…. he did. And it just became a sitcom, basically. I think I might’ve saw Cody, man! 😀

What happened to Molly? Well, with dreams, you never know who’s gonna shadow the rest of the episode. And oh yeah, I forgot to tell you one of my favorite parts about that scene. After the fourth time I believe, I told Frank–I said to Frank “Yeah, Frank!? I don’t have a driver’s license myself, but it’s probably a good idea for you not to try and make this car explode by going into big ditches.” And then I got a “Shut up -_-” lol. Anyways, that was a fun dream xP. I only wish I could remember what happened before the doctor, if there was any before at all.

Bye-bye now.


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One time, I had an another good night. One time, I had an annoying. One time, I was referencing this one movie that I was completely sure I what the name was. But one time, I said “One time,” and the first three happened all in one night. One time, I thought this night had a moral that was really important. One time, that moral still stands today. Today, tomorrow, etc.

I had multiple dreams last night, and they were all pretty cool. But of course, It’s all pretty blurry. At first, I thought maybe I’d remember, it’s still all pretty clear to me, but….. lol

The first one I believe happened back in my old neighborhood, back at my old house. But apparently, my brother, my sister and I got 3 video games, and we each took one and started playing them. I THINK I played mine, but all I remember is being down in my dad’–…… that was the piece I was forgetting lol. Well, I can’t remember what happened with my dad, but he was just getting ready for bed and I was about to BURN him (>;D), but I didn’t get the chance xD. Anyways, I was watching my brother play the game, and I remember that there was a medieval theme. He was a night, and I remember him fighting off a dragon….. abou–almost 2 levels high. But he was fending him off, I was having a good time, he was having a good time, my sister was in the next room playing her game (which was a Detective Conan game, that little jerk >.<), life’s good. I even made a remark about–well… Um, all the lights were out, and he had some sort of helmet on, and there was something I can’t remember that really sold it, but I said to him “You look like a real gaming nerd xP. But I had to show Rain, so I go into my brother’s room, which is where she resided, and I said she just had to see this, so she follows me and sees him lol.

But after we were done, strangely enough, I asked my brother if he beat Detective Conan…. he did -_-. I am so hurt right now ;P. But when went upstairs, me and my sister, cause our rooms are up on the second floor, and I remember being SO tired, I was–she was behind, doing who knows what, so I’m just at the top of the stairs waiting, but I’m like, leaning on a box, sitting down, just….. derrrrrrp lol.  I don’t remember what happened after that.

This next dream is the foggy one, the one I can remember the least and only has bits and pieces. I remember that it was Detective Conan themed…. I remember a lot of it had to do with a certain case, the mountain villa case, where there was this guy avenging one of his friends who committed suicide. I believe I got to put in my two cents, which was fun, but I didn’t get to talk to Rachel xP. I think another big part of it was centered, not on that episode, but on one of the Det. C. movies, possibly #6, or 3. But other than remembering a scene that was fabricated from my imagination being played twice, I don’t remember anything else.

This next dream is probably the people pleaser, it was pretty fun. It started out at our storage unit, I assume everyone was there, my mom, sister, brother, me. But the unit was longer, and it had a dual-end garage door, accessible by car through both sides in other words. But there was an odd amount of diversity on the other end. It was good, but I don’t remember the reason why I went over there, I–I mean, the situation was good, and I had a few good words to exchange, but I can’t remember! xD Ugh. But I think my mom sent me over there to get something, though I started chatting it up with a black man, a white man, and an Asian man….. see a patter? Cause I don’t xP. Not being racist, or whatever, it was just… noticeable rofl. AND I’M HISPANIC!!! LOL Anyhoozies, we’re having a good time, we’re all acting as if we’ve known each other for years, but it still felt like we were just meeting too…. it’s a nice feeling :D. Then the girls had to ruin it lol. They were just playing, but through most of this conversation, I was trying to fold this evilly long paper bag with all these folds, making it all the more difficult. But towards the end of the conversation, these girls, had to be around my age, maybe younger, took the bag, crumpled it up, and started to play Monkey in the Middle lol. It was a game that I wasn’t fully irritated by playing. Though, unfortunately, the game didn’t last long cause the crumpled up plastic bag somehow obtained air and blew  a hole right through it when I hit it. Then my sister went beast, she said to me “Get in the car” like as if I was 12 and I just shoplifted or whatever. It was just a freaking bag, jeez xD. Don’t remember what happened in between this, but there was this police siren, and a tow truck coming at us, scared and confused all of us right now to the bone. What did he want? Was he really coming for us? Was he gonna run us over? ;P. But he just passes. And we knew it was just some maniac going around, scaring people with the police siren, and for whatever reason, my sister tells me to get in the car fast, so I do, and then we chase after him lol. Why this guy wasn’t attracting the police, I don’t know, but I honestly do not have a clue to what’s happening. Then, all of a sudden, she speeds up, loses the tow truck, and starts making a hasty escape, running over a man and a bunch of traffic-blocking signs in the process o.O…… it was pretty cool xD. But at the time, it was like… freaky. We thought that tow truck was gonna run us all over, and in the end, it was us that was gonna run over some random dude….. ohhhh, the irony.

bye-bye now.

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It’s been a while since I’ve had a bad dream follow a bad night, if it’s ever happened before, I don–wait, it might’ve, once or twice, okie dokie. But a few things ran through my mind last night, this time though, it was one shot after another, each with a different gun, meaning they didn’t really have anything in common, that’s all I’m saying by using that gun reference by the way lol My dreams though, they were connected in a bizarre kind of way.

I don’t remember my first thought, not like how you start in a dream, but what you first remembered, but I do remember that…. I think I was in Ted Fu’s body, of Wong Fu Productions, but I was me, like I’ve always been Ted and the Ted that “I” knew never existed, and that includes his quirky behavior. But anyways, Phil, Wes and I were holding a meet-up in my apartment complex, at the park. Things were going great with Phil, but I had absolutely no idea what I was doing,  though I did greet one fan, and it was very successful, but everything else? *plane crashes* I felt SO awkward, and Wes just kind of disappeared, which is funny cause Phil and Wes are usually the ones to go out and stuff, you never really see Ted 😦 Anyways xD

The second dream didn’t have much in it, just two girls, one brattier than the other, and they were stopping me from–um, I looked outside my sister’s window, and I saw a kid who wanted to see Wong Fu, and apparently, I turned back into Saru, so I got down there as soon as I could, but those girls distracted me and through off my thought trainm and you know how that works in the dream world, don’t you? xD Yup, you just forget about the whole thing, that’s why, when you realize you’re dreaming, and you try to do something you wouldn’t normally do, you need to keep your idea straight, otherwise you’ll get side-tracked and miss your chance. Because I don’t know about you, but I usually only get one shot once I realize I’m dreaming, sometimes another comes along though, but I wouldn’t count on it to. But strangely enough, I don’t remember–I don’t even really remember what order these dreams come in, but this next one, I’m on the computer, and I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but it’s like I can’t type.

I’m trying to type in Wong Fu Productions, but my hands always seemed to never know where they’re going. In hindsight, it might’ve been the computer, cause I remember hitting the right keys, and was like “yes!” But when I looked up, sure enough, I was wrong. But there was definitely some sort of chemical running through me to make me feel THAT much anxiety, and THAT much weakness, and it only got worse every time I had to hit the backspace key. Honestly, that one was the worse dream, even if it doesn’t seem like it, it definitely was. And when I finally woke up, it felt like I had been dead, like… I don’t know, but that night, apparently, took its toll on me, for me to feel like I was dead, which never really–hasn’t happened in a while anyway, I would say it’s been a long time even. Oh, and if you’re wondering, it wasn’t that late in the day, I actually woke up a lot sooner than I expected.

Soooo yeeah, I’m just gonna leave you with a bad story, and absolutely no window into why I had a rough night last night….. yeah, that sounds good ^_~ Thank you for reading.

bye-bye now xP

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Literally. More dream time with Saru XP Let’s see how much I remember of the dream for today ^_^

Okay, so apparently, my sister lost her wallet, so we’re driving , at night, through the pour and rain, just to find it -_- But I didn’t care, nobody did, obviously, or we wouldn’t be out there lol we drove up to this slope-ish hill, and I’m pretty sure my sister and I got out of the car to go down there… but she slipped lol It wasn’t one of those “oh, my gosh! Will she die?!” moments, it was just funny xD and it was a dirt slope, so it was all muddy lol Being the ninja that I am, I slide down with style… it was pretty fun 😛 Anyways, we’re at this…. dock, I guess, and it’s like an elaborate version of the dock I was at when I went to this one lake. It was a mini maze… or something, I don’t know, it was dark. All I remember was that we had to make a lot of tuns, and we were both on the ground looking for it, on all fours, and then we saw something that is always on all fours…. there was a dog lying right there… just.. doing nothing. I’m thinking “… oh, dead dog… yeah, that’s normal >_>” That’s half serious, half scared, cause I didn’t stop looking for the wallet. But then I found ANOTHER dog, but it was a smaller dog, not a puppy, I don’t think, but it wasn’t–Dang, what kind of person dreams about dead dogs in the worst possible setting? lol I’m pretty sure there was thunder in the background, probably lightning too. I don’t know about the bigger dog, but the smaller dog got up, and I was like “Oh, thank God” lol “He’s alive little billy!!!!” (inside joke). But that wasn’t the end of the happiness, ohhhhh no, no xD we found money on the floor! And because there’s no need for logic in dreamland, the money was dry ^_^ Then we found more! Then it became a race to see who can find the most money xD I think my sister won with… I think she said 249 bucks, but I probably had something around there. I found a lot of 10’s and 5’s, a couple of 20’s. But at that point, my sister didn’t care about the wallet anymore and said she had enough for whatever it was she had enough for. THE END! 😀

bye-bye now.

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